October 27, 2014

12:07 PM | US investigates Novo Nordisk manufacturing issues
Issues subpoena related to insulin plant in Kalundborg, Denmark
11:49 AM | Novartis sells flu vaccines business to CSL for $275m
Follows the Swiss pharma company's asset swap deals with GSK
11:32 AM | FDA approves Baxter drug for rare form of haemophilia
Obizur is derived from pig proteins
7:56 AM | New microscope can see inside cells
Scientists have designed a new type of microscope that can see inside cells in real time. It’s called a light-sheet microscope and uses 2D optical lattices to make sheets of light. Light-sheet microscopes have major advantages over traditional microscopes that use a single beam of light. The beam of light in traditional microscopes can heat […]
12:15 AM | Altering genes on demand
New award-winning research techniques could revolutionise drug discovery

October 26, 2014

4:44 PM | Sello personal
3:28 PM | Open access is a trend that is becoming entrenched
Open access makes peer reviewed scientific research freely available to all. According to the speakers at this year’s Publication Seminars, open access is growing in popularity. There were 8,817 open access journals included in the Directory of Open Access Journals in March 2013. A little over a year and one-half later in October 2014, there […]
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