August 04, 2014

10:15 AM | Boehringer/Lilly's Jardiance approved in US
But the FDA wants four post-marketing studies of the SGLT-2 diabetes drug
9:26 AM | Allergan sues Valeant and Pershing for insider trading
Botox manufacturer alleges hedge fund fraudulently built up stake in the company
9:07 AM | Bayer wins GIST approval for Stivarga in EU
Cancer drug can be used after Pfizer’s Sutent and Novartis’ Glivec
8:51 AM | Astellas appoints Moyra Knight to comms role
Will head up corporate and employee communications in the Americas
8:34 AM | Cello Health Insight appoints two new directors
Zahidah Ahmad and Sunil Sharma join the healthcare market research agency

August 03, 2014

11:15 PM | Wearing it well: the potential of wearable technology in healthcare
For the pharmaceutical industry, the possibilities presented by wearable technology are clearly enormous
6:52 PM | Biotech Reading List
The Coming Human Body On A Chip That Will Change How We Make DrugsJessica Leber (Fast Co Exist)On the search for non-animal alternatives for predicting drug effects / toxicology in humans.How Well Does A Drug Work? Look Beyond The Fine PrintNational Public RadioCan we improve drug labeling so patients actually understand how well the drug works, compared to what, and with what side effects?These Medical Apps Have Doctors and the FDA WorriedRobert McMillan (Wired)Does Valeant’s […]

August 02, 2014

7:13 PM | Help Erika Bueno Fund Her Graduate Project!
Finding funding for some research projects is incredibly difficult, especially for newer researchers. For phenomena which have only been recently described, finding funding is even more difficult than finding funding for more established research areas. Because of this, there are a lot of labs which rely on citizen science projects or volunteer work to gather data. You have a chance to help a really cool and interesting project that can help us understand a new problem that honeybees are facing […]
4:37 PM | Sensational Science Saves Lives (yep, that’s why you clicked)
‘‘Let a Gazette come out filled with the finest descriptions of prosperity, general health, growing trade, internal peace and prevailing virtue [and] it will be read almost with indifference and thrown away ... In contrast, let a Gazette inform us in detail [of a plague, civil war, or dreadful famine and] this paper would deeply engage the attention, be read over and over again and pronounced a valuable paper’’ – Independent Ledger, January 26, 1784 It’s all […]
3:48 PM | Foto
El de arriba de todo con sombrero es mi abuelo paterno. Dr. Víctor Manuel Raggio Acosta y Lara, "Medicina y Niños" decía su placa. En un evento en 1930 con el maestro Luis Morquio.

