September 22, 2014

7:44 AM | Mathematical beauty
Michael Atiyah quoted Hermann Weyl in the opening talk at the second Heidelberg Laureate Forum: I believe there is, in mathematics, in contrast to the experimental disciplines, a character which is nearer to that of free creative art. There is evidence that the relation of artistic beauty and mathematical beauty is more than an analogy. […]
7:00 AM | Google Play App Roundup: Noyze Volume Panel, Goat Simulator, and daWindci Deluxe
An app might only cost a buck or two, but if you end up buying things that don't strike your fancy, that could add up to a lot of wasted money. It's best to go into the Play Store with some idea of what's a safe bet. That's what the Google Play App Roundup is here to do--it's the best new stuff every week. Just click on the app name to head to the Play Store and test it out yourselfThis week there's a new volume control app, a game about being a Goat, and a lovely atmospheric puzzler.Noyze […]
5:50 AM | Hands-On with Oculus Rift "Crescent Bay" Prototype Virtual Reality Headset
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September 21, 2014

5:28 PM | Chili peppers and avanto
My new pet theory is that avantouinti (literally “hole-in-the-ice-swimming”) and love of chili peppers are somehow related. At least here in Tampere I can find people who do both: go out in extreme cold, and jump to the lake, and eat … Continue reading →
2:29 PM | Unfiltered Access
It happened last season. When Franck and I decided to program Season 1 of the Paris Machine Learning meetup, we initially thought the whole thing would run out pretty quickly. Indeed, our interest was to get people to talk about algorithms as opposed to specific web/langage technologies as is usually the case in technical meetups these days.Over the course of the Parisian Winter, we both realized that people who came to the meetups were not scared by difficult subjects. In fact, the feedback […]
8:31 AM | Love locks
If you walk across the Seine in Paris on the Pont des Arts you’ll see thousands and thousands of love locks. I saw this morning that Heidelberg has its own modest collection of love locks on the Old Bridge across the Neckar. These may be new. If they were here last year, I didn’t notice […]

September 20, 2014

9:57 PM | Generate Random Inverse Gaussian in R
Needed to generate draws from an inverse Gaussian today, so I wrote the following Rcpp code: It seems to be faster than existing implementations such as rig from mgcv and rinvgauss from statmod packages. rename rrinvgauss as desired. The post Generate Random Inverse Gaussian in R appeared first on Lindons Log.
4:06 PM | Saturday Morning Videos: Random Functions for Dependence and Component Analysis, Randomized Nonlinear Component Analysis and the Automatic Statistician
  Random Functions for Dependence and Component Analysis by David Lopez-Paz. The slides are here.ICML: Randomized Nonlinear Component Analysis by David Lopez-Paz; Suvrit Sra; Alex Smola; Zoubin Ghahramani; Bernhard SchoelkopfJoint Talk: Automatic Statistician - the big picture & Automatic construction and natural language description of nonparametric regression models by Zoubin Ghahramani and James LLoyd. The slides are here.Other talks and videos of the First MSR-MLG Joint […]
3:40 PM | Norm Drinks Soylent, Day 7
Norm Drinks Soylent, Day 7
12:28 PM | In Heidelberg
I’m in Heidelberg again for the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Next week I will be writing about the forum on the HLF blog and posting on Twitter with hash tag #hlf14.    
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