September 30, 2014

10:41 PM | Human Hothouse Found to be California Drought Culprit as Ridiculously Resilient Ridge Reasserts
Originally posted on robertscribbler:This is an event that is more extreme than any in the observed record, and our research suggests that global warming is playing a role right now. — Stanford Scientist Noah Diffenbaugh **** Last week, a…
8:17 PM | Snakes Eat Fish
Last week I highlighted a picture of a Northern Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon) eating a catfish (on right) that went viral and freaked a lot of people out. Many refused to ever enter the water again. I mentioned on that post that watersnakes eating things that live in the water, like fish, really isn't that big of a deal. Animals need to eat to live, you know? Fish are even the primary prey for
1:00 PM | Climate change and the Red List: Counting down from vulnerable to extinct
Congratulations, you’ve made the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species! Now what? Is that enough to promise your salvation? Or will the increasing press of climate change on your vulnerable/endangered/critically endangered back spell your doom anyway? A new study aimed to answer this question, of just how long placement on the Red List gives conservationists to
12:30 PM | Some Reflections on Social Media and Society
What are the impact and implications of social media on society?This question was the fundamental discussion point of the Social Media and Society 2014 conference in Toronto, Canada, Sept. 27-28, 2014. Now in its fifth year, the conference, organized by the Social Media Lab at Ryerson University (a partner in the Mining Biodiversity project funded by the IMLS Digging Into Data Challenge, of which BHL is also a participant), brings together researchers and practitioners across a broad range of […]
8:57 AM | The Unexceptional Devil’s Hole Pupfish
The salt-encrusted earth of Death Valley is, quite literally, the hottest place on Earth. It is desolate terrain where even the most rugged life is constantly struggling to survive. Staring out across the dusty landscape, it’s hard to imagine that the entire area sits atop a vast aquifer, with millions of gallons of fresh water hiding below […]The post The Unexceptional Devil’s Hole Pupfish appeared first on Science Sushi.
12:13 AM | The Slow-Motion Train Wreck of Industrial Civilization
Originally posted on Collapse of Industrial Civilization:The linear thinking that has dominated Western civilization since the Enlightenment has become a death trap for mankind in the 21st century. The dynamic system of the Earth’s biosphere with its many interconnected…
12:00 AM | mean-guign-photography: Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus...
mean-guign-photography: Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus) - Dauin, Philippines

September 29, 2014

7:46 PM | When it Comes to The Arctic Methane Monster, What We Don’t Know Really Could Kill Us — NASA Model Study Shows Very High Carbon Release Uncertainty
Originally posted on robertscribbler:(Can we save humanity from the greatest threat ever? Must-watch video highlights the risks and uncertainties of catastrophic methane release from the Arctic environment.) After millions of years of ice ages, the Arctic has become a…
7:23 PM | In Wildness is the Preservation of Raccoons, In Raccoons is the Preservation of the Wild
Originally posted on Bird Ally X:Raccoon (Procyon lotor) babies have a lot to learn. As adults, Raccoons hunt and forage for a wide range of food, from songbird eggs to berries to the salmon a bear leaves behind. Raccoons…
5:44 PM | Continuing Wildfire Recovery at the Niobrara Valley Preserve
When I was at the Niobrara Valley Preserve a couple weeks ago, I spent some time exploring the area north of the river where the 2012 wildfire ripped through oak savanna and ponderosa pine woodland.  As discussed in earlier posts, … Continue reading →
2:32 PM | what is the meaning of life?
42, obviously. 
2:28 PM | I may have gotten carried away with your sharkify button... Did you know if you keep pressing it eventually your whole screen will be sharks? Yeah... I do.
Yeah…me too!  P.S. Get your own here.
2:27 PM | Ok folks, in the interest of time management (and my sanity) we have a new rule. If you can google...
Ok folks, in the interest of time management (and my sanity) we have a new rule. If you can google...
2:23 PM | Hello! So I'm only in my second year of college in the U.S.A. and am studying to be a marine biologist. I came across your blog and am OBSESSED. Literally you live my dream life. I'm in love with the U.K., traveling is my favorite, and I want to be in the whale shark conservation field. Any way, I was wondering if by any chance you could tell me some more about the organization you worked with that dealt with the public feeding the whale shark?
Hi, thanks for the follow! It’s actually the local community that feed the sharks for...
2:18 PM | Time for a tough question… Dorids or Aeolids?
Do you see how long I have taken to answer this. Because I can’t. Dorid’s a prettier,...
2:17 PM | hi! I love your "Sharkify" button. Have a great day :)
I know, right! It can lift you right out of a bad mood :D
2:11 PM | Tell your friend to make one ASAP I'd def follow 👌
He did: !
2:19 AM | QOTW: Orwell
If it once became general, wealth would confer no distinction. It was possible, no doubt, to imagine a society in which wealth, in the sense of personal possessions and luxuries, should be evenly distributed, while power remained in the hands of a small privileged caste. But in practice such a society could not long remain stable. [more]

