November 12, 2014

9:28 PM | Eylea UK launch earns Bayer PMEA success
Receives the Cello Health Award for Launch Excellence
9:27 PM | AbbVie takes home company of the year at PMEA 2014
Firm is rewarded for its patient-focus
7:28 PM | Taming Cheating Cells Gives Rise to Spectacular Evolution
All multicellular creatures are descended from single-celled organisms. The leap from unicellularity to multicellularity is possible only if the originally independent cells collaborate. So-called cheating cells that exploit the cooperation of others are considered a major obstacle. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön, Germany, together with researchers from New Zealand […]
5:10 PM | A Breath of Fresh Air in the Study of Epigenetics and Asthma
According to a study conducted by the CDC in 2009, 1 in 12 Americans has asthma. This marks a 1% increase in affected population since 2001. Asthma is a complex disease involving multiple pathways, causing symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. In different patients these ... The post A Breath of Fresh Air in the Study of Epigenetics and Asthma appeared first on EpiBeat.
4:57 PM | Optimizing Tryptic Digestions for Phosphoproteomics Analysis
Protein phosphorylation is the most widespread type of post-translational modification. It affects every basic cellular process, including metabolism, growth, division, differentiation, motility, organelle trafficking, membrane transport, muscle contraction, immunity, learning and memory (1,2). Protein kinases catalyse the transfer of the phosphate from ATP to specific amino acids in proteins. In eukaryotes, these are usually Ser, […]
3:29 PM | “The GMO Deception” is, in fact, deceptive
Recycling can be a very good practice. Re-using components of electronics, waste paper, and food scraps that would otherwise head to the waste stream can be a great idea. However, sometimes re-use doesn’t bring any value. Recycling bad claims and ideas about GMOs helps no one. Unfortunately, The GMO Deception is a prime example of worthless recycling. A stale and misleading text worth only about 2 pounds of recycled paper. I found out about this text from Marion Nestle’s blog. She […]
1:08 PM | Video Tip of the Week: UpSet about genomics Venn Diagrams?
Who can forget the Banana Venn? It was one of the most talked-about visualizations in genomics that I’m aware of. A new concept in data visualization: the Venn/banana diagram. MT @phylogenomics — Iddo Friedberg (@iddux) July 19, 2012 Banana? RT @phylogenomics: Perhaps the best genomics Venn diagram ever #Bananas #NotSureWhatItMeansButDontCare — Brian Kent […]

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11:13 AM | Takeda enlists GE's aid to tackle liver fibrosis epidemic
Non-alcoholic liver disease has doubled in the last 20 years
10:22 AM | Amgen and AZ's psoriasis antibody beats Stelara in study
Brodalumab cleared all skin lesions in 37% compared to Stelara’s 18.5%
10:12 AM | NICE wants more evidence on skin damage technologies
But ‘spray-on-skin’ and clothes to prevent ulcers can still be used on NHS
1:50 AM | Novartis to deliver three million malaria treatments in Zambia
Part of Malaria No More’s Power of One campaign
12:16 AM | ROCK names new managing director
Terence Bradley is founding director of Pollen Health
12:15 AM | Zealand adds two observers to board of directors
Martin Nicklasson and Catherine Moukheibir join the firm
12:15 AM | Novo taps behavioural change for diabetes programme’s re-launches
Adds health coach function to Cornerstones4Care

