September 18, 2014

11:10 PM | Merck KGaA shakes up pharma leadership
Stefan Oschmann becomes deputy CEO as Belén Garijo assumes more responsibility
10:38 PM | No more “debates” about GMO safety–thanks to trillions of data points
As I’ve written a few hundred times before, there’s really no such thing as a “debate” in science, at least in the sense that two sides argue in front of the public, and then there is vote on who is “right” or “wrong.” All that matters in science is the quantity and quality of evidence, that’s […]Continue reading «No more "debates" about GMO safety–thanks to trillions of data points»
6:56 PM | What the Heck is Circular RNA?
Our genetic information is stored in DNA, tiny strands of nucleic acid that contain instructions for the functioning of our bodies. To express this genetic data, our DNA is copied into RNA molecules, which then translate the instructions into proteins that perform tasks in our cells. Several years ago, scientists discovered a new type of […]
2:52 PM | Genetic Testing For All: Is It Eugenics?
In recent weeks, there’s been talk of three types of genetic testing transitioning from targeted populations to the general public: carrier screens for recessive diseases, tests for BRCA mutations, and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to spot extra chromosomes in fetuses from DNA in the maternal bloodstream.… Read the restThe post Genetic Testing For All: Is It Eugenics? appeared first on DNA Science Blog.
2:43 PM | Update from the Clinic: August
. Welcome to your Update from the Clinic for the month of August. Asterias Biotherapeutics breathes new life into a cell therapy shelved two years ago and initiates a Phase I/II study in patients with spinal cord injury. Northwest Biotherapeutics provides an update on the use of its dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in patients with brain...Read more
1:16 PM | What’s the Answer? (zero- or one-based coordinate systems)
Biostars is a site for asking, answering and discussing bioinformatics questions and issues. We are members of the community and find it very useful. Often questions and answers arise at Biostars that are germane to our readers (end users of genomics resources). Every Thursday we will be highlighting one of those items or discussions here […]
12:18 PM | BiotechDueDiligence Journal Watch
An overview of FDA-approved new molecular entities: 1827–2013Kinch et al. Drug Discovery Today. A Good Death — Ebola and SacrificeMugele and Priest. NEJM.Open Access to Clinical Trials DataKrumholz and Peterson. Journal of the American Medical Association.Analysis of “Real World” Sovaldi® (sofosbuvir) Use and Discontinuation RatesBrennan et al. Published by CVS Health $CVSAngiotensin–Neprilysin Inhibition versus Enalapril in Heart FailureMcMurray […]
11:37 AM | Biotech Reading List
Billionaire inventor Alfred Mann is on a missionStuart Pfeifer (Los Angeles Times)A somewhat glowing profile of the $MNKD on the occasion of thhe FDA approval of his AFREZZA inhaled insulin.Medicine's Manhattan Project: Can The World's Richest Doctor Fix Health Care?Matthew Herper (Forbes)Perhaps the most detailed profile so far of Patrick Soon-Shiong's NantHealth ventures.The "Purple Book" Makes its DebutKurt Karst (FDA Law Blog)John Maraganore: From “Prototypical Geek” To Canny […]
11:12 AM | Sanofi licenses cardiomyopathy programme in $200m deal
Has rights to three of MyoKardia’s programmes
11:06 AM | Pfizer acquires option to license potential Parkinson’s treatment
Medgenesis cuts exclusive deal for its GDNF treatment
10:49 AM | FDA approves AZ's opioid-induced constipation drug Movantik
Trials showed positive reactions to the treatment
10:12 AM | Eric Hansen takes the helm at PAN
He replaces Jon Linscott as MD at the UK creative agency
9:55 AM | Vifor Pharma appoints Dario Eklund
He takes on the role of head of international business operations
9:46 AM | Gilead's simtuzumab fails pancreatic cancer trial
Showed little difference in progression-free survival compared to placebo results
7:38 AM | The anti-ageing secret of Korean mistletoe
Korean mistletoe may be an anti-ageing powerhouse. Mistletoe has many active compounds and has been used for centuries to treat myriad ailments including high blood pressure, epilepsy, exhaustion, degenerative joint disease and cancer. While there is still not enough evidence yet for the FDA to approve mistletoe as an anti-cancer treatment, a 2010 trial showed […]
4:59 AM | Let’s make Music for Cooking with Frank N. Foode™!
As many of you may have heard, following the unboxing of our Frank N. Foode™ and Papaya plushies, we have placed the order for these plushies and the factory is beginning production. Not only that, but we managed to increase our order from the original 500 Franks and 250 Papayas to 750 Franks and 500 papayas! The tremendous amount of support and enthusiasm that we saw in our Kickstarter campaign and while we perfected the new designs has been phenomenal, and I personally […]
3:20 AM | In Response to the Top 50 Science List
This post is in response to the 'top 50 science stars of Twitter' list published on Science Magazine's website today. Regardless of the methods used to put together that list, and whether or not the methods were fair and not inherently biased against women in science (my impression is that they are extremely biased), I've complied my own list of some of the top science stars of Twitter - this time focusing on women. From the Science Mag top 50 science stars... Read more

