September 01, 2014

12:20 PM | August Pieces Of My Mind #2
14 August marked 200 years of unbroken peace for Sweden. Eight generations. Most of us don’t even remember the name of the latest ancestor of ours who survived a war. Other people get moments of déjà vu. I get moments of dissociation, when Martin Rundkvist seems not to be me. Neat serendipitous combination of podcasts.…

August 31, 2014

7:30 PM | The Marathon Conspiracy by Gary Corby
Digital Review: 1. The Marathon Conspiracy is the fourth outing for ancient Greek proto-sleuth Nicolaos, and the first since his debut to spend much time in Athens. I was interested to see how this went as the first time I thought Gary Corby’s Athens wasn’t quite as grim as I’d imagined it. Either I’ve lightened…

August 30, 2014

3:39 PM | Saturday Morning Mushrooms
Mushroom picking again this morning, this time in the area between Lakelets Skinnmossen and Knipträsket. Found more velvet and birch boletes than we cared to pick. King bolete, Stensopp/Karl Johan, Boletus edulis Bay bolete, Brunsopp, Boletus badius Orange birch bolete, