August 07, 2014

10:12 AM | US talks tough on 'unpatriotic' tax inversion deals
Treasury looks to 'meaningfully reduce' tax benefits of such manoeuvres
9:48 AM | AbbVie begins 'first-of-its-kind' hep C charity pilot
Will work with Addaction Cornwall and The Hepatitis C Trust
8:50 AM | FDA approves antibacterial skin drug Orbactiv
US regulator authorises Medicines Company's treatment for ABSSSI
8:12 AM | Janssen launches online mental health video series
Healthy Minds will focus on brain disorder research and treatment

August 06, 2014

11:15 PM | Celgene's Abraxane authorised by Health Canada
Drug can now be used as first-line treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer
7:47 PM | Fluorescent Cell Imaging Simplified
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7:06 PM | ALS Target: Microglia
Glia, perhaps the most underappreciated of cell types, are finally getting some attention. A new report in Science Translational Medicine from Kevin Eggan’s group at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute validates the role of microglia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – aka ALS, motor neuron disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease — and investigates how to manipulate them to extend life, in a mouse model for now.… Read the restThe post ALS Target: Microglia appeared […]
1:36 PM | Video Tip of the Week: Biodalliance browser with HiSeq X-Ten data
Drama surrounding the $1000 genome erupts every so often, and earlier this year when the HiSeq X Ten setup was unveiled there was a lot of chatter–and questions: Is the $1,000 genome for real? And some push-back on the cost analysis: That “$1000 genome” is going to cost you $72M. A piece that offers nice […]

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Check Hayden E. (2014). Is the $1,000 genome for real?, Nature, DOI:

Dunham I., Shelley F. Aldred, Patrick J. Collins, Carrie A. Davis, Francis Doyle, Charles B. Epstein, Seth Frietze, Jennifer Harrow, Rajinder Kaul & Jainab Khatun & (2012). An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genome, Nature, 489 (7414) 57-74. DOI:

10:47 AM | Actelion partners with PatientsLikeMe on blood cancer research
Will create patient-reported outcomes tool for rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
10:14 AM | Roche's Avastin gets new EU nod in ovarian cancer
Wins new approval for hard-to-treat platinum-resistant recurrent form of disease
9:57 AM | FDA 'must publish biosimilar naming guide soon'
US politicians push regulator to finalise guidance
8:17 AM | Pfizer’s arthritis drug Enbrel widens its European licence
Gains new indication for early-stage inflammatory joint disease
7:55 AM | Sanofi and Regeneron pay $67.5m to speed alirocumab review
Buy FDA priority review voucher from BioMarin
7:48 AM | Dr Sunita Zalani joins Intarcia Therapeutics as regulatory head
Moves to the Boston company from Onyx Pharmaceuticals

August 05, 2014

11:06 PM | Welcome to the new EpiBeat!
Wow! It’s been two years and we’ve come a long way! In commemoration of our two year anniversary, we have redesigned our website and have added multiple features to make things more fun, exciting, and most importantly, to keep you up to date on cutting-edge breakthroughs in epigenetic discovery!   ... The post Welcome to the new EpiBeat! appeared first on EpiBeat.
7:28 PM | Screening de portadores de Enfermedad de Gaucher en judíos Ashkenazi en Uruguay - update
En el marco del proyecto de Screening para judíos de origen Ashkenazí para la enfermedad de Gaucher, que venimos realizando en el laboratorio ya desde abril de este año, se está organizando una jornada de extracciones en conjunto con la Kehilá.La idea es hacer un evento intercomunitario, para así poder llegar a la mayor cantidad de gente posible y poder brindarle a todos quienes estén interesados la oportunidad de hacerlo.Por este motivo los […]
6:52 PM | Creating New Immune Systems for HIV Patients
There is good news in attempts to halt HIV by growing, in patients, new immune systems lacking function in a key gene just as the first—and only—cured HIV patient did.Read more about Creating New Immune Systems for HIV PatientsComments
2:30 PM | Social Networking Key to Interspecies Infection
Fresh discoveries about how bacteria co-operate with each other when causing infection could help scientists identify animal diseases that might transmit to people. Bugs that can co-operate best with each other are most likely to be able to jump to new species, including humans, a new study shows. Bacteria interact by releasing molecules to help […]
2:03 PM | Brain cell transplant works in mice
The cool thing about stem cell technology is that it can work in adults. Whereas gene therapy, at least for now, only works in developing embryos. Scientists have turned fibroblasts from mouse skin into stem cells and injected them into the brains of adult mice. They then went back six months later and checked what […]
1:45 PM | Freedom to Focus: Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator
Back in the dark ages, when I was a graduate student, my idea of “automated” plasmid DNA extraction involved performing home-brew, “toothpick preps” in “strip tubes” or , if I was really feeling ambitious, a 96-well plate. I would get just enough DNA to check for the presence of an insert, but the quality of […]
1:34 PM | Gene editing technique makes disease study almost as easy as flipping a switch
> Imagine you are about to interview someone, and rather than receiving a full reference letter, your candidate is described with but a single word. Do you think you’d get the whole picture? Of course you wouldn’t, but depending on the word chosen, you could make a decision. For example, “disorganized” or “unreliable” seem like...Read more
12:00 PM | Ebola: What Is It and What Do You Have to Worry About?
Ebola has been in the headlines a lot lately, mostly because the current outbreak is the largest one we’ve ever seen. There have also been people transported into the United States who were infected, raising concerns about an Ebola outbreak happening in the country. However, while Ebola is a terrifying disease, it is unlikely to … Continue reading »
11:51 AM | Fishawack buys UK med comms agency Facilitate
Deal is the Fishawack Group's third in just over a year
11:17 AM | Roche pays $450m for 'gene-silencing' firm Santaris Pharma
Deal marks major return to the RNAi field it exited four years ago
10:12 AM | UCB joins clinical trial data sharing portal
Follows GSK, Lilly, Roche and others in committing to transparency website
9:50 AM | Bioinformatics firm Eagle adds to senior team
Appoints Michael Reynolds and promotes Will Spooner and Glenn Proctor
9:10 AM | BMS creates US academic tie-up to foster biopharma research
Partnership with investment firm could also boost its pipeline
8:54 AM | Amgen closes on second-line use for Kyprolis
Multiple myeloma therapy posts positive interim phase III results

August 04, 2014

10:44 PM | Neil deGrasse Tyson tells GMO haters to chill out–liberals get angry
Neil deGrasse Tyson, probably the most popular astrophysicist, if not scientist, of this generation, replaced Carl Sagan as the spokesman of all things science for the country. While not ignoring Bill Nye‘s impact on making science education fun and approachable (and who took classes from Carl Sagan at Cornell University), Sagan literally passed the baton of being […]Continue reading «Neil deGrasse Tyson tells GMO haters to chill out–liberals get angry»
6:12 PM | I read this by accident. How to engineer your own virus and Ebola resistance.
Most people read science by accident. You’re online – browsing Reddit, reading news spastically on Twitter, or Stumbling. All of a sudden – BAM! HIV-Killing condoms. The Chemistry of Farts. What’s happening to me, I don’t read science. Oh wait, this is pretty cool… That’s right, “happenstance plays a key role in how people stumble across science news online.” In fact, in a 2006 Pew Internet and American Life Project study, John Horrigan […]
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