August 08, 2014

1:15 PM | Pilot human trial for image-guided cancer surgery tool
Fluorescent dye helps surgeons see tumor margins. Results of pilot trial at Penn published, trial ongoing at Emory. The post Pilot human trial for image-guided cancer surgery tool appeared first on Lab Land.
10:30 AM | Memoirs Of A Microbiologist; 11 Things I Wish They’d Told Me Before Working In The Lab
After recently graduating from Newcastle University with a 1st Class BSc with honours in Medical Microbiology (no bragging here, honest) I have been lucky enough to start employment in a […]

August 07, 2014

1:53 PM | New NIH 3D Print Exchange Offers Open Access To Three-Dimensional Printing Tools
In Hollywood and in 3D molecular printing, you start with a script. But the scripts that Darrell Hurt offers bioscience researchers help them to make molecular discoveries more easily. Hurt is the section head at the Computational Biology Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch at the NIH, where he recently launched the NIH 3D Print Exchange. The Exchange offers open-access to ready-to-use scripts, the instructions that drive 3D printers, so scientists can […]

August 06, 2014

8:40 PM | Contraception and HIV risk
High quality information on a contentious public health issue The post Contraception and HIV risk appeared first on Lab Land.

August 05, 2014

6:52 PM | Creating New Immune Systems for HIV Patients
There is good news in attempts to halt HIV by growing, in patients, new immune systems lacking function in a key gene just as the first—and only—cured HIV patient did.Read more about Creating New Immune Systems for HIV PatientsComments
1:34 PM | Gene editing technique makes disease study almost as easy as flipping a switch
> Imagine you are about to interview someone, and rather than receiving a full reference letter, your candidate is described with but a single word. Do you think you’d get the whole picture? Of course you wouldn’t, but depending on the word chosen, you could make a decision. For example, “disorganized” or “unreliable” seem like...Read more

August 04, 2014

4:00 AM | Room with a View—Forbes Names NHLBI’s Greg Alushin to Its “30 under 30 in Science” List
It's rare to find a young scientist in a big office, yet Gregory Alushin, age 29, has generous space, a U-shaped desk, and a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the NIH campus. He is semi-apologetic about the arrangement, insisting that it's only temporary. "We're going to have to leave this place in a few months," Alushin hastily explains. "Another institute had just moved out of this space so we got to be the temporary sole occupants." His lab was founded only seven months ago, says […]
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