April 09, 2015

7:29 PM | Oedd defnyddiwyd Côr y Cewri i ragfynegi eclipsau? — Trennydd
Was Stonehenge used to predict eclipses? Oedd e’n bosibl? Oedd. Hefyd, mae e’n bosibl fod codwyd Côr y Cewri gan estroniaid allfydol. Posibl ond dydy e ddim yn debygol. Was it possible? Yes. Also it’s possible that it was built...

April 08, 2015

12:58 PM | New Morbid Terminology: Corpse Medicine
Earlier this week, researchers at Nottingham University were able to recreate a 9th c Anglo-Saxon medical remedy using garlic, onion and part of a cow’s stomach. When I first heard […]

Gordon-Grube, K. (1988). Anthropophagy in Post-Renaissance Europe: The Tradition of Medicinal Cannibalism, American Anthropologist, 90 (2) 405-409. DOI: 10.1525/aa.1988.90.2.02a00110

Karen Gordon-Grube (1993). Evidence of Medicinal Cannibalism in Puritan New England: "Mummy" and Related Remedies in Edward Taylor's "Dispensatory", Early American Literature, 28 (3) 185-221.


April 07, 2015

4:34 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 22)
As Roberto Cighetti helpfully pointed out to me on Twitter, Polish archaeologists working at the site of Kamien Pomorski need an osteologist:Inside my head: "Oh, alright, it's a so-called vampire burial.  Fine.  But it's weirdly on a platter because they... Waaaaaiiit... Are those humeri and radii all upside down...?"Out loud: "Oh, FFS.  The humeri are upside down, the right clavicle is wonky, the left scapula is rotated, and don't get me started on the ribs...  But hey, […]

April 06, 2015

12:20 PM | Google Play Books Ate My Apostrophes
I usually shop around for a good price when I buy e-books, and lately Google’s bookstore has received my custom. It’s not a very high-profile store – you see, this isn’t the well-known Google Books, where they offer scanned paper books in your browser. This is something called, clunkily, Google Play Books or Books On Google Play, where…

April 05, 2015

2:45 AM | Bones - Season 10, Episode 12 (Review)
The Teacher in the BooksEpisode SummaryTwo guys looking for scrap metal in an abandoned bookstore come across a dead body. The FBI is called for some reason, and the Jeffersonian team heads out to examine the body as well. Based on the oval shape of the pelvic inlet, the open cranial sutures, and the projecting nasal bones, Brennan thinks the deceased was a white female in her early 20s. Saroyan notices ripped fingernails to indicate a struggle, and Hodgins puts time-of-death around a week ago […]

April 04, 2015

12:20 PM | London Vacation
Got back last night from a six-day stay in London with wife & daughter. YuSie had rented a flat in Southwark for us via Air BnB, so we had a good base of operations. I fell ill with a bad cold halfway through our stay, which explains the complete lack of museum visits and rock…

April 03, 2015

7:03 PM | Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXX
Last month brought a bunch of news related to Roman bioarchaeology, which is linked to below, as well as the annual American Association of Physical Anthropologists conference in St. Louis, MO.  I live-tweeted a bunch of bioarchaeology papers, including some classical ones, and you can find them by clicking through to my twitter feed (and looking for #AAPA2015; I unfortunately can't figure out how to filter out just my posts with that hashtag).  Without further ado, last month's news […]
12:20 PM | “Matilda”: Class Perspective
In Roald Dahl’s last book, Matilda (1988), we are invited to laugh at the main character’s parents. They hate books, love TV, dress tastelessly and subsist on microwave TV dinners. Yet only when I saw the musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London this past Tuesday, where the mother additionally practices competition ballroom dancing and both…

April 01, 2015

5:15 PM | Scholars' Remains Found Under Cambridge University
The names of the dead remain a mystery, but the excavation suggests they were poor. Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Skeletons of Scholars Found in Cambridge: Photos
People were laid to rest without coffins, and even without shrouds, confirming the cemetery was mainly for the poor.
2:28 PM | Things I Wish Were April Fool’s Day Jokes
There are a lot of times when I’m reading an article from a popular news source and just hoping that it is a joke, or that I accidentally read The […]
12:23 PM | From the Archives: Approaching Ethnicity in Archaeology
Today in my ANP 203: Introduction to Archaeology class, we are talking about ethnicity vs ancestry, so I thought it would be a good time to repost this article on […]
12:20 PM | March Pieces Of My Mind #2
I broke the rice cooker’s handle. Then I fixed it. Jrette smiled and called this macho display. I replied that I wasn’t actually using my willie for the work and that breasts wouldn’t get in the way. Me: Can I put the manual for your thermos flask in the recycling? Wife: No, I want to…
7:13 AM | Prehistoric rock crystal extraction in the Alps
I have written about the most famous rock crystal find from the Swiss Alps, the Planggenstock Treasure and the use of rock crystal through the millennia before. We know where the Planggenstock Treasure and other recent finds were originally found. … Continue reading →
6:00 AM | Microfossil of the Month: Jigsaw phytoliths
This month's microfossil is a 'jigsaw' phytolith, or rather phytoliths, as it is actually a tissue fragment consisting of multiple conjoined silicified cells. These jigsaw types are associated with the epidermis of woody dicotyledonous plants, though they are also found in herbaceous plants. The two images show the same phytolith in two different focal planes. The uppermost image being the upper epidermis, and the lowermost image showing the underlying layer of 'regular' shaped cells, or the […]

March 31, 2015

2:32 AM | Bones - Season 10, Episode 11 (Review)
Welcome back, everyone, to the second half of this season's Bones.  The premiere happened while I was hanging out with real biological anthropologists at this year's American Association of Physical Anthropologists conference, so I didn't have time for my favorite fake anthropologist last Thursday.  I hope to get to the rest of the season's episodes in a timely manner, but I also have a real job so things might slide a little bit.  Without further ado, let's see if I remember how […]
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