October 14, 2014

12:25 PM | Simulation Model Graphs
A collection of graphs is presented for the simulation model. Graphs pertain to the virtual population of size 100,000 adults. Click on any image to enlarge. Read the paper “First Continue Reading → The post Simulation Model Graphs appeared first on Principled Societies Project.
12:11 PM | Simulation Model
A computer simulation model has been published in the International Journal of Community Currency Research that illustrates token-dollar flow in a virtual US county. Links to the paper and it’s Continue Reading → The post Simulation Model appeared first on Principled Societies Project.
10:47 AM | Upcoming data journalism and data ethics conferences
Today Today I’m super excited to go to the opening launch party of danah boyd’s Data and Society. Data and Society has a bunch of cool initiatives but I’m particularly interested in their Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society. They were the people that helped make the Podesta Report on Big Data as good […]
8:17 AM | The invisible hand of Jupiter
I’m note sure how I hadn’t come across this before (one need only read the Wikipedia entry “invisible hand”), but Adam Smith used the phrase “invisible hand” three times. It is used once in The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) and The Wealth of Nations (1776) – both of those I knew. The third time […]

October 13, 2014

2:39 PM | The LEDDA Framework
The Local Economic Direct Democracy Association (LEDDA) framework, or synonymously, LEDDA economic direct democracy, is a local, parallel economic system Continue Reading → The post The LEDDA Framework appeared first on Principled Societies Project.

October 12, 2014

3:48 PM | World War III: It's here and energy is largely behind it
I've been advancing a thesis for several months with friends that World War III is now underway. It's just that it's not the war we thought it would be, that is, a confrontation between major powers with the possibility of a nuclear exchange. Instead, we are getting a set of low-intensity, on-again, off-again conflicts involving non-state actors (ISIS, Ukrainian rebels, Libyan insurgents) with confusing and in some cases nonexistent battle lines and rapidly shifting alliances such as the shift […]

October 11, 2014

6:00 AM | Lazy analysis – inequality edition
Over at WSJ Real Time Economics, Josh Zumbrun turns the following chart into a claim that “the SAT is just another area in American life where economic inequality results in much more than just disparate incomes.” But what does the chart actually tell us? In a perfect meritocracy, the smartest students will score the highest. […]

October 10, 2014

5:09 PM | Parking some links for discussion
From this week, but not been addressed:I liked this Boston Globe story on life science postdocs. Nothing hugely groundbreaking for those in the know, but it's good that people are continuing to cover the issue and that professors like Greg Petsko are getting attention. On the other hand, I found this response to concerns about the glut of life science Ph.D.s to be insufficient, but of course, I would. Via "JJ", I see the Denver school teacher that burned some students doing a […]
4:32 PM | Let's talk about the position that really matters: ACS CEO
Incidentally, no one that I am aware of has been talking about how there's an executive search going on for the actual top spot at ACS, i.e. Madeleine Jacobs' current position as executive director and CEO. Who do we think has more emphasis on the Society, the person who runs the ship day-to-day, or the seemingly ceremonial ACS president, who gets elected for a 1 year term?Here's the ad. I'm amused to learn that you only need a B.S. degree in chemistry/the chemical sciences to be […]
2:39 PM | ACS presidential candidates on #chemjobs issues
The relevant portion of the 3 ACS presidential candidates, presented in order that they were published in the September 8 edition of C&EN. Peter K. Dourhout:...2. I believe that the solution to our economic woes and the employment outlook resides with us as ACS members... ...Employment Solutions. I believe that the solution to our economic woes and changing the employment outlook resides with us as ACS members. To paraphrase the comic strip character Pogo: “I have seen the […]
2:03 PM | Congrats to Betzig, Hell and Moerner for the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry!
Honestly, I don't have anything intelligent to add to this conversation. Derek Lowe has a nice post on it. Here's the official C&EN story, with a picture of the instrument in the living room where it was built.Until next year! 
11:26 AM | What male allies should *really* be doing
Chris Wiggins was kind enough to forward me this article on a recent panel discussion of “Male Allies of Women” at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration, which is a big deal conference for women in tech. Panelists included Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer, Google’s SVP of Search Alan Eustace, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, and Intuit CTO Tayloe Stansbury. […]
8:43 AM | A week of links
Links this week: Plenty of press and interesting articles sparked by Peter Thiel’s new book. First, he has a swipe at business schools. And some great one-liners. But is he wrong about the future? Another tech-billionaire – Elon Musk wants to put people of Mars. But he doesn’t need one million people to get enough […]

October 09, 2014

7:03 PM | Like the coelacanth
A full-page ad for Gilead chemistry in the 2nd-to-latest C&EN. Looks like lots of positions in both Foster City and Seattle. Haven't been one of those in a long, long, long time. (Maybe 1 in the past year, maybe 3 or 4 in the past 3?)Also, the fact that Gilead is expanding seems to be good news.Best wishes to those applying. 
12:50 PM | Reverse-engineering Chinese censorship
This recent paper written by Gary King, Jennifer Pan, and Margaret Roberts explores the way social media posts are censored in China. It’s interesting, take a look, or read this article on their work. Here’s their abstract: Existing research on the extensive Chinese censorship organization uses observational methods with well-known limitations. We conducted the first large-scale […]

October 08, 2014

4:47 PM | More later, but some Wednesday fun
This UC-Irvine parody of the song "Let It Go" (the bane of fathers of children of a certain age, everywhere) is pretty great. I'm fairly resistant to watching funny videos, but I laughed at least twice. 

