March 02, 2015

5:00 PM | In Brief: 3D Models of The Overlook Maze
If you liked Adam's recreation of The Overlook Maze model that we showed last week, you were in good company. Two Tested readers were inspired to make digital models of the maze: David shared pictures of his model on Twitter, and Robbie Cochran put his model up on Thingiverse. We'd love to see one of these get 3D printed!
4:30 PM | The generalized Lasso with non-linear observations
The generalized Lasso with non-linear observations by Yaniv Plan, Roman Vershynin We study the problem of signal estimation from non-linear observations when the signal belongs to a low-dimensional set buried in a high-dimensional space. A rough heuristic often used in practice postulates that non-linear observations may be treated as noisy linear observations, and thus the signal may be estimated using the generalized Lasso. This is appealing because of the abundance of efficient, specialized […]
8:57 AM | Google Play App Roundup: iA Writer, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire, and Chrooma
Grab your phone and prepare to shoot some new apps and games over to it from the Google cloud. It's time for the Google Play App Roundup where we tell you what's new and cool in the Play Store. Just click the links to head to each app's page to check it out for yourself.This week there are fewer distractions, more magic, and a moderate number of FABs.iA WriterI fancy myself a writer, as you might have guessed. I've been doing it for a long time using a variety of programs on the desktop and […]
8:30 AM | The First SteamVR Headset is the HTC Vive
And we're off to the races. Ahead of this week's Game Developer Conference, phone maker HTC announced that it would be manufacturing Valve's SteamVR virtual reality headset, named Vive. The news came during Mobile World Congress, where competitor Samsung also announced a second GearVR headset for its upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphones (lighter, USB-power). While Vive will be presumably demoed for the press and public at GDC, we're already getting details about how this HMD and VR experience will […]
8:00 AM | Show and Tell: Replica Starfleet Tricorder
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6:00 AM | On the Equivalence between Quadrature Rules and Random Features
On the Equivalence between Quadrature Rules and Random Features by Francis Bach We show that kernel-based quadrature rules for computing integrals are a special case of random feature expansions for positive definite kernels for a particular decomposition that always exists for such kernels. We provide a theoretical analysis of the number of required samples for a given approximation error, leading to both upper and lower bounds that are based solely on the eigenvalues of the associated […]
3:16 AM | Graphemes
Here’s something amusing I ran across in the glossary of Programming Perl: grapheme A graphene is an allotrope of carbon arranged in a hexagonal crystal lattice one atom thick. Grapheme, or more fully, a grapheme cluster string is a single user-visible character, which in turn may be several characters (codepoints) long. For example … a “ȫ” […]

March 01, 2015

8:05 PM | Analysis: Automatic recognition of Human Phenotype Ontology terms in text
This afternoon, an article entitled “Automatic concept recognition using the Human Phenotype Ontology reference and test suite corpora” showed up in my RSS reader. It describes a new gold-standard corpus for named entity recognition of Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO). The article also presents results from evaluating three automatic HPO term recognizers, namely NCBO Annotator, OBO […]
5:00 PM | Virtual Pong #Exergaming in your Living Room
Playing Pong used to be played on a couple of dials knobs attached to the console and be on a black and white, then we had Wii controllers, but now you can use your whole living room to play Pong... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

February 28, 2015

4:01 PM | Integrating a java program in #usegalaxy.
This is my notebook for the integration of java programs in . create a directory for your tools under ${galaxy-root}/tools mkdir ${galaxy-root}/tools/jvarkit put all the required jar files and the XML files describing your tools (see below) in this new directory:$ ls ${galaxy-root}/tools/jvarkit/ commons-jexl-2.1.1.jar groupbygene.jar htsjdk-1.128.jar vcffilterjs.jar
12:45 PM | VIZBI 2015 Deadlines
A few brief updates on VIZBI 2015, which is now only a few weeks away: Poster submissions. March 7 is the new deadline for uploading posters for normal participants. ‘Virtual’ poster submissions. March 15 is the deadline for upload of posters for remote participants. Art of Biology submissions. March 15 is also the deadline for Art & Biology [...]
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