September 22, 2014

12:20 PM | Don’t Blame The Tea-Bagger 13% On Me
The Sweden Democrats (SD) is a racist populist party that got 13% of the vote in the recent Swedish parliamentary election. They got into Parliament four years ago at the expense of the Labour Party. This time around they more than doubled their support at the expense of the Conservative Party, who lost a precarious…
11:34 AM | What do dinosaurs and archaeology have in common?
What do dinosaurs and archaeology have in common? Nothing, surely! the archaeologist may say with a knowing smile. There is a bit of a running joke amongst archaeologists that one of the first questions people ask is do you dig up dinosaurs? And the response being well no, you're thinking of palaeontology. Both disciplines are associated with trowel usage, and summers of field work digging stuff up. There may even be some overlap in terms of questions asked - the nature of long term […]
10:00 AM | Greek Tomb's Female Sculptures Fully Revealed
The 7.45-foot-tall statues stand on a marble pedestal, wearing high-soled red-and-yellow shoes.
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