December 01, 2014

7:50 PM | Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXVI
Not too much Roman stuff this month, so I've thrown in some ancient Greek news as well...Roman StuffRoman-era finger bonesvia Archaeology.org3 November - Remains may have been rural Roman farmers (Archaeology). Two Roman-period skeletons were found in Worcestershire, England.  Possibly farmhands, both bodies seem to have evidence of hard work.  This pic of interphalangeal joint facets looks particularly rough. More on the find, with pictures of the hobnails from the female's shoes, at […]
6:01 PM | The landscape of Stonehenge?
Stonehenge c. 1885. Wikipedia.10th battalion CEF marching past Stonehenge1914–15 WikipediaIt was announced earlier today that the A303 road which currently runs past Stonehenge will be re-routed through a tunnel, to remove it from view of the monument. This follows the closing of the A344 earlier last year. Although this is being done for the benefit of visitors who apparently complain about the road, I myself have mixed feelings about it. Which is odd, as I am the sort of person who […]
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