March 26, 2015

10:54 AM | Borinqueña Global: A Conversation with Dr. Dianne Chong
Dr. Dianne Chong In this especial edition for Borinqueña we interview Dr. Dianne Chong, a mentor of many engineers, managers and executives, an outstanding role model and one of the stars at the Boeing Company. It is impossible to measure the impact of someone like Dr. Chong in a career devoted to the advancement of the aerospace industry because her visionary ideas are not only found in the products, they are also found […]

March 24, 2015

2:00 PM | Mademoiselle Scientist/Spotlight on Science: Dr. Monica Cox
In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8) I want to do a double feature to …Continue reading →

March 19, 2015

10:25 PM | Using a GoPro Hero Camera to Film Underwater
The GoPro is a great camera to shoot action footage of surfing, skiing, and mountain biking. However, there are lots of other ways to use this versatile, little camera. If you are a student or scientist studying the marine environment, … Continue reading →

March 18, 2015

2:00 PM | Spring Cleaning: 5 Quick Tips to Declutter Your Inbox
Spring is around the corner! You know what that means — spring cleaning. I know most of you can relate …Continue reading →

March 16, 2015

3:40 PM | Should You Allow Viewer Comments on Your Science Video?
In the previous post, I began exploring the topic of how online commenters can influence reader/viewer opinions about a science article or video. I pointed out two studies, which showed that negative comments can sway how readers perceive a science news article or … Continue reading →

March 15, 2015

5:47 PM | How 3 History PhD Students Used Podcasting to Harness “The Superstar Effect”
By Scott Rank Getting noticed in academia is enormously difficult. Scholars compete for attention by having fancy alma maters or getting published in prestigious journals – both of which have acceptance rates in the single digits. But three PhD students in history were largely able to sidestep this process. Each gained academic clout through unconventional means. They did it in ways that academic publishing or conference presentations would not have made possible. What do they […]

March 14, 2015

8:17 PM | Do Online Comments Sway Opinions About Science?
During the question and answer period after a recent seminar I gave on “Communication Tools and Strategies for the 21st Century Scientist”, someone asked me about whether I thought there was a downside to scientists communicating their work through video, social media … Continue reading →

March 08, 2015

3:52 AM | A Celebration of Women in Science: Part One
This month, countries around the world celebrate the contributions of women—to our history, our heritage and, each day, to all factions of society. Although women have made many contributions to science, mathematics, engineering and technology, their achievements, sadly, have been often left out of the history books, as evidenced by the incredible recent discovery of Puerto Rican botanist Ana Roque de Duprey. This month […]

March 07, 2015

5:27 PM | Communication Down Under
As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I was recently in Australia (one of my favorite places in the world–despite the abundance of poisonous/dangerous animals). This was a combination work-holiday trip, and the following description provides some … Continue reading →
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