August 19, 2014

9:09 AM | On Detecting Messaging Abuse in Short Text Messages using Linguistic and Behavioral patterns
The use of short text messages in social media and instant messaging has become a popular communication channel during the last years. This rising popularity has caused an increment in messaging threats such as spam, phishing or malware as well as other threats. The processing of these short text message threats could pose additional challenges such as the presence of lexical variants, SMS-like contractions or advanced obfuscations which can degrade the performance of traditional filtering […]

August 12, 2014

11:24 AM | cognitive scientists are in demand
unnamed former student (john mcdonnell) solves big problems using behavioral data and math.

August 08, 2014

3:43 PM | New Job! And Other Changes
Now that I have an official start date, I can announce it properly: starting next Monday, I'll be a Science Writer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory!(And yes, this does mean I moved across seven states--I'm still unpacking.)I'm so excited about this, everyone! I've done science professionally for a long time, and written about it on the side, but for a while I've been wanting to shift the proportions around a bit. Now I'll have a chance to do just that. This blog has been a big part […]

July 31, 2014

... was the working title of a press release I recently wrote for the University of Maryland. The work is also featured in other news media, including National Geographic, New Scientist, and LA Times. "Killer Sperm" are exactly as gruesome and gross, and therefore cool, as it sounds--so after you've read those links, go check out the original paper in PLOS Biology!
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