November 11, 2014

3:03 AM | A Quick and Tasty Green Smoothie to Boost Your Day
Are you looking for a healthy snack that packs a powerful energy boost? This yummy Tahini and Coconut green smoothie recipe will satisfy your hunger, reduce sugar cravings, and help get you through the day feeling great. Tahini is a vegan source of calcium and also contains zinc, a potent fertility mineral. Coconut is a […] The post A Quick and Tasty Green Smoothie to Boost Your Day appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

November 10, 2014

1:07 PM | 6 Keys to Retention Success
While a tailored patient recruitment strategy is necessary to start a trial off on the right track, it is also vital to be mindful of your plan to keep these patients engaged once recruitment efforts take off. Patient retention starts when the first patient is enrolled into the study. Often, sponsors wait too long to consider retention, and find themselves trying to make up for lost time. As a result, attrition rates and costs skyrocket. Developing a program that offers the level of information […]
9:10 AM | Water-Use Advantage for Lianas over Trees in Tropical Seasonal Forests
Lianas exhibit peak abundance in tropical forests with strong seasonal droughts, the eco-physiological mechanisms associated with lianas coping with water deficits are poorly understood. Researchers examined soil water partitioning, sap flow, and canopy eco-physiological properties for 99 individuals of 15 liana and 34 co-occurring tree species in three tropical forests that differed in soil water […] The post Water-Use Advantage for Lianas over Trees in Tropical Seasonal Forests […]

Chen, Y., Cao, K., Schnitzer, S., Fan, Z., Zhang, J. & Bongers, F. (2014). Water-use advantage for lianas over trees in tropical seasonal forests, New Phytologist, DOI: 10.1111/nph.13036


November 09, 2014

10:03 PM | Nephrology fellows events at ASN #KidneyWk14
Welcome Reception: Nov 12th: 6-7PMMarriott Downtown, Grand Ballroom, Salon HFellows In Training Bowl (Mystery Case Debate): Nov 14th 2-3PMConvention Center, Room  119AFellows In Training Bowl (Jeopardy game Nephrology Challenge): Nov 14th 3-4PMConvention Center, Room  119AMeet the Experts Session Nov 15th  9:30AM - 10:30AM (Meeting the ASN Award Winners)Convention Center, Hall DFellows Forum Nov 15th 10:30-11:30AMConvention Center, Room 203Fellows Poster Discussion Section Nov

November 07, 2014

5:23 PM | UCLA Chancellor on the Importance of Research
Earlier this week, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block sent an email to the entire campus community entitled “A Message on the Importance of Research.”  In the message, Chancellor Block emphasizes the importance of medical research using animals and expresses support and admiration to … Continue reading →
6:35 AM | Neuroinflammation Models: Use in Studies of Neurodegeneration and Regeneration
About Webinar: Neuroinflammation, defined as the activation of endogenous glial cells and their complex interplay with other cell types via cytokines, chemokines and other factors, is a component of all central nervous system (CNS) injuries, infections, and neurodegenerative diseases.  Although neuroinflammation is a normal response to CNS injury, a great deal of emphasis has been […] The post Neuroinflammation Models: Use in Studies of Neurodegeneration and Regeneration appeared […]
6:24 AM | Q Exactive HF and LipidSearch – The High Performance Solution for Complex Lipidomics
About Webinar: Lipidomics is crucial for understanding cellular physiology and pathology in all organisms. Application of lipidomics profiling to disease phenotype analysis is a rapidly growing area in translational medical research. Identification of unique biomarkers to distinguish healthy individuals compared to those at risk for disease can profoundly impact the early detection of disease and […] The post Q Exactive HF and LipidSearch – The High Performance Solution for Complex […]
2:40 AM | Diving into Energy Drinks
How much do you know about energy drinks? We always consume energy drinks to boost our mood in general and to enhance our physical endurance. Being consumed since 1960s in Europe and Asia, we are uncertain about the side effects that energy drinks could produce. While energy drinks are consumed by general consumers, teenagers and […] The post Diving into Energy Drinks appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

Heckman, M., Sherry, K. & De Mejia, E. (2010). Energy Drinks: An Assessment of Their Market Size, Consumer Demographics, Ingredient Profile, Functionality, and Regulations in the United States, Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 9 (3) 303-317. DOI: 10.1111/j.1541-4337.2010.00111.x


November 06, 2014

7:17 PM | NephJC Live at ASN Kidney Week 2014
The Nephrology twitter journal club will come to life on Sunday 16thNovember at Kidney Week in Philadelphia. NephJC co-founders Dr Joel Topf and Dr Swapnil Hiremath will co-host the event at the Double Tree hotel. There will be 2 live presentations on the day, both of which are sure to stimulate active discussion. There will be a study, presented by Dr. Deirdre Sawinski of University of Pennsylvania, looking at transplanting HIV positive kidneys into seropositive donors. Dr Francis Wilson will […]
6:33 AM | 5 Things to Look for in a Teacher Mentor
Throughout your career you’ll need to find informal mentors who can help you grow as a teacher. Here is what to look for if you are searching for a good mentor: Find someone who is willing to learn from you as much as they are willing to help you learn. Ideally, the mentorship relationship is […] The post 5 Things to Look for in a Teacher Mentor appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

November 05, 2014

6:51 PM | Preventing PD Peritonitis: What's the Evidence?
Peritoneal dialysis associated peritonitis is the second commonest cause of death among PD patients (35/1000 years) and the most common cause of treatment failure. It confers a CV risk of 7 times normal for 6 months following the bacteremia, so we need to remain ever vigilant when dealing with PD patient, and its worth refreshing our knowledge on how to prevent this feared complication. There is a paucity of high quality evidence for many of the most fundamental questions in PD. Such is […]