September 28, 2014

8:38 PM | “Hunter-Conservationists:” the Most Ridiculous Spin of the Century
Instead of making amends for the historic mistreatment of these sociable, benevolent souls [bison], twenty-first-century sport hunters want their chance to lay waste to them again–this time in the name of “tradition.” Continue reading →
8:03 PM | FLEXIBLE MORALITY A PLUS: Adjunct. a story in three parts (and an assessment of that new social network).
WANTED: DISENFRANCHISED ADJUNCTS. TRAVEL THE WORLD. MEET INTERESTING PEOPLE. GET HEALTH INSURANCE. FLEXIBLE MORALITY A PLUS. There’s a new social network, called Ello. Since Amy and I (and sometimes David) teach a social media for environmental professionals course each spring, we’re pretty much committed to giving every nascent social network a fair trial, which means that […]
5:56 PM | In The California Drought, These Animals Are The Silent Sufferers
With no end in sight and hopes pinned on a wet winter, the California drought has left an entire community dependent on bottled water provisions, threatened farmers’ livelihoods and prompted a $7.5 billion water bond measure. Amid those chal… Source: … Continue reading →
12:00 AM | malformalady: Two-headed(polycephalic) bull shark
malformalady: Two-headed(polycephalic) bull shark

September 27, 2014

11:54 PM | How to Look for Pine Marten
The pine marten (Martes martes) is one of Ireland’s most beautiful but elusive mammals. It is notoriously difficult to see as it tends to be mostly nocturnal, and is a naturally shy animal. It is about the size of a … Continue reading →

O’Mahony, D., O’Reilly, C. & Turner, P. (2012). Pine marten (Martes martes) distribution and abundance in Ireland: A cross-jurisdictional analysis using non-invasive genetic survey techniques, Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde, 77 (5) 351-357. DOI: 10.1016/j.mambio.2012.04.001

5:56 PM |
“well-funded companies would love to disprove climate change to the satisfaction of the scientific community at large. So if scientists could be bought, these motherf***ers would have already made it rain in nerd town, trust me.” Jon Stewart
2:19 PM | Want to Heal the Planet? Look at What’s On Your Plate
Originally posted on Life or Lunch?:If you’re looking for another reason to reduce or eliminate animal products from your diet – as if health and animal welfare concerns weren’t enough – think of the planet. The livestock sector is a major…
8:00 AM | theoceaniswonderful: stripedmarlin-11 by
theoceaniswonderful: stripedmarlin-11 by
2:39 AM | numerology
I had a simple question: How many scientists are there in New Zealand? The answer provided by the wonderful folk at Stats NZ was embedded in a 59 page spreadsheet […]

September 26, 2014

11:28 PM | Protect Wildlife from Killing Contests
The practice of hunting non-game fur-bearing mammals in contests is still alive and well in California. Continue reading →
9:58 PM | Forest Service Wants Commercial Photography Out of its Wilderness
Ansel Adams helped create what we now call American wilderness through his skillful photography – both his photographs and the places he used them to protect are national treasures. Recently, many of us were reminded of our country’s wilderness legacy through celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. For a quick reminder, the […]
7:20 PM | Center for Food Safety | Blog | A Sticky Situation for EPA on Pollinators and Pesticides
There’s been quite a bit of buzz about bees lately. Two weeks ago, the White House released a Presidential Memorandum establishing a “Pollinator Health Task Force” with plans to improve pollinator health and habitat. Many people (including the Pollinator Team … Continue reading →
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