September 24, 2014

4:55 AM | #Brain article of interest: In a human brain, knowing a face and naming it are separate worries
From Scope BlogRead the full article here->

September 23, 2014

9:12 PM | Strangely Beautiful Sneeze Spray
With cold and flu season upon us and cooler weather increasingly pushing us indoors, it’s time to remind ourselves how to stay healthy. Namely, eat well, sleep well, exercise, and whatever you... -- Read more on

September 22, 2014

9:39 PM | From Angry God to Superhero
Scientifically informed comics are some of the best kind, and I’ve got a soft spot for unusual animals outside of the Farm and Zoo toyset species such as the amphibian axolotls. Since 2012,... -- Read more on

September 21, 2014

9:53 PM | Crab Moves in Under Chrysler Building; Refuses to Budge
Japanese artist Aki Inomata created a series of 3D-printed hermit crab homes after learning that the land under the French Embassy in Tokyo changed from being French to being Japanese in 2009 and... -- Read more on
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