March 05, 2015

9:42 PM | Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXIX
February brought a ridiculously huge number of announcements about new bioarchaeological finds.  For all the stories, you should follow Powered by Osteons on Facebook.  Here I have collected last month's Roman and Roman-adjacent finds:Roman ProvincesThe "oldest brain's"original home (York Archaeo)21 January - Britain's oldest brain (York Archaeology). While not exactly Roman in date, this preserved brain goes back to the 6th century AD, which is all kinds of cool.  Can't wait to […]
8:30 PM | Excavating a Celtic Prince's Tomb: Photos
See photos of items recovered at the burial mound of a Celtic Prince.
8:28 PM | Impressive Tomb of Celtic Prince Found in France
An Iron Age Celtic prince was discovered buried with his chariot at the center of a huge mound in the Champagne region of France. Continue reading →
1:20 PM | How I Select The Sites I Dig
Having read yesterday’s entry about what I need to get hold of before I can dig a site, Apel Mjausson asked me on Facebook, “How do you decide where to dig? Sweden is lousy with unexplored sites. Are you following a specific story, looking at place names, take nominations…?” Disregarding sites I’ve been paid to…

March 04, 2015

8:12 PM | Huge Japanese WWII Battleship Found
The recovered wreck was one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced battleships deployed during its time. Continue reading →
2:11 PM | What I Need In Order To Dig My Sites
I’ve headed my own research excavations since 1996. Now I’m preparing for four weeks of fieldwork during the upcoming season. I operate as an independent scholar in this context, and none of my excavations have been prompted by land development. Here’s what I need to get hold of before I can break the turf or…

March 03, 2015

2:00 PM | Hundreds of Medieval Bodies Found Under Paris Supermarket
The bodies, which were lined up head to feet, were found at the site of an ancient cemetery attached to the Trinity Hospital, which was founded in the 13th century.

March 02, 2015

7:17 PM | 25 Tons of Pigeon Poo Found in Medieval Monument
A powerful, custom-built machine was used to suck up the massive, mushy mess that had accumulated to nearly three feet in depth. Continue reading →
12:01 AM | Mystery Coffin Revealed at Richard III Site: Photos
A mysterious coffin is opened near the grave of King Richard III.

March 01, 2015

11:55 PM | Coffin-Within-a-Coffin Opened at Richard III Grave
The contents of a coffin found near King Richard III's grave are revealed. Continue reading →
7:46 PM | Science, Art and the Construction of Reality in Archaeology
I found out this weekend that my application to take part in an exciting art/science collaborative project was successful! It was only by chance that I found out about the project, through some random browsing around Twitter. Joining Twitter was one of the best things I ever did, so many opportunities and connections to be made that I would never get the chance to see otherwise. The project I am joining is ASCUS/TNS Engage project. ASCUS is a non-profit organisation that supports collaboration […]
6:30 AM | Microfossil of the Month: Awn phytoliths
These micrographs show grass awn phytoliths, on the left the spiky hair part is still attached to the rest of the awn, the one on the right shows a hair that has become detached. Awns are hair or bristle type structure which are particularly common on grasses. In some species, such as emmer wheat, the awns contribute to seed dispersal, by hooking into the soil. Changes in humidity cause the awns to expand and contract, acting like a ratchet to propel the seed into the ground. Not to be […]
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