October 07, 2014

11:21 AM | Workplace Personality Test for the NY Fed
I’ve got a list of things to write about here on mathbabe, and they include the Carmen Segarra secret tapes as well as workplace personality tests. I’ve decided to do a mash-up just for fun, imagining what Carmen had to go through to get her job. Update: you can send someone the link to this […]

October 06, 2014

4:18 PM | Get rid of the mole?
From this week's C&EN and the Too Logical To Happen file:Regarding the ACS Comment “Check Your IQ on the SI”: In theory, we can dispense with the mole (C&EN, Aug. 4, page 32). The mole, molarity, and molality were adopted as convenient ways to express relative amounts and concentrations of substances when we didn’t know the actual mass of atoms and molecules—when the very existence of atoms and molecules was in dispute. Now we know, which has enabled us to […]
4:04 PM | This week's C&EN
Lots of interesting things in this week's C&EN:Enjoyed reading/learning about immune cell therapy in Lisa Jarvis' cover article. Those interested in the inside-baseball of journal editing and consecutive appearances in the literature will enjoy this Carmen Drahl article. Gosh, this Marc Reisch article about Chinese chemical manufacturers driving out competition in the artificial sweeteners market is interesting; wonder where the stuff that goes into Diet Cokes comes […]
2:03 PM | Video of John Boik, PyTexas 2014: Modeling community currency
John Boik’s talk at PyTexas, Oct 5, 2014 is available on YouTube. The title is “Modeling Dollar and Community Currency Continue Reading → The post Video of John Boik, PyTexas 2014: Modeling community currency appeared first on Principled Societies Project.
1:47 PM | Detroit’s water problem and the Koch brothers
Yesterday at the Alt Banking group we discussed the recent Koch brothers article from Rolling Stone Magazine, written by Tim Dickinson. You should read it now if you haven’t already. There are tons of issues that came up, but one of them in particular was the control of information that the Koch brothers maintain over […]

October 05, 2014

2:09 PM | Irony alert: Yergin gets award named after peak oil realist Schlesinger
Where is George Orwell when you need him?It is a supreme irony that cornucopian oil industry mouthpiece and consultant Daniel Yergin should receive America's first medal for energy security named after James Schlesinger, the first U.S. energy secretary. For those not familiar with the late Dr. Schlesinger's views, in a keynote speech he told attendees at a 2007 conference sponsored by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) the following:Conceptually, the battle is over. The peakists […]

October 04, 2014

12:33 PM | Aunt Pythia’s advice
Has Aunt Pythia mentioned recently how much she loves you people?! Well, if not, then let it be known: Aunt Pythia loves you people. Aunt Pythia asked for new questions last week, and you guys fucking delivered. Outstanding. I counted 21 questions when I started today’s column, which is a good 18 more questions than […]
8:44 AM | A week of links
Links this week: The workplace is needed to overcome our lack of self control. Resisting instant gratification – the FT explores Walter Mischel’s the Marshmallow Test. Most critiques of twin studies recycle the same discredited 40-year-old arguments. Here’s another paper pulling them apart. The college educated are still getting married, just later. The same can’t […]

October 03, 2014

2:56 PM | Are you gonna get cancer? Me? Probably.
This morning, John checks out the recent report on carcinogens from the Department of Health and Human Services and notes that he's interacted with 11 of the 243 different items.Here's my list of doom: Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Benzene, 1-Bromopropane, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloroform, Chromium Hexavalent Compounds, 1,2-Dibromoethane, Dimethyl Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Hydrazine, Naphthalene, Phenolphthalein, StyreneThat's 15 items. (Does 32P count for ionizing […]
2:44 PM | Act of Whimsy/Pain: One push-up for every Food Babe false/misleading statement
Thanks to all of those who helped me with my 2014 GeekGirlCon Act of Whimsy for the DIY Science Zone: bluekirby, Anon402p, Anon1158a. With their help, I counted 38 false or misleading statements in 5 videos that I linked.I decided to do one push up for each misleading statement -- here's the video.WARNING: It's a fat guy doing push ups -- do you really want to watch it? (And if you want to donate to the DIY Science Zone, you can still do it.) Also, more donation-related items coming
2:39 PM | Uhhhhhhh
2:14 PM | Non-farm payrolls up 249,000 in September, unemployment down to 5.9%
Fresh electrons from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: the national unemployment rate was down 0.2% to 5.9% for the month of September. Non-farm payrolls were up 249,000, which is exciting. The broader U6 unemployment rate was also down 0.2% to 11.8%.The chemical manufacturing subsector was down 900 jobs to 803,800 positions.The unemployment rate of college graduates 25 and older was 2.9%, down 0.3% from August. The unemployment rate of non-high school graduates was 8.4%, down 0.7%.Considering […]
12:17 PM | Ello, Enron, and the future of data privacy
If you think Ello is the newest safest social media platform, you might want to think again. Or at the very least, go ahead and read this piece by my data journalist buddy Meredith Broussard, entitled ‘Ello, social media newcomer! Goodbye, data security fears?. Meredith has read the fine print in Ello’s security policy, and it’s not […]

October 02, 2014

2:49 PM | Daily Pump Trap: 10/2/14 edition
Good morning! A few of the recent positions posted at C&EN Jobs:Lebanon, NH: Avitide is searching for a purification process development scientist (all educational levels accepted); looks to be monoclonal antibody-related? (That's a guess, happy to be corrected.) I like this little comment:Avitide proudly promotes a cultural meritocracy and rewards based on intellectual talent and contributions made to the team and organization. "Cultural meritocracy"? I suspect that's "culture of […]
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