October 01, 2014

12:39 AM | Nutrient-dependent memory
Vitamin D prevents cognitive decline and enhances hippocampal synaptic function in aging rats Reported as: Vitamin D in diet might ease effects of age on memory, study suggests Excerpt: “In the current study, researchers placed rats on six-month diets with...Read more

September 30, 2014

11:59 PM | Systems biology and memory disorders
Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program Reported as: Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed: Small trial succeeds using systems approach to memory disorders News Article Excerpt: (1) eliminating all simple carbohydrates, leading to a weight loss of 20...Read more
5:08 PM | Stem cell memory is biophysically constrained (2)
If stem cell memory is biophysically constrained, by nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled amino acid substitutions, we can expect to find experimental evidence that conserved molecular mechanisms link the basic principles of nucleosome retention in plants to nucleosome retention in mouse and human...Read more
4:23 PM | What is so rare as a day in… September?
With apologies to James Russell Lowell, it is the fall months that make my heart sing the most, although I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I know what’s coming? I’m playing hookey today, soaking up knowledge from one of the UK’s top sheepdog trainer/handlers, Gordon Watt, who also judged the Nippersink Trial last Friday-Sunday. Thanks […]
2:07 PM | Ray and Terry’s vitamins: DHEA
Welcome to Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman’s Health Products Excerpt: “The most abundant steroid hormone in the human body-DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone-is primarily produced by the adrenal glands and eventually converted into male and female hormones (androgens and estrogens) by your...Read more
10:36 AM | Facing the facts: delighting in dragonflies
My ‘friend’ Adam Hayward is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh. His research involves the study of ageing, for which he typically uses detailed life history records from long-term studies of mammals (including sheep, elephants and humans). This means he does not have to perform experiments, instead waiting patiently until the data thwacks […]
3:26 AM | RNA-mediated cell type differentiation and behavior
Neuroscience Meeting Planner Now Available The Preliminary Program and Neuroscience Meeting Planner for Neuroscience 2014 are available. At the 2012 Meeting I learned that the microRNA/messenger RNA balance had emerged during the past decade to be the most likely regulator...Read more
12:13 AM | Different physical locations and different molecular mechanisms of health and disease
Reappraisal of known malaria resistance loci in a large multicenter study Abstract excerpt: “The finding that G6PD deficiency has opposing effects on different fatal complications of P. falciparum infection indicates that the evolutionary origins of this common human genetic disorder...Read more

September 29, 2014

6:27 PM | Metabolism, fixation, health or neurodegerative disorder
“Shown is the location of the conserved regions encoding for the N-terminal chromo domain and the C-terminal MYST functional domain. An arrow denotes the position site of amino acid substitution E431Q.” Microarray Analysis Uncovers a Role for Tip60 in Nervous...Read more
4:36 PM | Birdbooker Report 339-40
SUMMARY: Books, books, beautiful books! This is a list of biology, ecology, environment, natural history and animal books that are (or will soon be) available to occupy your bookshelves and your thoughts. “Words in leather and wood”. Bookshelves in the “Long Room” at the old Trinity College Library in Dublin. Image: Nic McPhee from Morris, MN, USA. 2007. (Creative Commons.) Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them!... Read […]
7:52 AM | Bamboozlement theory
September 26, 2014 Why Academics Stink at Writing Excerpt 1): “Why should a profession that trades in words and dedicates itself to the transmission of knowledge so often turn out prose that is turgid, soggy, wooden, bloated, clumsy, obscure, unpleasant...Read more
7:35 AM | Physics, Chemistry, and Molecular biology (PCMb)
Physics, Chemistry, and Molecular biology (PCMb) link ecological variation to ecological adaptations via a model of gene-cell-tissue-organ-organ system complexity that I first presented in 1992. After adding gene activation by pheromones, I co-authored a book that linked the pheromone-controlled physiology...Read more

September 28, 2014

5:25 PM | Physics denied; pseudoscientific nonsense accepted
  The events depicted are now portrayed in the context of Genome Dynamics Events, which are biophysically-constrained RNA-mediated events. RNA-mediated events lead to amino acid substitutions that differentiate the cell types of species. For example: “…the so-called alpha chains of...Read more
5:12 PM | Chronicles of Athena – Nine Weeks
For the forseeable future, instead of Fluffy Fridays, we’ll be getting updates on Athena instead. As I’m counting her age based on weeks at the moment, these will probably be at the weekend, and we’ll be talking about the development … Continue reading →

