April 14, 2014

11:00 PM | Hall & Partners boosts senior health team
Appoints Jeanette Hodgson and promotes Marie Bennett
7:40 PM | Dual-Luciferase Imaging in vivo
We are used to seeing multicolored fluorescence images labeling either specific events or structures within cells. When compared to imaging with fluorescent methods, bioluminescence imaging methods provide the advantages of low background and subsequent higher signal to noise ratio—enhancing sensitivity. A key prerequisite for dual-imaging experiments is the ability to distinguish the signal from each […]

Stacer AC, Nyati S, Moudgil P, Iyengar R, Luker KE, Rehemtulla A & Luker GD (2013). NanoLuc reporter for dual luciferase imaging in living animals., Molecular imaging, 12 (7) 1-13. PMID:

6:00 PM | Trauma Follows Generations
Did you serve in the military? Maybe you witnessed something traumatic at home, or you had a bad accident. It turns out that if it is extremely traumatic and sticks […]
4:46 PM | Domani prima luna rossa del 2014, ecco dove e quando sarà visibile
Domattina in Italia, quando negli Stati Uniti sarà ancora notte fonda, si verificherà la prima eclissi totale di Luna del 2014. L’evento, non visibile dall’Europa, dall’Africa e da gran parte dell’Asia, sarà invece osservabile ad occhio nudo dal continente nordamericano…Read more →
4:02 PM | Sistema di monitoraggio sismico per la tutela del Ponte delle Torri di Spoleto
Il Comune di Spoleto è stato scelto come “test site” nell’ambito del progetto RoMA (Resilience enhancement of Metropolitan Areas), finalizzato ad aumentare il livello di sicurezza del territorio, attraverso lo sviluppo di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche e strumenti di analisi efficaci…Read more →
3:50 PM | I pesci corallini sarebbero più vulnerabili a causa della presenza di CO2 negli oceani
Secondo uno studio condotto dall’AIMS (Istituto Australiano di Scienze Marine) in collaborazione con l’università James Cook di Townsville e l’istituto di Tecnologia della Georgia, i pesci corallini sarebbero più vulnerabili a causa dell’assorbimento di CO2 negli oceani.Lo studio è stato…Read more →
2:18 PM | Risk-based Monitoring of Clinical Trials Decreases Costs and Improves Results
In August 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an industry guidance on a risk-based approach to monitoring clinical trials. The guidance called for multiple ways to monitor research and is focused on preventing risk to data quality, human subject safety, and clinical trial purity. When interpreting risk-based monitoring, it is useful to ... continue reading
10:53 AM | The Joy of Discovery
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10:44 AM | Turning cancer genomics into an app for your kids phone
Cancer Research UK science has been turned into a game for your mobile: Genes in Space. The aim is to collect space rocks; to do this you need to map a route through the densest regions in space then fly though and catch as many as possible. The great thing is each time you play you're actually navigating through segmented breast-cancer copy-number data from the METABRIC project.The video has a great "Frankie Goes to Hollywood backing track and the unforgettable strapline "You don't have to […]
10:13 AM | Oral hepatitis C regimens tackle advanced liver disease
 New data released at the International Liver Congress by AbbVie, Merck & Co and Gilead
9:53 AM | GSK under investigation in Poland for 'camouflaged bribes'
A regional manager and 11 doctors have been charged, according to a BBC report
9:39 AM | Google Glass enters Parkinson's trials
The smart glasses' potential will be evaluated as a patient assistant aid
8:35 AM | EMA to carry out four safety reviews
And recommends against combination of medicines affecting RAS system in latest PRAC highlights
8:27 AM | Pfizer’s Emms takes up ABPI presidency
He succeeds MSD’s Deepak Khanna at the UK pharma industry body

