February 10, 2015

2:30 PM | Postdoctoral & Technician Position Investigating the Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration
One postdoctoral and one technician positions, both fully funded for 3 years, are available in the laboratory of Dr. Natalia Sanchez-Soriano at the Institute of Translational Medicine, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, University of Liverpool, UK. We are seeking highly motivated, collaborative, interactive but independent candidates to study fundamental microtubule- and transport-related mechanisms underlying […]
2:00 PM | Woods Hole images 2014 round 3- vote for a Development cover
Time for the slightly delayed third round of images from the 2013 Woods Hole embryology course! Below you will find 4 beautiful images from the course. Choose the one you would like to see in the cover of Development by voting on the poll at the end of the post (you can see bigger versions by clicking […]
12:27 PM | In Development this week (Vol. 142, Issue 4)
Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   Pathways to human hypothalamic neurons The dysfunction of hypothalamic neurons is implicated in a number of common diseases, including obesity, hypertension, and mood and sleep disorders. To date, studies of human hypothalamic neurons have been limited due to their inaccessibility, but now (on p. […]
1:18 AM | Friday Harbor Comparative Embryology Course – Applications open until Feb. 26
  Taking the Comparative Invertebrate Embryology course at the Friday Harbor Labs was one of the pivotal experiences of my graduate life, and it was possibly the most valuable, and enjoyable, course I’ve ever taken. I was a student in the course several years ago, when it was taught by two great scientists, Dr. Charles Lambert […]

February 09, 2015

12:36 PM | Precision medicine: What will it mean for autism?
Very recently President Obama hosted a reception at the White House to proclaim a medical initiative that would presumably “bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes”. The […]

February 07, 2015

10:01 PM | Speaking and interruptions during primary care office visits
I have been exchanging emails with a fellow blogger from the Planet Autism. We share similar complaints in regards to the medical system. I plan to write some of the […]

February 06, 2015

12:39 PM | Brain development and autism
Recently we had the opportunity to publish a blog at the Autism Science Foundation (ASF) web site (see The same summarizes the main intent of one of our latest […]
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