February 10, 2015

1:40 AM | Say Goodbye to Stress for Good!
Change the way you stand! The mind–body connection goes beyond mind to body because it also works in the opposite direction. The body to mind connection is equally important: in fact, it has been proven in studies that emotions can be changed, simply by making small adjustments to your form. Staying in a stress-free state […] The post Say Goodbye to Stress for Good! appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

February 09, 2015

12:00 PM | Chimpanzee Retirement: Facts, Myths, and Motivation
How often have you heard the claim that chimpanzees who have moved to a sanctuary have felt “dirt and grass under their feet, sunshine on their faces” for the first time in their entire lives because they have come from … Continue reading →

February 08, 2015

5:17 PM | Let's Play Outcome Mash-up - A Clinical Trial Shortcut Classic!
Deciphering trial outcomes can be a tricky business. As if many measures aren't hard enough to make sense of on their own, they are often combined in a complex maneuver called a composite endpoint (CEP) or composite outcome. The composite is treated as a single outcome. And journalists often phrase these outcomes in ways that give the impression that each of the separate components has improved.Here's an example from the New York Times, reporting on the results of a major […]

February 07, 2015

1:39 AM | The Relationship Laws that Drives Success
It’s 7 a.m. and I’m checking my email. According to the experts, this is not the best way to start your day. But I can’t resist the urge. I sip my coffee and slowly wake up. I scan the subject lines of a column of messages. The top two catch my eye. They are perfect […] The post The Relationship Laws that Drives Success appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

February 06, 2015

9:03 PM | Perspective on three-parent children
In the past few days, newspaper headlines have trumpeted the future of ‘three-parent children’ in Britain, which following a landmark parliamentary decision could be the first country in the world to allow this*. The Church of England has spoken out, claiming that grave concerns exist regarding use of this technique and terming the change in […]
7:39 PM | Study Identifies Stem Cell Signaling Process That Gives Rise to Intestinal Tumors
Location and appearance of two example intestinal tumorsResearchers identify signaling molecules in intestinal stem cells that can give rise to cancer stem cells and tumors if left unregulated. The research suggests a new approach to targeting intestinal cancers.Researchers at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) announced today that they have discovered a precise stem cell signaling process that can lead to intestinal tumors when disrupted.Their findings add to our […]
7:25 PM | #MyNephroStory: A Rewarding Journey
There is a lot of discussion about the recent nephrology Match in the US and everyone is discussing what’s wrong with nephrology? Why is the interest in Nephrology waning? Like most people I took a unique journey to nephrology and maybe by sharing my tale it will inspire others to take up nephrology. I went from a small town, Jalgaon, in India to nephrology fellowship in Canada. My journey to renal enlightenment began on a wet monsoon night in Pune, India where I was on call in the […]
8:16 AM | Creative Medical Health Files Patent on Multiple Sclerosis Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy
Creative Medical Health (CMH) announced today that it has filled a patent of intellectual property covering the utilization of its proprietary mesenchymal stem cell-based product for treatment for autoimmune diseases, with multiple sclerosis being the first disease in which the product will be clinically assessed.The patent covers various modifications and cell types that are used to specifically stop the immunological processes that cause inflammation in the nervous system, which leads to the […]
8:03 AM | Human Embryonic Stem Cells Repair Brain Damage in Rats Caused by Radiation Therapy
Rats treated with the human cells regained cognitive and motor functions that were lost after brain irradiation.Credit: Dr. Denis Soulet, Laval University, QuebecHuman stem cells used successfully to repair brain damage in rats caused by radiation therapy for cancerFor patients with brain cancer, radiation treatment is a powerful and potentially life-saving treatment, but it can also cause considerable and even permanent injury to the brain.Now, through preclinical research conducted in rats, […]
7:45 AM | Malaria-in-a-Dish Paves the Way for Personalized Treatments
Plasmodium vivax liver-stage infection in iPSC-derived liver cells at eight days after infection. Credit: Ng et al.MIT researchers use induced pluripotent stem cells, to screen potential antimalarial drugs and vaccines for their ability to treat the liver stage of malaria infection. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have engineered a way to use human liver cells, derived from induced pluripotent stem cells, to screen potential antimalarial drugs and vaccines […]

February 05, 2015

4:23 PM | Results of Neural Stem Cells for Macular Degeneration to be Presented at Ophthalmology Conference
Picture of the fundus showing intermediate age-related macular degenerationStemCells, Inc. a company developing cell-based therapeutics for disorders of the central nervous system, announced today that it will present the results of its Phase I/II study in dry age related macular degeneration (AMD) at the Angiogenesis, Exudation and Degeneration 2015 symposium. Specifically, it will be presenting the findings on the safety and preliinary efficacy of HuCNS-SC(R), human neural stem cells, […]
7:14 AM | Oklahoma Panel Passes Stem Cell Research Ban Bill
Human Embryonic Stem CellsA bill to to make embryonic stem cell research illegal and to further restrict abortion in Oklahoma both cleared a House committee on Wednesday, despite concerns from a doctor on the panel.While activists gathered at the Capitol for the annual anti-abortion Rose Day rally, the House Public Health Committee voted mostly along party lines to approve both bills. An exception was Rep. Doug Cox, a Grove Republican and an emergency room physician who opposed both […]
7:06 AM | Interview with Dr. Waayuth Sajomsang, Winner of Wiley-CST Award
The Wiley-CST Award for Outstanding Publication is a joint effort between John Wiley & Sons and the Chemical Society of Thailand (CST), to encourage and recognize the brilliant, inventive and ground-breaking research work of young Thai chemists in green chemistry. The CST is part of the Asian Chemical Editorial Society, which was founded in 2005 […] The post Interview with Dr. Waayuth Sajomsang, Winner of Wiley-CST Award appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.
7:02 AM | Study Ties Three Genes to Radiation Resistance in Recurrent Tumors
Coronal MRI with contrast of a glioblastomaNew research identifies three genes that together enable a lethal form of brain cancer to recur and progress after radiation therapy.A new study has identified several genes that together enable a lethal form of brain cancer to recur and progress after radiation therapy.The findings might lead to new therapies that target cancer stem cells, say researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center -- Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and […]

February 04, 2015

9:19 PM | Australia’s ice age – Breaking Bad tales of crystal meth
Australia currently has a serious problem with ice. No, not that kind – the crystal methamphetamine kind, also known as shard or crystal meth. Some estimates put the number of ice addicts at over 70,000 in a nation with a population of only 23 million people – seven percent of the population aged 14 and […]
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