April 23, 2014

12:00 PM | Chili Peppers Run Hot And Cold
Biology concepts – obesity, brown adipose tissue, agonist/antagonist, protective hypothermia, hyperthermia, reactive oxygen species, ischemia, hypoxiaWhen The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939, it just barely turned a profit. The '39 version was the third attempt at filming the children’s classic, and the first two efforts had not fared much better. I don’t see how people didn’t take to the Wizard of Oz right away. It had new technology for the movies, a good villain, […]

Yoneshiro T, Aita S, Matsushita M, Kayahara T, Kameya T, Kawai Y, Iwanaga T & Saito M (2013). Recruited brown adipose tissue as an antiobesity agent in humans., The Journal of clinical investigation, 123 (8) 3404-8. PMID:

Feng Z, Hai-Ning Y, Xiao-Man C, Zun-Chen W, Sheng-Rong S & Das UN (2014). Effect of yellow capsicum extract on proliferation and differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes., Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.), 30 (3) 319-25. PMID:

Yoneshiro T & Saito M (2013). Transient receptor potential activated brown fat thermogenesis as a target of food ingredients for obesity management., Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care, 16 (6) 625-31. PMID:

Muzzi M, Felici R, Cavone L, Gerace E, Minassi A, Appendino G, Moroni F & Chiarugi A (2012). Ischemic neuroprotection by TRPV1 receptor-induced hypothermia., Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism : official journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 32 (6) 978-82. PMID:

Cao Z, Balasubramanian A & Marrelli SP (2014). Pharmacologically induced hypothermia via TRPV1 channel agonism provides neuroprotection following ischemic stroke when initiated 90 min after reperfusion., American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology, 306 (2) 56. PMID:

11:00 AM | Used Tips – ‘don’t be thinking’
11:00 AM | Just for fun: Herding reindeer
When does herding reindeer become an art project? When you can film it from your hexacopter camera drone. Jan Helmer Olsen with his camera equipmentBelow, Sami people in Northern Norway manage their herds.
10:13 AM | Science Learning+: New Funding Scheme to Focus on Informal Learning
The Wellcome Trust has launched Science Learning+ to support collaborations between researchers and practitioners of informal learning. This new scheme will provide £9 million of funding to help us better understand the value and impact of science learning outside the classroom. Holly Story from the Wellcome Trust Education and Learning Team gives an insight into […]
9:27 AM | What is the Medical Research Foundation?
Did you know that the MRC has an independent charity? While we are funded by taxpayers via Government, the Medical Research Foundation (MRF) is funded directly by charitable giving. Here […]
9:01 AM | De genealogie van de flamenco
Jaren geleden kreeg ik eens een sinterklaassurprise die een proefschrift moest voorstellen over de wiskunde van de flamenco. Ik studeerde wiskunde en was pas begonnen met een cursus flamencodans. Onlangs, naar aanleiding van het overlijden van flamencolegende Paco de Lucía, kwam ik een wetenschappelijk artikel tegen over flamenco, van de hand van twee wiskundigen, twee informatici en een... Lees meer op www.sciencepalooza.nl
9:00 AM | Genomics in microbiomic clothing: The next 'hula hoop'?
So we've just been through 20 years of genomics, GWAS based on genetic markers tested in samples such as ever-growing huge numbers of cases compared to hordes of controls.  We know that mapping even in simple organisms including flies, yeast, and bacteria, show genomic causal complexity.  We know that whole population genome sequencing is the next way the marketeers will promise immortality.  We know this teaches us lessons for biology that we don't want to listen to.We know that […]
8:36 AM | Update: Plant Health News (23 Apr 14)
Here’s a taste of some of the latest stories about plant health, including the postharvest pathology of beans, a reduction in the proportion of shade grown coffee and the filamentous fungus that may be effective at controlling sugarcane nematodes. Click on the link to read more of the latest plant health news! Rwanda in Tea […]
8:18 AM | Tracce di vita nel vetro creato dagli asteroidi
E’ vero, gli impatti di asteroidi e comete possono causare il caos sul nostro pianeta e avere disastrose conseguenze per gli ecosistemi, uccidendo piante e animali su scala regionale o anche globale. Ma un nuovo studio, condotto dai ricercatori della Brown University e pubblicato su Geology Magazine, mostra come queste collisioni, e i siti in cui avvengono, possano avere utili risvolti nella ricerca della vita nel Sistema solare: essi, infatti, conservano al loro interno delle tracce che […]
8:09 AM | A sweet surprise: Revealing new roles for sugars in plants
The fifth post of our Celebrating Basic Plant Science series comes from Mike Haydon, a lecturer at the University of York. He and his research group work on understanding signalling in plants. Here he explains some of his work on integrating sugar metabolism with light signals. You can see more about Mike and his group[...]
7:16 AM | Review of Buddhist Biology: Ancient Eastern Wisdom meets Modern Science by David Barash
David Barash examines Buddhism and Biology for compatibility; the answer might surprise you.
7:00 AM | Ernest Hemingway Was A Totally Inept KGB Spy
Ernest Hemingway was a man of many talents. When he wasn't writing classic novels, the world-renowned author spent his time boxing, hunting and . . . spying for the Soviet government? According to recent revelations, Papa Hemingway actually spent a few years working for the KGB, although he wasn't very good at it. The post Ernest Hemingway Was A Totally Inept KGB Spy appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
6:52 AM | Dov'è nato il peperoncino?
Come i fagioli e il mais anche il peperoncino arriva dal Messico. Precisamente dalle regioni centro-orientali, quelle comprese tra Puebla, Oaxaca e Veracruz. A rintracciare le origini della domesticazione della più popolare delle spezie (Capsicum annuum) è uno studio della University of California di Davis pubblicato oggi su Pnas. "Identificare l'origine del peperoncino non è solo un esercizio accademico", ha commentato Paul Gepts, autore senior dello studio: […]
6:00 AM | PHOTO DU BoB-090
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12:00 AM | The Historic Vision and Legacy of Arturo Schomburg Join the...
The Historic Vision and Legacy of Arturo Schomburg Join the Smithsonian Latino Center and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture for a public program honoring the legacy of the Puerto Rican-born, New York-based bibliophile and intellectual Arturo Schomburg (1874-1938). This program will feature presentations by Fredericka Liggins (Hunter College), Adalaine Holton (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey), and Frances Negrón-Muntaner (Columbia University), followed by an […]

