March 24, 2014

6:07 PM | Help track fire restoration with this innovative Citizen Science project!
Last year, over 3,000 acres of Mount Diablo State Park were scorched by the Morgan Wildfire. The fire, likely started by target shooters, caused 75 homes to be evacuated and left the park closed to visitors for weeks. The park is now open and the massive fire scar is beginning to heal. Nerds for Nature, […]
6:04 PM | evidence is to be “believed” or “denied” as if the scientific papers are so many Lutheran creeds pinned to a door
Have you seen this amazing essay Elegy for a Country's Seasons by Zadie Smith yet? [more]
5:25 PM | A Primer on Soil Microbes – An Interview with Sarah Hargreaves
Most of us who work in prairies think mostly about what we see aboveground.  I guess that’s understandable, but to ignore the complex and critical functioning of the soil and its inhabitants is to ignore much of what really drives grassland … Continue reading →
Editor's Pick
4:19 PM | Sea of Cortez: Conserving the World’s Aquarium
Jacques Cousteau called it the “world’s aquarium”: a place of flying mobula rays, frolicking sea lions and colorful reef fish. Marine scientist Alison Green travels to the Sea of Cortez to see the biological wonders for herself, and ponders the … Continue reading →
1:29 PM | Meet Iman: the Sumatran rhino's newest hope for survival
Hopes for one of the world's most imperiled megafauna rose this month when wildlife conservationists succeeded in catching a female Sumatran rhino named Iman in the Malaysian state of Sabah. The female, which experts believe to be fertile, has since been successfully transferred via helicopter to the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary where experts plan to mate her with the local male, Tam. Located in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary is an uncompleted semi-wild enclosure and home to one […]
1:00 PM | Climate change catches snowshoe hares off guard
Snowshoe hares seem unaware of their loss of camouflage from shifts in the timing of snow cover, and their lack of caution may increase predation rates.
8:00 AM | Letter from Francis Crick to his son Michael, 1953
Letter from Francis Crick to his son Michael, 1953: scienceisbeauty: 19 Portugal Place Cambridge19...
7:38 AM | Samantha Craven Conveys Her Passion for Marine Conservation in the Phillippines
Samantha Craven Conveys Her Passion for Marine Conservation in the Phillippines: Sam Craven is a...
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