September 26, 2014

4:54 PM | Week 23 Volunteering at the Royal College of London
Today I got to start on the new project at the college and pretty pleased I can do it! I think I’ve mentioned what this project invokes but I certainly don’t mind explaining it again! This project is similar to the last one as I am having to record and inventory another collection. However, the […]
12:20 PM | Fornvännen’s Winter Issue On-Line
Fornvännen 2013:4 is now on-line on Open Access. Ulf Ragnesten on an ornate late-1st millenium BC bronze chain belt from a cremation grave in a Gothenburg suburb. Lars Larsson and Bengt Söderberg on recent excavations at the huge 1st millennium AD royal manor complex of Uppåkra, with in situ arson victims found among the building…
2:11 AM | Bones Review - Season 10, Episode 1
Welcome to Season 10, Bones fans and haters. I’m back for another season of unabashed snark and secret fan-girl-ing. My own week was full of Bones-style adventures – mystery human remains and an FBI agent! So join me in knocking back a couple dirty martinis while we hatelove on a new year of Bones.The Conspiracy in the CorpseEpisode SummaryBooth has been in jail for an indeterminate amount of time (but my guess is about 3 months over the summer).  For the sake of narrative […]

September 24, 2014

8:00 PM | Greek Tomb's Female Forms Hint Olympias May Lie Within
The female statues guarding a tomb in Greece may suggest that Alexander the Great's mother lies there.
2:25 PM | More than 50 'Nazca Lines' Found in Kazakhstan
Geoglyphs with various shapes and sizes, including a massive swastika, have been discovered across the northern part of the country.
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