June 29, 2014

11:04 PM | Despite moratorium, Indonesia now has world's highest deforestation rate
Despite a high-level pledge to combat deforestation and a nationwide moratorium on new logging and plantation concessions, deforestation has continued to rise in Indonesia, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change. Annual forest loss in the southeast Asian nation is now the highest in the world, exceeding even Brazil.
7:25 PM | Emperor penguin population to slide due Antarctic climate change
Global warming will cut Antarctica's 600,000-strong emperor penguin population by at least a fifth by 2100 Continue reading →
7:01 PM | Canada Is Warming At Double The Global Average
Canada warming at roughly double the global average. Continue reading →
8:00 AM | lifeunderthewaves: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by koboldmaki eagle...
lifeunderthewaves: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by koboldmaki eagle ray at ‘manta point’
6:00 AM | A winter visit to Waterfall Gully
Youngest child had a 'thing' on the Whangaparoa Peninsular on Saturday morning.  So we ventured north at a pre-dawn hour to get him there in time.  While he was engaged, I made a side trip to Shakespear Regional Park (yes, Shakespear is spe...
4:41 AM | Don’t Forget Butterflies! Our Pollination Crisis Is About More Than Honeybees
When the White House signed an order on pollinator health last week, it included all pollinators -- not just honeybees. Continue reading →
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