April 02, 2014

5:44 PM | How locals and conservationists saved the elephants of Mali amidst conflict and poverty
At a time when Africa's elephants are facing a relentless poaching crisis, one community has managed to safeguard their elephants in the most unlikely of places: Mali. In a country that has suffered from widespread poverty, environmental degradation, and, most recently, warfare, a collaboration between conservationists and the local community has kept Mali's elephants from extinction.
12:20 PM | Deep sea sharks: Do they survive?
Brendan Talwar is a graduate student at the Florida State University Coastal & Marine Lab studying Ecology and Evolution. Hispast experiences in diverse marine ecosystems have led to his current research interests in deep sea fisheries management. His thesis work will take place in the Gulf of Mexico and Exuma Sound while working closely with collaborators […]
12:00 PM | Historical paintings help us understand climate change
Five hundred years of art has revealed important information about historical environmental patterns. Can it help us predict the future?
12:00 PM | Readers Write In: Our First Snake ID Challenge of 2014
    One may know that spring has arrived when the Red-winged Blackbirds establish themselves in the cattails of a nearby marsh or when the songs of frogs start echoing through the night as they attempt to attract new partners. Last night was the first time this year I had heard Fowler's Toads and Gray Treefrogs singing in the marsh down the hill.     But, the real way to know that it's starting
8:00 AM | griseus: These are Humboldt Penguins, Adult and chick...
griseus: These are Humboldt Penguins, Adult and chick hatching (Spheniscus humboldti) at Pinguino de Humboldt Reserve, Northern Chile. footage by centrocientifico CEAZA
5:43 AM | Bioluminescent bacteria expose toxic arsenic in Bangladesh
A knob turns, and pure water streams from the faucet. In developed nations, this expectation borders on being a fundamental human right. Elsewhere in the world, tap water is a pipe dream, while finding potable groundwater can be a full-time occupation laced by lethal threats—such as arsenic contamination.
3:59 AM | Can Africa leapfrog the carbon energy age?
Africa has a chance to divert from the fossil fuels dependency path and pursue clean energy development. See on www.aljazeera.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
3:50 AM | Applaud Government for Conserving Wetlands
Target: Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior and Chair of the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission Goal: Applaud Secretary Jewell and the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission for approving millions of dollars to help restore and conserve… See on forcechange.comFiled under: Nature … Continue reading →
3:46 AM | Welsh fears for environmental conservation under NRW
The body responsible for the Welsh environment has been condemned as a “disaster” for conservation as it marks its first anniversary. See on www.bbc.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
2:20 AM | We Have Lost Nature And Animals Finally To The Asphalt Kids
I have realised now that we true environmentalists have lost Flora and Fauna to the asphalt kids.The scary urbanisation and overpopulation has made our generation to lose all knowledge about nature… See on havehest.wordpress.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
2:14 AM | Have We Forgotten That Norway Kills Most Whales In The World And Have Killed Most Whales?
Originally posted on Ann Novek--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors:The whaling circus continues after decades of battles.The focus is only concentrated on Japan, when actually today Norway has the biggest whaling quota in the World,…
1:20 AM | Back Off the Wolf Killing Crusade Idaho
Year after year, Idaho demonstrates its intolerance for wolves. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, while tasked with preserving all of Idaho’s wildlife, continues to ratchet up hunting, trapping an… See on exposingthebiggame.wordpress.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
1:13 AM | The Japanese will keep hunting whales, even though they’ve lost their appetite for them
The International Court of Justice just ordered Japan to temporarily stop killing whales in the Antarctic, calling Japan’s bluff on the “scientific research” behind whale hunts that kill nearly 1,000 whales there a year. In other words, it ruled that hunting and killing … Continue reading →
1:06 AM | Sumatrans Suffer a Terrible Loss
There are no more than 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild. To say they are critically endangered is an understatement. The Cincinnati Zoo has been the world leader in successful captive breeding … See on fightforrhinos.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
1:01 AM | Speak Up for Wolves in Alaska
“If we leave wolves alone, we’ll be the ones to benefit.” Marybeth Holleman This guest Call to Action is by Marybeth Holleman, co-author of the book Among Wolves – Gordon Haber’s Insights into Alas… See on wolfhaveninternational.wordpress.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
12:00 AM | skunkbear: The mighty Tremoctopus. Behold! And here’s some...
skunkbear: The mighty Tremoctopus. Behold! And here’s some folks reacting to the blanket octopus (on what appears to be a Japanese game show?):

