July 31, 2014

1:01 PM | Estefanía Ortiz: Coding her future and planting seeds of success
Estefanía Ortiz, a Hackathon fan and young entrepreneur, grew up in the town of Guaynabo Puerto Rico and went to the Marista private school for most of her schooling. Estefanía finished her last high school year doing home schooling, and today she is a sophomore majoring Computer Science at Stanford University.  Estefanía told me that a transformational moment in her life was a conversation she had […]

July 30, 2014

3:34 PM | A Site to Post Your Video Abstracts
I’ve written previously about what video abstracts are, how they can influence visibility of your research papers, and how to create a video abstract from start to finish. The beauty of video abstracts is that they are freely accessible on … Continue reading →
8:08 AM | Taking advice
There are times in your life where everyone has an opinion on what you might decide to do next, or how you might go about it. Taking advice can be really difficult, especially when you feel it is unsolicited or inappropriate. So, what should you do? I remember being 18 years old and applying to go to university, everyone had thoughts on where I should go, what I should study, what I could do with it afterwards. I had no idea. I didn't go to university, I trained as a pharmacy technician and […]

July 14, 2014

7:20 PM | Retirement of a Scientist: When Should I Announce It?
You've decided to retire. Depending on your organization's rules, you will have to file paperwork by a certain deadline and inform your supervisor or department chair. But deciding when to make your decision to retire publicly known is less straight-forward. Should you wait until the last minute? Do you drop hints as much as a year before? Do you announce at the same time you file the paperwork or tell your supervisor/chair? When should you tell your staff/students? When and how should you tell […]
7:50 AM | I need your input please
In an ideal world the support we give you will provide the tools you need to manage your career; to enable you  to find the job you really love to do, the one which makes you bounce out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately it's not always an ideal world and many members we speak to are feeling overwhelmed in their career management. Whilst we have developed a number of ways to help you manage your career, we can always improve so I have a question for you: How can we help you manage […]

July 09, 2014

12:58 PM | Getting your point across
Do the words ' Please can you prepare/deliver a presentation on x' fill you with dread? Presenting is part of many job descriptions and one which many people would rather avoid. In fact when a team a team of market researchers asked 3000 U.S. inhabitants “What are you most afraid of?” Many named more than one fear but right at the top came speaking before a group, followed by heights, insects, financial problems and deep water. (Source). An uneffective presentation can be […]

July 07, 2014

6:24 PM | Retirement of a Scientist: When Should I Retire?
We are talking about retirement in this series of posts. Once your contemporaries begin retiring, you will begin wondering if it's time for you too to put down the pipette and hang up the lab coat (or whatever the equivalent is in your specialty). In the last post, I covered how to determine if you are ready to stop working. In this post, let's explore the factors that determine when you should retire.Deciding exactly when to retire is partly dependent on one's finances, as discussed in a […]

July 02, 2014

10:00 AM | A problem shared is a problem halved?
Most of us have heard the old adage, "a problem shared is a problem halved" but how many of us share issues which affect us in the workplace? We might have a good old moan to someone we trust. Moaning about our situations is a natural thing, it can be a way of reacting to difficult situations where we feel we are not able to change outcomes. By moaning, we can feel some relief in sharing our discomfort with our friends, family and colleagues. But what if we stopped moaning and started […]
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