January 05, 2015

5:38 PM | 2015 – The Year of the Science Communicator!
Science is really, really important. From the ability to communicate with almost anyone in the world using a pocket-sized device, to the ability to land a robot on an asteroid 400 million kilometres away, science is constantly pushing us to … Continue reading →

January 03, 2015

2:34 AM | Bone Loss Drugs May Help Prevent Endometrial Cancer
A new analysis suggests that women who use bisphosphonates—medications commonly used to treat osteoporosis and other bone conditions—have about half the risk of developing endometrial cancer as women who do not use the drugs. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study supports other research that has shown […] The post Bone Loss Drugs May Help Prevent Endometrial Cancer appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.
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