September 11, 2014

10:04 PM | The iPhone: A Film Studio in Your Pocket
One of the biggest misconceptions I encounter about video-making is the belief that one needs special equipment (expensive cameras and microphones), a film studio, and special training to make a quality video. That was perhaps true in the past, but … Continue reading →

September 10, 2014

4:11 PM | How Video Can Help You Give Better Talks
I’ve heard that Jill Bolte-Taylor practiced her TED talk (My Stroke of Insight) 200 times. Was it worth the effort? Apparently so. Her talk has been viewed over 15 million times–one of the most popular on the TED website. Of course, her … Continue reading →

September 08, 2014

12:02 PM | So you want to be a teacher?
Teachers, we all know at least one. This makes teaching a prime choice for people thinking about their next career move, but do you know what is really involved in being a teacher? As part of ChemCareers 2014 we are running three webinars in the three months before the main event, the first of which is on getting into teaching. Interested? Then coming along THIS Wednesday (10th September) at 2pm GMT where we will have a panel discussion talking to people who have been through the process […]

September 03, 2014

3:57 PM | Marmosets Find Instructional Video Useful
OK, I know you’re sick of me yammering on about the value of video in science communication and what a great tool it is in teaching others how to perform a scientific technique. However, I could not resist pointing out … Continue reading →
9:10 AM | Come and work for us as a Publishing Editor
Great opportunities available now to work for the Royal Society of Chemistry, one of the world's major scientific publishers, as a Publishing Editor. Find more details of how to apply here If you want to find out more about what a Publishing Editor does, take a look at their blog Closing date for applications is 10th September, assessment centre to be held on 24th September. What are you waiting for??Posted by Julie FranklinSep 3, 2014 10:10 am

August 27, 2014

5:35 AM | I love our members
As the title suggests, I love the members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, our members, our community. I am on my last day in the fair city of Glasgow having done our first careers hub of the autumn. Whilst the focus is on careers consultations and actually getting to the places you live to support you we also have talks and networking, to help you find out more about the local people in your city/area. Last night for our Profiles in Chemistry talk we had David McMullan from Scottish Water. […]
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