November 21, 2014

9:39 PM | Can Tax and Dividend Work Politically in the US?
I am pessimistic about the political prospects for a straightforward tax and dividend plan in America. [more]
8:32 PM | BLM Issues Deadly Permit for Wolf Derby
Originally posted on Straight from the Horse's Heart:Source: The Teton Valley News “The BLM’s self-righteous propensity to play God over the native creatures of our public lands stretches far beyond the destruction of our wild horses and burros…
7:55 PM | Fun Science FRIEDay – Death Star
Happy Fun Science FRIEDay! While Ebola wreaks havoc on Homo sapiens in the terrestrial world, there has been an even more virulent disease causing the destruction of a marine animal, the sea star. Today we talk about this deadly condition impacting sea star populations and the recent discovery of just what is causing this affliction.   […]
1:30 PM | The Latest News from BHL
Sharks, Passenger Pigeons, Scientific Illustrations, Crowdsourcing, National Agricultural Library, GBIF, and Semantic Metadata. What do all these things have in common? They're all BHL news stories from the past few months!Get the latest BHL project news in our latest quarterly report and newsletter! Don't get our newsletter? Sign up today!
1:00 PM | Unlikely partners: Rhino poaching & sea snake exploitation
Each month, hundreds of squid fishing vessels return to port in Vietnam loaded not just with squid, but also with sea snakes harvested from the Gulf of Thailand. Each month, the seven major snake processing facilities move an average of 6,500 kilograms of sea snakes, which are sold for between $10 and $40 per kilogram,
12:51 PM | Podcast from my Interview on Near FM’s Enviro Show
I was recently invited to participate on the Enviro Show hosted on Dublin’s Community Radio Station, Near FM. We chatted about red squirrels, grey squirrels, pine marten, invasive species and more. The interview starts about 29 mins into the podcast. Enviro 17/11/14 by Enviro On Nearfm on Mixcloud
10:27 AM | It’s a special moment when your best friends are also your...
It’s a special moment when your best friends are also your partners in conservation! Dennis is doing incredible work in Malapascua and I’m honoured to support him in protecting the island’s reefs. After years of friendship we’ve both grown into the conservation professionals that can work together and achieve some really great outputs. Today was a big day. The dream discussed over many years and beers - forming multi-stakeholder partnerships to regulate and protect […]
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