October 28, 2014

11:42 AM | Lockheed Aims for Commercial, Compact Fusion Reactor Within Ten Years
Originally posted on robertscribbler:Ever since major industrialized nations learned how to fuse atoms in megabombs able to blast scores of square miles to smithereens, the quest has been on to harness the vast potential energy store that is nuclear…

October 27, 2014

8:39 PM | Butterfly Indicators of Ecosystem Change
As more researchers begin studying butterflies, the links to other species and whole ecosystems will become clearer and will help guide nature conservation plans and policies. Continue reading →
3:32 PM | Photos: slumbering lions win top photo prize
The king of beasts took this year's top prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which is co-owned by the Natural History Museum (London) and the BBC. The photo, of female lions and their cubs resting on a rock face in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, was taken by Michael 'Nick' Nichols, a photographer with National Geographic.
2:39 PM | Gooood moooorrnnniing Viet Nam! You’re crazy and I love...
Gooood moooorrnnniing Viet Nam! You’re crazy and I love you already!
1:00 PM | Monsters Are Real…
They just look a little different in the light of day. “HIC SUNT DRACONES.”This phrase translates from the Latin as “here are dragons.” It is etched on the eastern coast of Asia on one of the oldest terrestrial globe maps, the Lenox Globe, dating to 1510.Though the phrase itself is found on only one other historical artifact, a 1504 globe crafted on an ostrich egg, the depiction of monsters and mythological beasts are common on early maps. They crop up most commonly […]
As I was preparing to post this blog, I received the latest installment of Ian Lunt’s blog, which gives very good advice to science bloggers about how to capture and hold an audience’s attention.  Ironically, I’d just been worrying that … Continue reading →
8:11 AM | The Second American Revolution Is Brewing in Oregon
In Oregon, the capture of local government by the timber industry results in the destruction of the natural world and the poisoning of the populace, but a Josephine County ballot initiative would ban tree spraying by corporations and government entities. Continue reading →
1:46 AM | Parrots Over Puerto Rico: An Illustrated Children’s Book Celebrating the Spirit of Conservation
Will the Puerto Rican parrot survive? It is the only remaining native parrot in Puerto Rico. Parrots of the region began disappearing in the 1700's due to logging, farming, and pet collecting. The species' prospects have improved, but the World Conservation Union still lists it as critically endangered. Continue reading →

October 26, 2014

10:13 PM | Feds launch ocean biodiversity monitoring network
Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:A pelican perches along the coast in Englewood, Florida. Florida, California and Alaska sites will host pilot phase of research effort Staff Report FRISCO — Federal agencies are launching an ambitious $17 million…
5:13 AM | On the Otago Peninsula
I visited Dunedin on Friday and Saturday this week.  Friday was the very academic part of the trip.  I presented a seminar at the University of Otago on the elephant-ivory black-market.  One showed how shipping costs, African instability and interest rates affected poaching and smuggling levels.  The other was a paper I hope to submit [...]
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