September 17, 2014

11:15 PM | Where is the future for pharma marketing?
Publicis’ Sam Welch on global shifts in the industry
7:57 PM | Accurate and Reproducible RT-qPCR Gene Expression Analysis on Cell Culture Lysates
Analysis of gene expression in cell cultures is frequently limited by the number of samples that can be processed using traditional real-time PCR workflows. Here we evaluate Bio-Rad’s SingleShot™ SYBR® Green Kit, which eliminates the time-consuming cell harvesting and RNA isolation steps and permits use of crude cell lysates as input samples for cDNA synthesis. […]
5:47 PM | Ecodom, In Occasione Di “Puliamo Il Mondo 2014”, Ricorda Le 5 Regole D’oro Per Disfarsi Di Un Elettrodomestico
Anche quest’anno, Ecodom -  il Consorzio Italiano per il Recupero e Riciclaggio degli Elettrodomestici -  rinnova il proprio sostegno all’iniziativa promossa da Legambiente “Puliamo il Mondo”,  la cui XXII edizione si svolgerà dal 26 al 28 settembre 2014. Con un…Read more →
5:44 PM | App4Mi vince il “Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione”
  Milano, 17 settembre 2014 - App4Mi, il progetto in ambito smart city del Comune di Milano e RCS MediaGroup, con il supporto dell’incubatore Digital Magics, ha ricevuto oggi il “Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione” istituito dalla Fondazione per l’Innovazione Tecnologica Cotec, nella categoria Grandi Gruppi.   Conferito dal Presidente della Repubblica italiana…Read more →
5:42 PM | Notte Europea dei ricercatori 2014 – L’ENEA apre i Centri Ricerche di Casaccia e di Frascati
La manifestazione Notte Europea dei Ricercatori 2014,  promossa dalla Commissione Europea con l’obiettivo di avvicinare i cittadini e soprattutto i giovani al mondo della ricerca, avrà luogo venerdì 26 settembre, e quest’anno avrà come tema la sostenibilità. L’ENEA, che opera…Read more →
4:00 PM | The Role of Epigenetics in Cognitive Ageing
Dr. Karen Mather, Genetics & Genomics Group Leader at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA), UNSW Australia As we age, there is a decline in cognitive performance but there is great variability in the rate and degree of cognitive ageing observed across older adults.  The domains of information processing ... The post The Role of Epigenetics in Cognitive Ageing appeared first on EpiBeat.
1:46 PM | Video Tip of the Week: GOLD, Genomes OnLine Database
Yes, I know some people suffer from YAGS-malaise (Yet Another Genome Syndrome), but I don’t. I continue to be psyched for every genome I hear about. I even liked the salmon lice one. And Yaks. The crowd-funded Puerto Rican parrot project was so very neat. These genomes may not matter much for your everyday life, […]

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10:54 AM | Endo's $2.2bn bid for Auxilium Pharma could thwart QLT deal
Auxilium in the $345m process of acquiring Canadian biotech company
10:25 AM | AZ and Lilly set up BACE camp for Alzheimer's
Lilly will pay AZ up to $500m in development and regulatory costs
9:27 AM | Beard growing challenge to raise money for prostate cancer
OctoBeardFest follows huge success of Movember

September 16, 2014

11:16 PM | Rosetta appoints creative director in healthcare
Scott Reese was most recently CEO of Wool Labs
11:15 PM | Pharma is turning its attention to consumer healthcare
Pharma is no stranger to over-the-counter remedies but, as a number of recent deals show, consumer healthcare’s star is rising
9:35 PM | Improved high dose flu vaccine for seniors
It’s that time of year again, early autumn, when flu experts recommend getting the seasonal flu vaccine, especially for children and individuals over 65. Of course, if you don’t think you should get the vaccine, there’s a description for a person like you. One of the issues that has been observed in the past is that the […]Continue reading «Improved high dose flu vaccine for seniors»
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