August 19, 2014

7:26 PM | Using Video to Crowdfund Scientific Research
Are you like a lot of scientists who are struggling to fund your research or find collaborators to share ideas and costs? If you are, then you might be interested in new platforms that bring researchers together with fellow scientists, … Continue reading →

August 11, 2014

8:32 AM | Managing expectations
Being realistic in your expectations   We are told to aim for the stars; that we can do anything we want with our career. I know because I say it to people I speak to; I do however add a caveat: you will need to be realistic.   We all have expectations, of the people we know, our friends and colleagues, our family; the TV we watch; the food we eat; even the service we expect as a customer. For most of the time we don’t give these expectations a second thought; that is until we […]

July 31, 2014

1:01 PM | Estefanía Ortiz: Coding her future and planting seeds of success
Estefanía Ortiz, a Hackathon fan and young entrepreneur, grew up in the town of Guaynabo Puerto Rico and went to the Marista private school for most of her schooling. Estefanía finished her last high school year doing home schooling, and today she is a sophomore majoring Computer Science at Stanford University.  Estefanía told me that a transformational moment in her life was a conversation she had […]

July 30, 2014

3:34 PM | A Site to Post Your Video Abstracts
I’ve written previously about what video abstracts are, how they can influence visibility of your research papers, and how to create a video abstract from start to finish. The beauty of video abstracts is that they are freely accessible on … Continue reading →
8:08 AM | Taking advice
There are times in your life where everyone has an opinion on what you might decide to do next, or how you might go about it. Taking advice can be really difficult, especially when you feel it is unsolicited or inappropriate. So, what should you do? I remember being 18 years old and applying to go to university, everyone had thoughts on where I should go, what I should study, what I could do with it afterwards. I had no idea. I didn't go to university, I trained as a pharmacy technician and […]
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