August 01, 2014

7:55 PM | How can homeopathy help to stop the Ebola outbreak?
In case you’re assuming that it can, it really can’t. Since any reasonable person would understand that homeopathy violates some of the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology. And because there is no viable mechanism that would make you think homeopathy actually could work, clinical trials show that it doesn’t work, or, at best, […]Continue reading «How can homeopathy help to stop the Ebola outbreak? »
5:33 PM | Tempesta solare: cosa fare per non essere impreparati
Prima o poi arriverà, anche se è impossibile stabilire quando: una super tempesta solare capace di mettere in ginocchio linee elettriche, provocando estesi blackout, e di mandare in tilt i satelliti Gps e quelli per le telecomunicazioni. Ne sono convinti i ricercatori…Read more →
5:11 PM | Every cell is unique and every organism is a zoo
So now onto the main point of this blog!  Single cell biology!!! Life is a mess: you depend on the random collisions of proteins within a dense soup of molecules for anything to happen.  Every cell in your body relies on so many random chance occurrences that you can safely assume that any two cells […]
5:08 PM | The Heterogeneity of Cancer and DNA as a Prognostic Marker: The Truth is in our Blood
Originally posted on Antisense Science:Tumours are incredibly heterogeneic- that is that they have different properties including morphology (how they look), metabolism (the processes they use to generate energy), proliferation (how fast they grow, divide and replicate themselves) and potential to metastasise (where a tumour moves to another part of the body).  But why is…
4:21 PM | Introduction and defense of quirkiness in science
I favor the quirky: my favorite organism is the snapping shrimp, I watch BBC documentaries about British perceptions of shipping containers, and I’m a fan of a comic about a geologist wombat.  I understand why no one would want to read about the stuff I’m most passionate about.   Take Mycena, a genus of mushrooms […]
4:00 PM | An epigenetic platform to study global DNA methylome and transcriptome in parallel from limited tissue such as early embryo
Recent technological advances and the exponential growth of the field of epigenetics, in particular genome-wide studies, are advancing our knowledge and providing more evidence for the interdependence of epigenetic and genetic variations. The importance of genome-wide epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian germ cells and early embryos has shed light on the pivotal role of epigenetics in […] The post An epigenetic platform to study global DNA methylome and transcriptome in parallel from […]
2:54 PM | Broaden Your Horizons While Pursuing Your Doctorate—You Will Be Glad You Did
For this posting, I had promised to include some commentary on ACTION. What can someone pursuing a doctorate in the biosciences DO during that time to widen the possibilities of employment in the future? In general, the process of obtaining the doctorate has been criticized for taking too long and not doing enough to prepare […]
1:19 PM | Friday SNPpets
Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment… RT @pjacock: Adds insecticide, fungicide & herbicide bioactivity RT @emblebi: ChEMBL_19 Released – Now with Crop […]
10:52 AM | FDA approves Boehringer COPD spray Striverdi Respimat
Licence from US regulator will also allow it to treat chronic bronchitis or emphysema
9:58 AM | US fast-tracks Ebola vaccine trials as outbreak spreads
NIH brings forward human trials as concerns mount
9:26 AM | UK minister: 'End animal testing'
Lib Dem MP Norman Baker says there is an economic case for finding an alternative
9:07 AM | ICC Lowe launches new digital offerings
Range includes sales rep, education, social data and content curation tools
8:23 AM | emotive appoints Francesco Raimo as part of senior shake up
Andy Hastie also takes on a new role at the London digital agency

July 31, 2014

11:30 PM | Name our Papaya Plushie!
As some of you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, a new round of draft Frank N. Foode™ and Papaya Plushies has come out. While Frank is almost ready to go, we have finished the design process for our new papaya plushie! Soon, I will have the design samples in my hands to look at before we place our order, but in the meantime I would like to tell you what our plan is for our papaya character, and we would like your help with coming up with a good name for it! Without any further ado, […]
11:15 PM | Politically acceptable - a unified patent for Europe
But will Europe’s Unified Patent Court help or harm the pharma sector?
9:48 PM | SIMPOSIO - Grandes Avances en Medicina Prenatal
Viernes 8 y sábado 9 de agosto 2014, 08:30 a 17:00 hsHotel Cottage, Miraflores 1360, Montevideo
7:12 PM | The Self-Edited Woman
In 2004, Susan Herring and colleagues showed that “contemporary discourses about weblogs, such as those propagated through the mainstream media, in scholarly communication, and in weblogs themselves, tend to disproportionately feature adult, male bloggers.” And yet, female blog authors represent, in numbers, as great or greater a voice in the blogosphere as male bloggers. Many research studies have focused on exploring the reasons behind women’s relative lack of prominence in […]
7:09 PM | Blame it on the DNA
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3:00 PM | The ageing lottery
Not all animals age like we do. In fact some animals don’t age at all. A recent paper compared patterns of fertility and mortality across 46 different species ranging from humans right down to alga. To be precise, the study looked at humans, primates, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, molluscs, a cnidarian, a crustacean, […]
1:22 PM | What’s the Answer? (electronic lab notebooks)
Biostars is a site for asking, answering and discussing bioinformatics questions and issues. We are members of the community and find it very useful. Often questions and answers arise at Biostars that are germane to our readers (end users of genomics resources). Every Thursday we will be highlighting one of those items or discussions here […]

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