October 03, 2014

5:39 AM | How to Manage Interruptions At Work
A great deal of research has been done on the loss of productivity associated with interruptions, and the recovery time needed—especially regarding how much this productivity loss ends up costing corporations. A 2008 study concluded that interruptions cost US corporations $680 billion in lost productivity annually, and other studies have reported that a typical office […] The post How to Manage Interruptions At Work appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.
1:11 AM | Collaboration across borders and disciplines is key to breakthrough research, says ASPIRE winner
ASPIRE winner Dr Agachai Sumalee (sixth from left) flanked by Mr. Cao Jianlin, China’s Vice Minister of Science and Technology, to his left, and Patrick Kelly, Wiley’s Publishing Director and Vice President of Government Affairs, on his right. With a groundbreaking road traffic management system that has slashed commuting times in the greater Bangkok area, […] The post Collaboration across borders and disciplines is key to breakthrough research, says ASPIRE winner appeared […]

October 01, 2014

12:55 PM | Adaptive Trials Offer Potent Weapon Against Phase 3 Failures
A failed phase 3 drug trial is one of the worst possible outcomes for a pharmaceutical company and for patients, both in terms of financial resources spent as well as time sunk into an unproductive research path. A recent article published by Roche describes how that company had to deal with several recent Phase 3 ... continue reading
2:20 AM | International Day of Older Persons
“He who strives thus to mingle youthfulness and age may grow old in body, but old in spirit he will never be.” – Wei Zheng Let’s celebrate the “International Day of Older Persons” today. To age gracefully, we have produced a series of journal articles and book chapters that provide tips on how to take […] The post International Day of Older Persons appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

September 30, 2014

5:27 PM | Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Causes Fires
Among my fondest childhood memories are the family and holiday dinners my mother so lovingly prepared. She would labor for hours seasoning, stirring, kneading and battering until her culinary masterpieces were complete.  There were rare moments when I asked to assist but for the most part I watched her from a distance. You see my mother preferred to work alone and was extremely territorial about her kitchen. Extra bodies circling in her space only slowed her down, and muddled the process. […]
1:02 PM | Insidious tactics of animal rights groups in Portugal
Activism against animal research in Portugal is growing. With it has come a rise in misinformation about how and why animals are used. Continue reading →
12:58 PM | Metamorphosis
This site does not belong to me alone anymore and it is now entering a metamorphosis stage. Stay tuned, we are going to do something much more exciting and useful. Remember this name: AGATA. For more normal conversations, you can continue following me on twitter and medium. Thanks for the great time we had together. Cheers, Gianpaolo.
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