November 04, 2014

4:30 PM | Reasons Why Your Teen Is Drinking
Reasons Why Your Teen Is Drinking [Article via Psychology Today. Click above for full post] Alcohol and substance use is widespread among adolescents with recent figures finding that 71% of students have tried alcohol and 54% have reported being drunk... Read More ›
3:54 PM | Top Israeli academics beg Prime Minister to protect animal research
Seven Nobel Laureates and the Presidents of seven major Israeli universities and research institutes are the signatories of an unprecedented letter that calls for to government to refrain to impose any additional limitations on the use of animals in research. … Continue reading →

November 03, 2014

1:10 PM | The Age of Ebola: A Dallas Perspective
Working and living in the city where Ebola entered the United States caught me off guard. I wasn’t prepared to see downtown office workers don medical masks while walking the skywalks from one building to another. The occasional person pressing the elevator button with a tissue also surprised me. I caught myself worrying as I turned on the radio each morning. I hope there are no new cases. I heard reports that Air Canada airline attendants would wear gloves while attending to passengers. […]
8:52 AM | Ode to a PhD student
Today’s special treat, a poem dedicated to PhD students, is brought to you from the mighty pen of Inez Farag. Inez is currently supposed to be writing her thesis in Sydney but decided to spend her time writing this piece for you instead. We thought that the words and the sentiment capture the experience perfectly! […]
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November 02, 2014

1:41 AM | Basic Tips For Beginners In Digital Photography
To take quality photos on a digital camera, you need the correction resolution, format, and ISO setting. Most digital cameras display common symbols for exposure modes and offer basic file formats for creating and saving your digital photos. Resolution in Digital Photos The number of pixels (picture elements) in your digital photos is managed by […] The post Basic Tips For Beginners In Digital Photography appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

October 31, 2014

12:55 PM | SEVERE CHRONIC HYPONATREMIA: A Pathophysiological Rumination.
PART 4: CONTROL ISSUES1. Losing Control:In the preceding posts, I explained how sudden emergence of water diuresis as the predominant mechanism by which rapid overcorrection of serum sodium happens in cases of severe chronic hyponatremia.  Few situations or more stressful in nephrology than when we suddenly find that serum sodium has increased by 12 mmol or more within a few hours. The usual scurried response is the immediate administration of 5% dextrose water, DDAVP are both. There […]
5:59 AM | Presenting You and Your Poster
Presenting posters and leading the conversation in a poster session can be intimidating. However, there are some very simple things that you can do to help yourself get through what can be a challenging experience. Richard Threlfall, Managing Editor, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, gives you some tips on how to plan and design an […] The post Presenting You and Your Poster appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

October 30, 2014

2:44 PM | Peritoneal Carcinosis and HIPEC: A second chance for patients, thanks to animal research
When we hear the phrase ‘animal research’ we tend to think about the development of new drugs for the clinical practice, or studying molecular pathways involved in the progression of disease; but we must also remember that the techniques used … Continue reading →
11:10 AM | Tried & True Principles for Global Site Selection
The drug development industry has seen a seismic shift in the past decade with regards to how investigative sites are identified and selected for clinical trials. Like many other aspects of our industry, site selection is benefitting from technology and a rapidly expanding pool of data which can be collated, parsed and utilized for determining the probability that a site will perform as needed during a clinical trial. Sponsors are increasingly looking at epidemiology studies, insurance claims, […]
10:08 AM | Neuroligists Awarded for Epilepsy Research
Professor Sam Berkovic AC and Professor Ingrid Scheffer AO, two neurologists from the University of Melbourne, are awarded Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for their outstanding research on treatments for epilepsy. In order to congratulate such fabulous effort, we have compiled a list of research paper of Professor Ingrid Scheffer regarding epilepsy below. Transition to […] The post Neuroligists Awarded for Epilepsy Research appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.
2:09 AM | ELearning: Chronic Sinusitis Treatment with Office-based Balloon Sinus Dilation
Sinusitis occurs when there is inflammation of the sinus lining. Symptoms include nasal blockage or discharge, altercation in smell, and facial pain or pressure. Chronic sinusitis is when these symptoms persist for more than 12 weeks. Wiley Health Learning’s new eLearning program is designed to help ENT Surgeons and Rhinologists evaluate balloon sinus dilation conducted […] The post ELearning: Chronic Sinusitis Treatment with Office-based Balloon Sinus Dilation appeared first on […]

October 29, 2014

2:11 AM | When Should Online Dating Partners Meet Offline?
Will the amount of online communications affect face-to-face (FtF) relational outcomes among online daters? Researchers analysed experience of using various online date sites of 433 online daters recruited by a market research firm. The results of a new study suggest that online daters create mental constructs of their potential partners by using online dating profiles […] The post When Should Online Dating Partners Meet Offline? appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

Ramirez, A., Bryant Sumner, E., Fleuriet, C. & Cole, M. (2014). When Online Dating Partners Meet Offline: The Effect of Modality Switching on Relational Communication Between Online Daters, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, DOI: 10.1111/jcc4.12101


October 28, 2014

10:51 PM | FSGS biomarker updates—suPAR, B7-1, CD40 and more…
FSGS is the most common glomerular disorder causing end-stage kidney disease in the USA with a high post-transplant recurrence rate of 20-50%. Furthermore, the treatment of post-transplant recurrent FSGS is extremely challenging. While reading a recent article on biomarkers predicting post-transplant recurrent FSGS by Delville et al. (discussed below), it seemed a good idea to cover recent advancement in FSGS research.  suPAR (soluble plasminogen activator receptor) Since the […]
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