December 12, 2014

4:53 PM | Use Video to Recruit Research Participants
Quite a few researchers depend on volunteers—who participate as subjects of a study or who help in the collection of data. If you are a scientist or graduate student in need of volunteers, you may have found it difficult to find … Continue reading →

December 10, 2014

3:12 PM | Melody: Future Biochemist Collects the Harvest of her Seeds of Success
Melody Rivera-HernándezWe all know about the difficult economic situation that our country is going through, but there are always opportunities for those who give their best. The young lady Melody Rivera Hernández, from Vega Alta, is in her way to complete her university carrier in the biochemistry area with all expenses covered. She is the first puertorrican student, born and raised in the Island to receive the […]

December 01, 2014

3:00 PM | Spotlight on Science/Mademoiselle Scientist: Dr. Amy Freeman:
In my last Spotlight on Science post I talked about Dr. Greg Martin. For this Spotlight on Science/Mademoiselle Scientist post …Continue reading →

November 27, 2014

6:20 PM | What Happens When a Squirrel Grabs Your GoPro?
The GoPro camera can be used to capture unique footage such as aerial video filmed with a Quadcopter, time-lapse movie of clouds, and a slow-motion video of a hummingbird. Here are a couple more examples of interesting videos shot with a GoPro. … Continue reading →

November 25, 2014

11:19 PM | How to Shoot Better Video with an iPhone
Filming with a cellphone is easy…if you know the basics. You might think everyone knows those basics by now—for example, that video shot in portrait mode (phone held upright) will not play back properly on 16:9 aspect monitors (phones, computers, TVs). Apparently … Continue reading →

November 24, 2014

3:10 PM | iMovie for iOS Tutorial Updated
I recently traveled to France and England and used my iPhone 5s and the iMovie app to create a series of videos about the places I visited. I wanted to test the ease with which I could shoot and edit videos … Continue reading →

November 22, 2014

10:51 PM | The PowerPoint Glass Barrier separating audience and presenter
You are supposed to be close and personal, and upfront… but up front, facing the audience, things are not close and personal. It’s them versus you: them sitting and listening, and you standing and talking next to your faithful computer FIFO and its … Continue reading →
3:37 AM | Fear is not your enemy, it is your judge!
Anxiety is the sum of all fears. Here are four more fears to add to the six introduced in a prior blog entry ( Is your fear, the fear of unknown faces? Did you attempt to network with one or two people … Continue reading →
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