October 01, 2014

6:48 PM | Mr Darcy’s Guide to Conference Etiquette – Part 2
(click to see part 1) It is indeed most vexing when an uninvited guest appears on one’s doorstep unexpectedly. So why is turning up at a conference without registering considered to be acceptable? When invited to dinner, one is expected to RSVP so that the host knows to expect one, and it is common courtesy […]
4:48 PM | Greenland Ice Sheet Failure May Be More Rapid Than Previous Estimates
New research suggests that the sub-glacial surface in much of Greenland is more muddy than rocky in structure, which would imply that he Greenland ice sheet may fail more quickly than heretofore expected. [more]
4:07 PM | Limits to Growth in Science Itself
Geneticist Casey Bergman argues convincingly that the era of exponential growth in academic research is over. The argument is very similar to arguments about the end of growth in general. [more]
3:00 PM | Vegetarian Awareness Month
Originally posted on "Veganjävel":Today is the kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month, a month centered on vegetarian food in all its glory. It starts off with today’s celebration of World Vegetarian Day. This is a great opportunity…
2:23 PM | Wild Horses a Problem for Ranchers? Wolves Could Fix That
Originally posted on strange behaviors:Today’s New York Times has a report on the wild horse population boom in the American West, and for once, I agree with the ranchers:  Bizarre federal policies over the last 40 years have caused…
12:00 PM | America’s pronghorn migration faces human obstacles
When you think of the planet’s greatest migrations, perhaps you think of the annual trek of the wildebeest through Africa’s Mara ecosystem, or the salty trails of the sperm whales, oceanic giants who feed in the waters of the frigid poles but mate in the warm tropics. Maybe you imagine the four generations it takes
11:54 AM | Hubbard Fellowship Post – S’Mammals with Jasmine
This is a post written by Jasmine Cutter, one of our 2014-15 Hubbard Fellows.  All photos are by Jasmine. Howdy, Prairie Ecologist friends! I remember how much I looked forward to the Fellows’ posts before coming to the Platte River … Continue reading →

September 30, 2014

10:41 PM | Human Hothouse Found to be California Drought Culprit as Ridiculously Resilient Ridge Reasserts
Originally posted on robertscribbler:This is an event that is more extreme than any in the observed record, and our research suggests that global warming is playing a role right now. — Stanford Scientist Noah Diffenbaugh **** Last week, a…
8:17 PM | Snakes Eat Fish
Last week I highlighted a picture of a Northern Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon) eating a catfish (on right) that went viral and freaked a lot of people out. Many refused to ever enter the water again. I mentioned on that post that watersnakes eating things that live in the water, like fish, really isn't that big of a deal. Animals need to eat to live, you know? Fish are even the primary prey for
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