March 04, 2015

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3:30 PM | The Greatest Gallery On Earth Right Now is the SciArt Hashtag
Sure, we thought we’d get a few drops, maybe even some wind damage. But the SciArt Tweet Storm is turning out to be a Great Red Spot-sized hurricane. Longer analysis of stats and impact will... -- Read more on

March 02, 2015

7:54 PM |
I don’t know what this plant is. This was done on a rainy day hike. Can anyone tell me?

March 01, 2015

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The waiting room of urgent care. I smashed my hand…
3:00 PM | Help Us Start a SciArt Tweet Storm
In addition to being artists ourselves, the Symbiartic team hopes to help advance the presence of images in science communication and culture. To that end, we would like to invite people making... -- Read more on
12:59 AM |
This next series will be of ten minute sketches done while watching my toddler. Starting with the anemones (Ranunculaceae) and narcissus (Amaryllidoideae) on my dinner table.

February 28, 2015

8:20 PM | Quick Twitter Tip for Attributing Art
When I see some amazing art posted on Twitter without attribution to the creator, especially by someone in science communication, I kind of lose it. Using and Google Search by Image, I... -- Read more on
4:30 PM | What Can We Learn From Renaissance Vegetables?
Just throwing this out there. Has there been an attempt to track the meandering flow of selective breeding of fruits, vegetables and flowers by using still life paintings since the Renaissance? Are... -- Read more on
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