April 18, 2015

9:09 PM | How to Make a Video Resumé
Most of you probably have a resumé or CV (Curriculum Vitae) to give to potential employers or others who may need it to evaluate you. Most resumés and CVs look alike, however, and often don’t get across what is particularly compelling or … Continue reading →

March 31, 2015

2:04 PM | Enerys Pagán - A Borinqueña leader promoting scientific research among our youth
Enerys Pagán Olaguibel serves as inspiration to other young people looking to have a social impact through science (Photo by: Ana Maria Abruña, El Nuevo Día)Faced with a difficult problem, many people throw their hands up and say "it is what it is", but instead of problems, a leader sees opportunities. Enerys Pagán, a young Puerto Rican woman who is currently a junior at the Brígida […]
2:00 PM | My Spring Reading List II
Now that spring is here its time to share my spring reading list. Since spring is a time to refresh …Continue reading →
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