October 03, 2014

1:00 PM | Right Turn: There’s beauty in science
. The colourful, beautiful, whimsical, original, intriguing (I could go on) images that were submitted to CCRM for its Cells I See contest are live on Facebook for your viewing pleasure and votes. Until October 18, 2014 people are encouraged to “like” their favourite image. The one with the most likes will be this year’s...Read more

October 01, 2014

9:38 PM | The Winners of the $5K, $3K, $1K Kaluza Prizes Are…
Eleanor (Josie) Clowney , a postdoc at Rockefeller University who did her graduate work at the University of California, San Francisco, has been named the winner of the 2014 $5,000 ASCB Kaluza Prize for outstanding research by a graduate student. The Kaluza Prizes are supported by Beckman Coulter. Clowney won for her breakthrough work on olfactory neurons performed in Stavros Lomvardas’ lab. Her work provides a new perspective on how acute transcriptional specificity can be achieved […]
4:58 PM | Our People—Five ASCB Members to Receive BRAIN Grants
NIH announced Tuesday the recipients of the first round of research grants toward understanding the brain as part of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. $46 million in funds was awarded to over 100 investigators who proposed developing new technologies to accelerate neuroscience research. The $46 million from the NIH is part of a larger $300 million public-private effort by the Obama Administration to revolutionize our understanding of […]
12:10 PM | Of seismic waves and closing days: take home messages
. With contributions from James Smith, a recent Oxford University graduate and current SENS Research Foundation Summer Scholar working at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. There were two momentous events on the night of August 23, 2014. First, the inaugural Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference drew to a close. Second, the largest earthquake in nearly 25 years...Read more

September 29, 2014

8:08 PM | From Berlin to Yerkes
Yerkes immunologist Guido Silvestri and colleagues have a paper in PLOS Pathogens shedding light on the still singular example of Timothy Brown, aka "the Berlin patient", the only human cured of HIV. The post From Berlin to Yerkes appeared first on Lab Land.
6:14 PM | HIV vaccine insight via Rwanda
Rebuilding a shattered society is compatible with HIV vaccine research The post HIV vaccine insight via Rwanda appeared first on Lab Land.
2:12 PM | More than just the pizza: A new approach to Journal Club
> It’s September again! That means new grad students in the lab, seminars and courses start again, committee meetings, grant deadlines, product shows, and… Journal Club. What is Journal Club – and why am I about to spend an entire post talking about it? Ideally, it is a dedicated meeting where lab members come together...Read more
4:00 AM | Human Frontier Science Program Signs DORA but Chief Calls for Action from Those Making Real Career Decisions
Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker's organization, the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP), made it official on September 19 when it signed DORA, the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. In signing, the HFSP, an international coalition funded by 15 countries to support basic life science research, pledged to follow the DORA principles to minimize the use of journal impact factors (JIFs) in scientific assessment for hiring, promotion, and funding. The HFSP's Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker says […]

September 27, 2014

12:58 AM | Banking on baby: all about umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants
Over the summer, my then-pregnant friend asked for my opinion about umbilical cord blood banking, naturally sending me into a world of fascinating biology, cutting edge medicine and some ethical quandaries. If you can afford the $1000-2000 processing fee and at least $100 a year to store the blood, banking seems like a no-brainer. “You […]

September 26, 2014

1:15 PM | Right Turn: Dear teacher, this is how I spent my summer vacation…
. An interest and appetite for science appears to be alive and well in two jurisdictions where high school students competed for the chance to spend part, or all, of their summer learning about stem cells and biomedical research. The winners of a science animation festival spent one week at the Institute of Biomaterials and...Read more
12:00 PM | Biomarkers in Cancer Research: An Introduction
As a term, “Cancer Research” covers a broad range of scientific investigation. Many of us think of cancer research as the development of new drugs to treat patients – known […]
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