February 04, 2015

8:33 AM | How to stay below 2°C…
A quick post to draw attention to the Global Calculator, which is an excellent and simple tool looking at how different actions will change greenhouse gas emissions out to 2100. The tool is from DECC and I think that’s it’s a follow up from something they launched a few years ago (but I don’t remember […]
6:22 AM | 2015 SkS Weekly News Roundup #6A
A fresh look at the watery side of Earth's climate shows 'unabated planetary warming' Bjørn Lomborg sings WSJ’s same old climate change song: Don’t worry, be happy Citigroup predicts battery storage will hasten demise of fossil fuels Climate change mitigation’s best-kept secret How China's filthy air is screwing with our weather Met Office puts high odds on the next few years being warmer than 2014 Newspapers' skeptic views persisted in 'Climategate' aftermath Obama's […]
2:52 AM | Republicans have one option to eliminate EPA carbon regulations
The US Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of creating regulations on carbon pollution from power plants, and Republicans in Congress hate the idea. Surprisingly, a majority of Republican voters support these regulations, with Tea Party members being the only exception. Results of a recent Yale/George Mason Universities poll of American political conservatives. Nevertheless, Republicans in Congress badly want to kill those regulations. However, they’re pursuing the avenues […]
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