April 22, 2014

11:26 PM | Fishing for sharks – the story of salt
Every year, there are around 75 shark attacks reported worldwide. In the same amount of time, nearly 100 million sharks are killed by humans – often for their fins. Despite these staggering statistics, our society still views sharks as mindless killers, as the barbarous intruders into our highly-populated coastal waters. While it is easy to […]
11:05 PM | Secret to Surviving Extinction? Don't Be a Picky Eater
If you hope to avoid extinction, it pays not to be a finicky eater. Continue reading →
11:00 PM | Virtual Skeptics №84 - April 16 This week on the Virtual...
Virtual Skeptics №84 - April 16 This week on the Virtual Skeptics Bob is nothing if not persistent; Eve used up all her Mrs. Jesus jokes on Twitter; and Tim is poking around in the Wikipedia logs again. Duration: 1:15:51 via Brian Gregory.
11:00 PM | Sailfish Use Inescapable Face- Swords to Wound, Then Kill
Meet the sailfish—a predator that combines teamwork, ninja-like stealth, record-breaking speed, chameleonic colour changes, and a weapon that …
10:50 PM | Learning about Luidia! 5 Things about The OTHER Sand Star!
Luidia clathrata from the Wikipedia page! thank you!Probably one of the most frequently encountered but unappreciated of starfish is Luidia, a genus of seastar that occurs in tropics all throughout the world. Often times, in shallow-water and seen by MANY but known by few.Some species, such as this Luidia alternata from the Southeast United States were recently mistaken for brittle stars by some, no-doubt, well intentioned but misinformed journalists! (here) Just to clarify: these are NOT […]
10:31 PM | Exposición ‘Generación del 14. Ciencia y modernidad’ (Madrid)
La Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE) y Acción Cultural Española organizan la exposición Generación del 14. Ciencia y modernidad, que está dedicada al grupo generacional que, liderado por Ortega y Gasset, introdujo a España en la Modernidad. En la Sala de Exposiciones de la BNE se mostrarán cerca de trescientas obras entre libros, manuscritos, fotografías, carteles, maquetas y documentos muchos de ellos inéditos […]
10:30 PM | Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers - Part 6 -...
Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers - Part 6 - HIV James from the History of Infection talks about HIV replication and the evidence we have for its existence. JimtheEvohttps://www.youtube.com/user/JimtheEvo via Myles Power. Website: http://www.mylespower.co.uk Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/powerm1985 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powerm1985
10:30 PM | II Torneo Interescolar de Debate en Ciencia y Tecnología (Región Metropolitana, Chile)
Organizado por el Proyecto EXPLORA CONICYT RM Sur Oriente, el II Torneo Interescolar de Debate en Ciencia y Tecnología tiene como meta generar debates estudiantiles en torno a la innovación, la contribución de la ciencia al desarrollo y las temáticas sociales contingentes de Chile. Está dirigido a estudiantes de 1° a 4° medio de los establecimientos educacionales de las comunas La Cisterna, La Florida, La Granja, La Pintana, Macul, Pedro Aguirre […]
10:15 PM | The Wisdom of (Little) Crowds
In 1785, a French mathematician named Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat (known as Marquis de Condorcet) used …
10:00 PM | Faking Orgasm… In this week’s episode of Sex+, Laci...
Faking Orgasm… In this week’s episode of Sex+, Laci Green casually discusses fake orgasms. She begins with a story of her own experience, why she faked orgasm so often, and how it turned into a destructive sexual habit. In the second half of this video, she discusses her observations of this widespread phenomenon and offers a word of advice to those who may be faking orgasm or those who have partners that they suspect are faking it. via lacigreen: new video babes!  i went to […]
9:30 PM | A Week in Science- Chocolate Coated Science Could chocolate be...
A Week in Science- Chocolate Coated Science Could chocolate be good for your health? We look at why our favourite sweet treat may be good for us, in moderation of course! You can follow A Week in Science throughout the week on Twitter, and join the discussion, by following @RiAus For more information visit http://riaus.org.au/podcast/a-week-in-science-18-april-2014/ via RiAus.
9:04 PM | Small monkeys taking over the Amazon, when larger ones are hunted
The barbecued leg of a spider monkey might not be your idea of a sumptuous dinner, but to the Matsés or one of the fifteen tribes in voluntary isolation in Peru, it is the result of a successful hunt and a proud moment for the hunter’s family. However, a spider monkey tends to have only […]
9:00 PM | Eyes on the Sky: April 21 thru April 27 See the galaxies Messier...
Eyes on the Sky: April 21 thru April 27 See the galaxies Messier 65 and Messier 66 in Leo the Lion. Dave takes the observer step by step through how to locate these galaxies in most any telescope (darker skies will help though!). Also, the mythology of Leo is humorously shared through the occasional “Astronomy Theater” feature. See what’s up in the night sky every week with “Eyes on the Sky” videos, astronomy made easy. via Eyes on the […]
8:58 PM | Stand-Off: 100 Hippos vs. 100 Crocs
8:35 PM | How To Be Irresistible Online
                                                                                  The Secret […]
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