April 13, 2014

11:15 PM | This month in 1917: A tale of two Mercks
US enters World War I severing ties between Merck & Co and its German parent
6:09 PM | Silly Putty and Stem cells? What a combo!
Working with stem cells can be a little unruly, it’s sort of like asking a five year old what they want to be when they grow up– then making them […]
5:36 PM | Studio: è autentico il Vangelo moglie di Gesù
I ricercatori avrebbero confermato che il Vangelo “moglie di Gesù” (Gospel of Jesus’s Wife) è autentico. si tratta di un piccolo papiro, di soli 4 cm x 9 cm, sottoposto negli ultimi due anni ad un gran numero di test…Read more →
8:40 AM | Primordial Human Embryonic Germ Cells
Embryonic germ cells are pluripotent cells that originated from the early germ cells that are responsible for the formation of sperm and egg cells. Rethinking Germ Cells | Video Embryonic germ cells are believed to mimic the properties of embryonic stem cells. Germ cells are essentially very specialized cells that are crucial in reproduction. Cells […] The post Primordial Human Embryonic Germ Cells appeared first on Regeneration Center of Thailand.

April 12, 2014

4:00 PM | Global Warming Natural? Don’t bet on it.
Analyzing the temperature data as far back as 1500 almost completely rules out the idea that global warming is a natural phenomena and that human intervention plays no role. That is […]
12:48 PM | The Perfect 46 - Trailer
The Perfect 46 - Trailer from Clindar on Vimeo. Trailer for the independent science fiction drama The Perfect 46. Screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival April 26th.

April 11, 2014

6:32 PM | Heartbleed security issues, we’re ok
We’ve been tracking the concerns about the Heartbleed security issues, as has everyone with an internet login anywhere. And the actual depth of the issue continues to be discussed and disputed. Also XKCD: Lucid, short explanation of "Heartbleed" from xkcd. http://t.co/mzY4O5iZvC — Alan Dove (@alandove) April 11, 2014 Most people who read our blog, or […]
4:00 PM | The Future of Fusion Funding
Fusion, the promise of clean, renewable energy has been so powerful that scientists have been chasing the dream for roughly 50 years now. Since the birth of atomic energy and […]
3:05 PM | SmartFlower: il fotovoltaico innovativo integrato nell’ambiente al Fuorisalone 2014 (video)
Tra i nuovi sistemi di generazione fotovoltaica spicca la soluzione proposta da Vp Solar, dal nome SmartFlower (video in fondo all’articolo). Si tratta di un semplice ma innovativo quanto originale impianto fotovoltaico ad isola avente la forma di un fiore…Read more →
2:24 PM | Il Vlt dell’Eso scopre anello cosmico con diamante
Il Very Large Telescope dell’Eso (Osservatorio europeo australe) ha rilevato nello spazio un anello cosmico a 1.500 anni luce dalla Terra. Fin qui nessuna sorpresa se non fosse che lo speciale anello brilla come se avesse un diamante grazie ad…Read more →
1:26 PM | Right Turn: Bringing stem cells to (fictional) life
> I’ve been thinking a fair bit about the “personalities” of stem cells in recent weeks — specifically, the characteristics of stem cells that might translate into a persona or a fictional character of some sort. It’s with good reason, of course: The Stem Cell Network is in the process of creating a traveling science...Read more
1:08 PM | Friday SNPpets
Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment… RT @Wutbuergerin: New paper by J Kaye et al: “Can I access my personal genome? The […]
11:20 AM | A Milano arriva il FlashMob della salute! E tu? Come dici ALT alla pigrizia?
Milano, 11 aprile 2014 – Mancano solo poche ore e il fashmob più salutare che ci sia attraverserà il cuore di Milano. I partecipanti si ritroveranno in piazza Duomo, sabato 12 aprile alle ore 16.00, muniti di un MP3 e di una…Read more →
11:19 AM | Connessi ai bisogni dei consumatori: gli elettrodomestici intelligenti nascono a Cassinetta
Un team cross-funzionale di una trentina di persone fra ingegneri, tecnici, designer, figure del marketing e del brand nell'hub varesino di Whirlpool lavora ai modelli di nuova generazione. Il project leader Emiliano Pastore: «La connettività non è semplicemente un fatto tecnologico; con le app offriremo più servizi e benefici reali ai nostri clienti»Read more →
10:10 AM | Pharma shares data on cancer projects
Project Data Sphere involves AZ, Bayer, Celgene, Janssen, Pfizer and Sanofi
9:52 AM | Herceptin could face biosimilars in UK later this year
Court overturns patents protecting Roche’s cancer drug
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