September 10, 2014

1:00 PM | I’m more excited by Formula E than Formula 1 at the moment
The first Formula E race is due at the weekend. On paper the FIA’s electric series isn’t a match for Formula 1, and the F1 racing has been good at the front. However when Virgin announced their driver line-up for Formula E, it underlined F1’s big problem. The one on the left is Jaime Alguersuari.…

September 09, 2014

6:07 PM | Cemeteries: Peaceful Resting Places or Competitive Interactive Arenas?
When I think about modern cemeteries, I usually perceive them as quiet resting places for the deceased. As I drive by them they are usually well kept, maintained green spaces […]

Koji Mizoguchi (2014). The centre of their life-world: the archaeology of experience at the Middle cemetery of Tateiwa-Hotta, JapanYayoi, Antiquity, 836-850. Other:

11:57 AM | Y ‘Tour of Britain’ sy’n dod i Dref-y-clawdd / The Tour of Britain visits the Big K
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11:30 AM | 3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Hides Grisly Tale
The bowl was uncovered just beyond the fingertips of a dead soldier and two of his comrades, who were crushed under bricks and burned building material.

September 08, 2014

7:00 PM | Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival XLIV
I'm rather tardy in posting the August RBC, but classes started up again and I'm behind in pretty much everything at the moment.  Not sure if I just didn't keep on top of the news last month or if there really were only two stories about classical bioarchaeology.19 August - Roman gold coin discovered in Sweden (Archaeology Magazine). Archaeo magazine goes the opposite headline route, downplaying the Roman-era (400-550 AD) gold coin found in a house where several people had been killed. […]
12:20 PM | Rocky Horror References John Carter
“He was a splendid specimen of manhood, standing a good two inches over six feet, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, with the carriage of the trained fighting man. His features were regular and clear cut, his hair black and closely cropped, while his eyes were of a steel gray, reflecting a strong and…

September 07, 2014

5:39 PM | Female Sculptures Guard Mysterious Tomb in Greece
Two female sculptures are uncovered in a Greek tomb that dates to the time of Alexander the Great. Continue reading →
5:30 PM | Female Sculptures Revealed in Greek Tomb: Photos
See finely carved female figures found in a mysterious tomb in Macedonia.

September 05, 2014

11:00 PM | Ancient Roman Jewelry Found Under Shop
The bracelets and necklaces, representing one of the finest collection of Roman jewelry, were buried in Colcester, U.K., by a terrified Roman woman. Continue reading →
7:50 PM | Mosaics Revealed at Alexander the Great-Era Tomb
No graves (including Alexander’s) have been discovered yet at the Kasta Hill site at Amphipolis in Macedonia, but new finds are increasing interest around the excavation. Continue reading →
6:02 PM | "Can I just drop my death trophies off at your office, Dr. Killgrove?"
I popped into lab late yesterday afternoon, since my new TA Andrea was helping some students study for their first quiz in Human Osteology. Noticed an odd box on one of the lab tables--clearly handmade, not very well, of lightweight, stained wood with five holes poked in the top. I asked Andrea if it was hers, but it wasn't. It wasn't there Wednesday when we had class, and Andrea knew the TA for the Thursday afternoon intro to biological anthropology lab hadn't brought it in either.We opened […]
2:53 PM | The Wit and Wisdom of Discowrld: Interesting Times
I’ve been pretty poor at doing these over the last few weeks but I’m back! And this week I have selected a book at random from Terry Pratchett’s The Wit and Wisdom of Discowrld, complied by Stephen Briggs. I have not personally read this book yet but it sounds like a good one! This book […]
12:20 PM | Arrival Songs
The English language has a rich tradition of songs celebrating the joys of orgasm. Here are just a few examples. Sumer Is Icumen In (anon., 13th century) Come Again (John Dowland, 1597) Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (Charles Wesley, 1745) Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing (Robert Robinson, 1757) Come, Ye Disconsolate (Thomas Moore, 1816) Oh…

September 04, 2014

5:00 PM | Performing Funerals in Mycenaean Greece (1600-1100 BCE)
I’ve been spending the last few days learning about grave goods found with the dead during the Early Anglo-Saxon period. Grave goods are an interesting artifact- as it isn’t something […]

Boyd, Michael (2014). The materiality of performance in Mycenaean funerary practices, World Archaeology,


September 03, 2014

12:20 PM | LARPing Enters the Archaeological Record
Here’s a neat case of self-perpetuating archaeology. Medieval history spawned sword & sorcery literature. This literature spawned tabletop fantasy role-playing games and Medieval re-enactment groups. These games and groups spawned live action role playing. And now the larpers have created a market for faux-Medieval coinage, which they are buying at game stores, using at larps…

September 02, 2014

9:00 PM | Psychedelic Culture Tripped Circa 500 A.D.
Mind-altering substances were all the rage 1,500 years ago, at least among certain elite members of a South American society.
1:50 PM | An Osteological Case of Ancient Down Syndrome.
Scrolling through the International Journal of Paleopathology I came across an article entitled ‘Ancient Down syndrome: An osteological case from Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, northeastern France, from the 5–6th century AD’ by Rivollat et al (2014). During my studies I only came across Down Syndrome in genetics it is caused by a partially or complete third copy of chromosome 21, which is […]
12:20 PM | Shades of Dr. Jones
I’ve read Marilyn Johnson’s forthcoming book Lives in Ruins. Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble. It’s a collection of lively and enthusiastic portraits of contemporary archaeologists in their professional environment. Some may find the tone a bit too enthusiastic, pantingly so in parts, but that’s a matter of taste. Archaeologists should arguably be…

September 01, 2014

12:20 PM | August Pieces Of My Mind #2
14 August marked 200 years of unbroken peace for Sweden. Eight generations. Most of us don’t even remember the name of the latest ancestor of ours who survived a war. Other people get moments of déjà vu. I get moments of dissociation, when Martin Rundkvist seems not to be me. Neat serendipitous combination of podcasts.…

August 31, 2014

7:30 PM | The Marathon Conspiracy by Gary Corby
Digital Review: 1. The Marathon Conspiracy is the fourth outing for ancient Greek proto-sleuth Nicolaos, and the first since his debut to spend much time in Athens. I was interested to see how this went as the first time I thought Gary Corby’s Athens wasn’t quite as grim as I’d imagined it. Either I’ve lightened…

August 30, 2014

3:39 PM | Saturday Morning Mushrooms
Mushroom picking again this morning, this time in the area between Lakelets Skinnmossen and Knipträsket. Found more velvet and birch boletes than we cared to pick. King bolete, Stensopp/Karl Johan, Boletus edulis Bay bolete, Brunsopp, Boletus badius Orange birch bolete, Tegelsopp, Leccinum versepelle Velvet bolete, Sandsopp, Suillus variegatus Chanterelle, Kantarell, Cantharellus cibarius Gypsy mushroom, Rynkad…
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