June 26, 2014

4:45 AM | Despite early headwinds, Indonesia's biggest REDD+ project moves forward in Borneo
Just over a year ago, the Indonesian government officially approved the country's first REDD+ forest carbon conservation project: Rimba Raya, which aims to protect more than 64,000 hectares of peat forest in Central Kalimantan. The approval came after years of delays from the Ministry of Forestry and a substantial reduction in the project's concession area. But InfiniteEarth, the firm behind the project, pressed on. Now a year later, Rimba Raya's is not only still in business, but is scaling up […]
3:53 AM | Undercover Exposé–Pigs Suffer and Die at Top Breeder
"This video was captured by a PETA investigator at a leading supplier to other pig meat companies of pig semen and the sows who are artificially inseminated to produce more pigs to be slaughtered. It is the first-ever undercover look at the very beginning of the lives of animals who become bacon,... Continue reading →

June 25, 2014

11:04 PM | Is Cameroon becoming the new Indonesia? Palm oil plantations accelerating deforestation
The potential for new laws governing the use of forest resources this year in Cameroon promises an opportunity to stem the rapid loss of forest in the biologically diverse country. But the changes may ultimately not be what’s needed to save Cameroon’s forests.
10:53 PM | Into the Black- The Chinese Illegal Ivory Market
One of the most important black-markets for ivory is now in China.  This creates a bit of a problem.  China is big, it is a really big country.  And it isn’t as open as most Western countries.  So doing research there can quickly get mired in political obstacles. Or logistical. So even after several years [...]
10:33 PM | Late June 2014: Arctic in Hot Water as Sea Ice Thins and Tundra Fires Erupt
Most of the heat trapped by greenhouses gases accumulates in the oceans. Continue reading →
8:10 PM | Petition – Ban Trapping!
This petition represents an appeal by concerned taxpayers, citizens, tourists and visitors to the United States, to ban trapping on public lands in the United States and to outlaw the participation of young children in the killing of fur bearing animals. We believe that not only are the lives of ... Continue reading →
7:12 PM | Geos Institute – Phase Out of Tongass Old-Growth Logging Can Begin Immediately
"A recently released study of second growth availability on the Tongass National Forest shows that the U.S. Forest Service can end industrial old growth logging there within 5 years while, if it chooses, still increasing the total volume of trees harvested. The Forest Service announced in May tha... Continue reading →
6:10 PM | IUCN: Pesticides Pose A Global Threat To Biodiversity And Ecosystems
Systemic pesticides pose global threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services. Continue reading →
12:13 PM | “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
It’s good to be back in the prairies after spending last week in the mountains.  The mountains were beautiful and daytime temperatures were pleasantly cool, but I sure enjoyed the chance to catch up with the goings on in our … Continue reading →
12:00 PM | Hammerhead sharks’ unique traits may doom them
Hammerhead sharks are some of the most easily recognizable predators in the world, and are among the better-liked sharks. They were the most popular choice when researcher Austin Gallagher and colleagues asked citizen scientists to name their favorite shark. But despite their unique appearance and their ability to capture the imaginations of regular people –
3:22 AM | Sea star disease epidemic surges in Oregon, local extinctions expected
sea star wasting syndrome has exploded along the Oregon Coast and created an epidemic of historic magnitude. Continue reading →
1:04 AM | What a hidden camera captured inside these livestock auctions
Every year, millions of cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and other animals are funneled through livestock markets on a stressful and terrorizing journey Continue reading →

June 24, 2014

11:41 PM | Discarded cell phones to help fight rainforest poachers, loggers in real-time
A technology that uses discarded mobile phones to create a real-time alert system against logging and poaching will soon be deployed in the endangered rainforests of Central Africa. Rainforest Connection (RFCx), a San Francisco-based non-profit startup, is partnering with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to install its real-time anti-deforestation technology at sites in Cameroon. 30 RFCx devices — recycled from old Android handsets — will monitor 10,000 hectares or nearly 40 […]
10:39 PM | 19 Real Reasons Not To Go To The Beach This Summer
Last week, BuzzFeed published an article titled “19 Reasons Not To Go To The Beach This Summer.” In reality, the article contained only one reason—and as they hinted, it “rhymes with shmarks.” Annnnd @BuzzFeed publishes a shark scare-mongering piece that has GIFs but no intelligence Ugh. cc @BuzzFeedBen — Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) June 20, 2014 Not surprisingly, the article—which BuzzFeed […]
9:58 PM | What a difference a shrew makes
Last year, I wrote an article about how we used pine marten (Martes martes) scats or faeces to detect the DNA of small mammals that the pine marten had been feeding on. These small mammals included the wood mouse (Apodemus … Continue reading →

McDevitt, A., Montgomery, W., Tosh, D., Lusby, J., Reid, N., White, T., McDevitt, C., O'Halloran, J., Searle, J. & Yearsley, J. & (2014). Invading and Expanding: Range Dynamics and Ecological Consequences of the Greater White-Toothed Shrew (Crocidura russula) Invasion in Ireland, PLoS ONE, 9 (6) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100403

9:57 PM | Elephant poaching in decline
Ahead of the Standing Committee CITES meeting in July, a number of documents have been circulated.  One is SC65-42-01 .  This is the report on the status of elephants, poaching levels and illegal trade. One of the monitoring mechanism for African Elephants is PIKE.  This uses several indicator-sites through African range states to estimate the [...]
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