April 01, 2014

3:00 PM | Eagles grow wise to wind farm hazards
The specter of bird fatalities has hung over the explosion in wind power over the last decade or so. Critics of wind tend to cite the now decades-old example of the Altamont Pass wind farm in California, where old versions of turbines are sited precariously close together, resulting in deaths to endangered birds like golden
9:30 AM | How to protect yourself from Zombie Dolphins without violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act
They rise from the deep with gnashing teeth and hissing blowholes. They stagger through the shallows, hunting for human flesh, piercing the air with their high pitched moan. They are dead but not dead. They are Zombie Dolphins. And you can’t fight them, because they are protected. The Marine Mammal Protection Act is an impressive […]
8:00 AM | zerostatereflex: Just a Mantis Shrimp scrubbing it’s badass...
zerostatereflex: Just a Mantis Shrimp scrubbing it’s badass eye,
4:59 AM | March Sci-shimi: waves from the Big Bang and more
Welcome to Sci-shimi, my monthly roundup of  great science online! Like a delicious, fresh platter of sashimi, these tasty links are meant to be shared —どうぞめしあがれ !  This month’s mind-blowing science moment: Gravitational waves—remnants of the birth of the universe—detected for the first time. Read how the discovery is exciting physicists, challenging old models, and leaving us in awe. […]
12:05 AM | Pawnee Grasslands
Years ago while on a bird walk in New Jersey, I had asked world class birder Pete Dunne, what some of his favorite birding places were in this country. Without hesitation he replied the Pawnee Gras… See on jeteliot.wordpress.comFiled under: … Continue reading →
12:00 AM | fuckyeahenvironmentalism: Press Release Statement...
fuckyeahenvironmentalism: Press Release Statement here:http://www.icj-cij.org/docket/files/148/18162.pdf

March 31, 2014

11:24 PM | Plants release chemical weapons and deploy insect armies in their defence
Animals have an easy life. They can run, hide, or bite back when predators are on the prowl. Plants cannot. Instead they have evolved to deploy a range of defence mechanisms including chemical warfare and insect armies. See on phys.orgFiled … Continue reading →
11:21 PM | Stop Euthanizing Rescued Animals
Target: CEO, Wayne Pacelle Goal: Require shelters to allow rescue groups to save animals A recent Huffington Post article outlined how The Humane Society of the United States is allowing, and even insisting, that shelter animals be euthanized… See on forcechange.comFiled under: … Continue reading →
11:18 PM | Save Aquatic Wildlife from Invasive Species
Target: Jerry Brown, Governor of California Goal: Criminalize the importation and sale of invasive American bullfrogs in California In California, American bullfrogs are an invasive species that pose a threat to many of the state’s native amphibian… See on forcechange.comFiled … Continue reading →
11:13 PM | International Court victory for whales
Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean was ruled illegal by the International Court of Justice this afternoon. This is a landmark ruling which will stop hundreds of whales being killed each year i… See on greenlivinglondon.comFiled under: Nature Conservation
10:57 PM | A secret form of Animal Abuse: Greed.
Hi all As you know I have my MCM project which last month kicked off with some articles about Wolf Haven International, A great organization that stands up for these great animals. This month I was… . . It is … Continue reading →
9:36 PM | Trust the “trust hormone”? Oxytocin can increase deceit
Oxytocin has perhaps the best reputation of any molecule on the planet. In a culture of chemophobia where any compound is fair game for attack, oxytocin has been heralded as “The Source of Love and Prosperity“. If you listen to the tales, this “moral” molecule—the “trust hormone“—is the “most amazing molecule in the world,” and […]The post Trust the “trust hormone”? Oxytocin can increase deceit appeared first on […]

Shalvia S. & De Dreub C. (2014). Oxytocin promotes group-serving dishonesty , PNAS, DOI:

Editor's Pick
9:26 PM | Explainer: An end to Japan’s “scientific whaling” program in Antarctica
Early this morning, the International Court of Justice declared that Japan’s scientific whaling program in Antarctica violates the International Whaling Commission moratorium, and ordered Japan to stop.  This is big news for the marine conservation community, but like many legal policy decisions, it can be difficult to determine exactly what it means. I asked marine […]
5:37 PM | Apocalypse now? Climate change already damaging agriculture, acidifying seas, and worsening extreme weather
It's not just melting glaciers and bizarrely-early Springs anymore; climate change is impacting every facet of human civilization from our ability to grow enough crops to our ability to get along with each other, according to a new 2,300-page report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The massive report, from the Nobel Prize-winning body, states definitively that climate change is already affecting human societies on every continent, including decreasing agricultural […]
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