October 03, 2014

2:39 PM | Uhhhhhhh
2:14 PM | Non-farm payrolls up 249,000 in September, unemployment down to 5.9%
Fresh electrons from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: the national unemployment rate was down 0.2% to 5.9% for the month of September. Non-farm payrolls were up 249,000, which is exciting. The broader U6 unemployment rate was also down 0.2% to 11.8%.The chemical manufacturing subsector was down 900 jobs to 803,800 positions.The unemployment rate of college graduates 25 and older was 2.9%, down 0.3% from August. The unemployment rate of non-high school graduates was 8.4%, down 0.7%.Considering […]
12:17 PM | Ello, Enron, and the future of data privacy
If you think Ello is the newest safest social media platform, you might want to think again. Or at the very least, go ahead and read this piece by my data journalist buddy Meredith Broussard, entitled ‘Ello, social media newcomer! Goodbye, data security fears?. Meredith has read the fine print in Ello’s security policy, and it’s not […]

October 02, 2014

2:49 PM | Daily Pump Trap: 10/2/14 edition
Good morning! A few of the recent positions posted at C&EN Jobs:Lebanon, NH: Avitide is searching for a purification process development scientist (all educational levels accepted); looks to be monoclonal antibody-related? (That's a guess, happy to be corrected.) I like this little comment:Avitide proudly promotes a cultural meritocracy and rewards based on intellectual talent and contributions made to the team and organization. "Cultural meritocracy"? I suspect that's "culture of […]
12:32 PM | StemFeminist
I found the website via Jordan Ellenberg this morning and I honestly can’t stop reading it. It consists of a bunch of anonymously contributed stories, most but not all by women, about everyday sexism that happens in the STEM fields. Many of them resonate either with stuff I’ve lived through or stuff my friends […]
9:43 AM | Tamed by an influx of women
Perusing through some of my bookmarks in Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, I was reminded of the following passage. It’s worth sharing. The West was eventually tamed not just by flinty-eyed marshals and hanging judges but by an influx of women. The Hollywood westerns’ “prim pretty schoolteacher[s] arriving […]

October 01, 2014

1:06 PM | Notices of the AMS is killing it
I am somewhat surprised to hear myself say this, but this month’s Notices of the AMS is killing it. Generally speaking I think of it as rather narrowly focused but things seem to be expanding and picking up. Scanning the list of editors, they do seem to have quite a few people that want to […]
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