June 24, 2014

4:45 PM | Enhancing Pure-Pixel Identification Performance via Preconditioning - implementation -
As you probably recall, NMF has really found the beginning of a theoretical understanding only recently and that understanding hinges on the ability to find "pure pixels" in hyperspectral parlance: i.e. pixels that have only one elemental signature. Here is a way to find those pure pixels :Enhancing Pure-Pixel Identification Performance via Preconditioning by Nicolas Gillis, Wing-Kin MaIn this paper, we analyze different preconditionings designed to enhance robustness of […]
3:30 PM | From Denoising to Compressed Sensing
 Rich just sent me the following:hi igor -we have been working on integrating advanced denoising algorithms into compressive sensing recovery algorithms and have found that approximate message passing (AMP) provides a flexible platform that can support a variety of denoisers since the Onsager correction Gaussianizes the error at each iteration. for image recovery, coupling AMP with the BM3D denoiser and the correct Onsager correction offers state-of-the-art performance. our preprint […]
1:22 PM | Marine Mammals: The Smithsonian Magazine Talks About NOC
Disclosure: I am a researcher who worked with NOC at the US Navy Marine Mammal Program. Smithsonian Magazine ran an article by Charles Siebert titled, “The Story of One Whale Who Tried to Bridge the Linguistic Divide Between Animals and Humans”. This was ostensibly about the work Dr. Sam Ridgway and others at the US […]
12:00 PM | Multiple zeta
The Riemann zeta function, introduced by Leonard Euler, is defined by where the sum is over all positive integers n. Euler also introduced a multivariate generalization of the zeta function where the sum is over all decreasing k-tuples of positive integers. This generalized zeta function satisfies the following beautiful identity: The multivariate zeta function and […]
10:32 AM | Pathomx meets IPython - Workflow construction with IPython notebooks (and vice versa)
A new developer release of Pathomx (v3.0.0a) is out today via Github and PyPi. This release brings an IPython backend and support for IPython-notebook based plugins. This short demo demonstrates a few neat features - Build workflows using IPython-notebook backed tools (all tools have been converted) Auto-display of Matplotlib figures and pandas dataframes from workbooks Auto-export of (selected) variables from workbooks to pass to other tools Save and reload […]
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