September 27, 2014

12:38 PM | Ecological variation and niche construction: 1, 2, 3
Part 1 From its most basic expression in grazing and predatory nematodes with differences in morphological and behavioral phenotypes, neurogenic niche construction is nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled. One of these two worms has teeth. It also recognizes self vs other differences...Read more
4:32 AM | Friday 5: All The Right Bugs in All the Right Places
I told you about my trip to Ireland a couple of days ago, and prepping for and going on that trip sucked up close to 4 weeks of blogging time.  Here’s what I’ve been up to since I got back from my trip!  There will be bugs, oh yes, there will be bugs. LOTS of Work […]
3:01 AM | Epigenetically-effected metabolic shifts and ecological adaptations
Epigenetics of Trained Innate Immunity: Documenting the epigenetic landscape of human innate immune cells reveals pathways essential for training macrophages. By Ruth Williams | September 25, 2014 [open access] Excerpt: “...they then analyzed genome-wide distributions of four epigenetic indicators of...Read more

September 26, 2014

9:30 AM | Cat and Dogs: seeking solutions with sniffing canines and science
Hi Mia and Julie,  First of all, I LOVE your blog! After meeting at SPARCS this past summer (summer for us in North America.. I take it summer is just beginning in Australia!), I’ve followed it closely.  You do amazing things for the promotion of  canine science. Serious love. A bit of background for the readers: I’m currently doing my PhD at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Simon […]

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9:28 AM | Etat Islamique : la passion de la terreur
"Aujourd'hui, la France va voir la Loi de Dieu appliquée sur Terre" C'est avec ces mots que le bourreau du mouvement de "l'Etat islamique" a mis à mort l'otage français Hervé Gourdel. Une vidéo très recherchée sur Internet dès le lendemain de l'exécution. La loi de Dieu sur Terre. De quelle loi parle-t-on? Nous sommes ici face à quelque chose de sérieux. Les fous de Dieu ne sont pas fous. Et c'est là ce qui est […]
1:40 AM | Evolving DNA before RNA
A Tiny Emissary From the Ancient Past SEPT. 25, 2014 by Carl Zimmer Excerpt 1) The evolutionary origins of viruses and viroids are totally different…” My comment: How could evolution origins be totally different for anything? Has neo-Darwinian theory changed...Read more

September 25, 2014

3:50 PM | Stop evolutionary theorists. Kill cancers
Bacterial ‘communication system’ could be used to stop, kill cancer cells, study finds Excerpt: “During an infection, bacteria release molecules which allow them to ‘talk’ to each other,” said the lead author of the study. “Depending on the type of...Read more
2:55 AM | Did our adapted mind evolve? (Revisited)
Did our adapted mind evolve? In my extended comments on this topic I concluded with “Experience-dependent changes in DNA methylation can exert profound effects on neuronal function and behaviour. A single learning event can induce a variety of DNA modifications...Read more

September 24, 2014

10:54 PM | Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Dragons and Damsels of Ireland
Long time no post, I know, but I’ve been wrapped up in a lot of different things recently and haven’t had time to even think, let alone post on my blog.  But I think things are calming down a bit and I’ll have more time to do the things I like. I’m eager to get […]
6:00 PM | Welcome Athena
I’ve noticed a weird thing. No matter how much you may earn your rent telling people what animal welfare is, being flown half way across the world to teach this to professionals, and being generally young and successful at this … Continue reading →

September 23, 2014

6:32 PM | Wolves from the past: living with sabertooths
Originally posted on chasing sabretooths:If I could travel back in time to the late Pleistocene of Rancho la Brea in California, I would sure try to set the controls of my time machine so as to coincide with one of the rare entrapment episodes, when the trashing of one large bison or horse trapped…
4:02 PM | Thanks for your support!!!
Our Equilibre – Ethology and Horsemanship Facebook page has just hit the +3000 mark. This page is an extension of our work and continuous search for further understanding in regards to horses and life itself. For those that didn’t know, we do have a modest website at, where you can find lots of articles […]
1:50 PM | New on Zoologic: Long-Lasting Effects for Chimps Raised by Humans
Chimpanzees raised by humans to be pets or performers suffer long-term social and behavioral deficiencies. Even when “rehabilitated” and living out their lives in zoos or sanctuaries, they seem to have difficulties relating to their own kind. Read the whole story in my latest Zoologic post: Chimpanzees Raised By Humans Have Social Difficulties With Other Chimps .
2:14 AM | De novo gene Creation sans evolution of genes via mutations
Where do genes come from? – Carl Zimmer The pseudoscientific nonsense touted in this video has been refuted by decades of experimental evidence. The experimental evidence links RNA-directed DNA methylation from nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions to the de novo Creation...Read more

September 22, 2014

7:44 PM | Click and… Always Treat? Or Not?
Let me start by asking: Which does your dog like better, the anticipation of something good, or the good thing itself? Counter-intuitively, the research of Jaak Panksepp suggests it’s the anticipation of a reinforcement that is most enjoyable, not the reinforcement itself. Panksepp calls the emotion of anticipation the “seeking or wanting system,” versus the […]
5:58 PM | Did our adapted mind evolve?
What is currently know about neuroendocrine regulation clearly links ecological variation to ecological adaptations manifested in morphological and behavioral phenotypes via RNA-mediated events without the pseudoscientific nonsense of evolutionary theory. Evidence that biological facts about cause and effect make no...Read more
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