October 04, 2014

12:44 AM | Teeth evolved: a short misrepresentation
Teeth: a Very Short Introduction Description: Presents the story of teeth – from the earliest tooth-bearing fishes hundreds of millions of years ago through amphibians, reptiles and, ultimately, mammals Teeth are amazing – the product of half a billion years...Read more

October 03, 2014

3:17 PM | Color vision refutes the evolutionary dogma of gene duplication
The Rainbow Connection Color vision as we know it resulted from one fortuitous genetic event after another. By Kerry Grens | October 1, 2014 Excerpt 1: “The fact that we have the same few amino-acid substitutions as New World monkeys...Read more
8:57 AM | « L’altruisme pur », un espoir pour le monde ?
En ces temps où chacun semble poursuivre son intérêt personnel, ou l'appât du gain menace l'équilibre de la planète et où les communautarismes divisent le monde, un espoir pourrait venir de cette découverte étonnante réalisée par des scientifiques américains. Certaines personnes sont des altruistes purs, parfaits, privilégiant le bien d'autrui au-delà de leur propre intégrité […]

October 02, 2014

6:00 PM | Unassailable evidence vs assumptions
Putting the theory before the data: Is “massive modularity” a necessary foundation of evolutionary psychology? Excerpt 1) “Anyone who attends HBES, EHBEA, ISHE or any of the other conferences dedicated to the approach will discover that new fields of study...Read more
1:11 AM | Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Sometimes It’s Okay to Be Blurry
Ever have this happen: you take a photo of something that’s moving quickly in low-ish light and it’s super blurry, but you kinda like it anyway?  That’s what happened with this millipede: No idea what kind of millipede this is, but it was pretty and I wanted a photo.  This is not a clear photo by any […]

October 01, 2014

8:26 PM | Sea Lions’ Whiskers are Sensitive, Dynamic
You know the classic circus trick of a sea lion balancing a ball on its nose? It turns out whiskers are the key to making it work. Researchers filmed sea lions to investigate whether they use whisker control to coordinate ball balancing. See what they found in my latest Zoologic post: Sensitive Sea Lion Whiskers Get the Job Done .
8:08 PM | Forces of “Nature” limit dissemination of information
Force of nature gave life its asymmetry Excerpt: “In 2011, Meierhenrich and colleages showed4 that such light could transfer its handedness to amino acids. But even demonstrating how a common physical phenomenon would have favoured left-handed amino acids over right-handed...Read more
3:44 PM | The New Term
We’re halfway through Week Three of the new academic year. Students, I love you. I really adore  you guys. I love helping you, I love seeing you puzzle out new ideas, I love when you challenge my thinking, I love … Continue reading →
3:06 PM | Genomic surveillance ends our world of RNA-mediated ecological adaptations
Why is this woman smiling? 1) Identifying Recent Adaptations in Large-Scale Genomic Data Senior author: Sabeti with co-author Rinn Excerpt: “As natural selection can only act on mutations that drive phenotypic variation…”. 2) Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and...Read more
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