November 11, 2014

10:23 PM | Worldwide vaccine uptake-2014
I make it a point to update this blog with the most current CDC analysis of vaccine uptake in the USA for kindergarten children (usually around 5 years old). Generally, the numbers have stayed stable, at around 95% vaccinated, although there is high variance from state to state, and locality to locality. The weakness in […]Continue reading «Worldwide vaccine uptake-2014»
5:25 PM | European Commission forms €2.5bn big data partnership
Says mastering data will lead to better health outcomes
2:49 PM | The Coming Crisis in Antibiotics
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12:10 PM | SMC fails to recommend Roche’s Perjeta
Says drug is not a cost-effective option in breast cancer
10:45 AM | Dendreon files for bankruptcy protection
Follows poor sales of cancer vaccine Provenge
10:27 AM | FDA to review Amgen’s cholesterol drug
US regulator accepts first in new class of PCSK9 inhibitors
10:24 AM | Lilly launches GLP-1 agonist Trulicity in US
Once-weekly treatment will challenge GSK's Tanzeum, AZ's Bydureon and Novo's Victoza in diabetes
9:00 AM | 365 Days a Year – A Science Blogging Project Part II
In this post, I interview Sarah Keenihan, a freelance science writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. I interview Sarah as a follow-up to my interview with Signe Cane, another blogger who recently started ‘A Common Year – a Daily blog of 365 science stories’ after being inspired by Sarah's blog 'Science For Life. 365.' Since I’ve been interested, through my Ph.D. research, in understanding how and why science bloggers do what they do, I […]
3:35 AM | Biotech Reading List
What Happens After Your First Drug Approval?Derek Lowe (In the Pipeline)Change Is Unsettling … But Our Message Remains the SameAlliance for a Stronger FDAWhat You Need To Know About IMPROVE-ITLarry Husten (CarbioBrief / Forbes)Beg, Borrow, or Steal: Accessing Unaffordable Science JournalsStewart Lyman (Xconomy)Prostate Cancer Advertising: Lies and the Damn Lies (Part 1)Benjamin Davies (Forbes)Defining ‘Natural’ Is a Waste of F.D.A. ResourcesRichard Williams (New York Times) […]
12:16 AM | Zealand Pharma appoints new CEO
Britt Meelby Jensen joins from cancer diagnostics firm Dako
12:15 AM | Eisai opens first office in Australia
New Melbourne base to support marketing of Halaven and Fycompa
12:15 AM | Integrating digital: developing a social conference
Boehringer Ingelheim’s director of oncology Albert van Eijk on the digital elements of its multichannel efforts

November 10, 2014

9:19 PM | Why we immunize against the flu–save healthy children’s lives
If you break your arm, go to an emergency department, you see that medicine has an effect. Your fracture is set (very painful), and then you have a cast (very itchy). You can observe, without much bias, that a physician and his medical knowledge has fixed you. And you can show everyone else your cast, get it […]Continue reading «Why we immunize against the flu–save healthy children's lives»
9:12 PM | HiSeq X Ten: when might they be available one at a time?
In the Summer I posted a Christmas letter to Santa. He's already delivered number 2 (cheaper RNA-seq) and 3 (longer RNA-seq reads via PE250), and number 4 might be coming soon (exomes at PE125). I'd also asked that he not deliver HiSeq X Ten as an individual instrument just yet, but as there are just 44 days left till Christmas I thought I'd look head and see what might be the reasons for, or not for gift wrapping a single X Ten this Christmas.The HiSeq X Ten is an awesome system capable of […]
7:28 PM | 365 Days a Year – A Science Blogging Project
 In this post, I interview Signe Cane, a Sydney-based freelance science writer and journalist who recently started ‘A Common Year – a Daily blog of 365 science stories’. Since I’ve been interested, through my Ph.D. research, in understanding how and why science bloggers do what they do, I decided to ask Signe about her blogging project and her motivations to do it. Me: You've taken on a project that involves blogging about science every day for a year. Can you... […]
7:11 PM | Bio-Rad’s Newest NGC™ Chromatography Systems Automate Workflow
Bio-Rad Laboratories announced the launch of two new NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems, the NGC Discover™ and NGC™ Discover Pro Systems. The automation capabilities of both systems make them ideal for advanced purification applications such as method optimization and multi-step and tandem protein purification. Bio-Rad optimized the Discover and Discover Pro Systems for pharmaceutical environments. These […]
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