March 30, 2015

12:54 PM | A Weird Python 3 Unicode Failure
The following code can fail on my system: from os import listdir for f in listdir(‘.’): print(f) Why? UnicodeEncodeError: ‘utf-8′ codec can’t encode character ‘\udce9′ in position 13: surrogates not allowed What? I have a file with the name b’Latin1 … Continue reading →
12:51 PM | Pros and cons of the term “data science”
I’ve resisted using the term “data science,” and enjoy poking fun at it now and then, but I’ve decided it’s not such a bad label after all. Here are some of the pros and cons of the term. (Listing “cons” first seems backward, but I’m currently leaning toward the pro side, so I thought I […]
9:04 AM | Defending Darwin?
Regarding Defending Darwin, a recent article by James Krupa in Orion magazine: Keep in mind that there are several confounding factors in teaching evolution in a religiously conservative (in the American sense) area. If you're not from around here (or even if you are), you may not realize that the United States are not especially unified, culturally. Essentially everyone lives in a bubble, scientists, Swedes, Baptist ministers. No one is really evil ('cept me; but I'm always rooting for the […]
8:00 AM | Milling Time: Testing the Shapeoko 2 CNC Machine
Over the past few months, I've been working with various desktop CNC milling machines. I first tested the Othermill, which I really enjoyed using. The next desktop CNC machine I tested was the Shapeoko 2. Shapeoko is an affordable, open source CNC kit that has been on the market for a few years. Originally a Kickstarter project, it grew into a robust product originally sold through Inventables, and now the Shapeoko 3 is about to launch--sold exclusively through that the […]
7:00 AM | Google Play App Roundup: Open Imgur, Frozen Synapse Prime, and Overpaint
The time has come again to shine a light into all the shadowy corners of Google Play to find the best new and newly updated stuff for your phone or tablet. The Google Play App Roundup is where you can come every week to see what's cool on Android, and this week is no exception. Click on the links to head right to Google Play and download for yourself.This week you can share images more easily, hack the system, and mix up some colors.Open ImgurSeldom will you see a more negative reaction on the […]
6:01 AM | Show and Tell: Parrot Rolling Spider Mini-Quadcopter
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2:00 AM | The 1st IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics (BDVA)
The inaugural BDVA meeting will be held at the beautiful Hobart harbour site of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia, on 22-25th September 2015. The symposium will host an exciting technical programme featuring internationally renowned keynote speakers, special sessions, and a day of complimentary hands-on workshops. A reception and dinner will be [...]

March 29, 2015

2:36 PM | Send Lines of Code from Vim to R/Julia/Python REPL
Vim + Tmux + Slime Workflow Editing code in anything other than Vim seems to drain my coding stamina rapidly, but when working with a language such as R that has an interactive REPL (read evaluate print loop) it is often useful to send lines of code thereto for purposes of debugging. I have used […] The post Send Lines of Code from Vim to R/Julia/Python REPL appeared first on Lindons Log.

March 28, 2015

7:32 PM | Links: HBR article on Women in STEM and AAUW Report
A latest article on bias issues for women in STEM by Harvard Business Review.  A slide presentation by AAUW related to their report: Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing.  The full report can be downloaded for free here.  
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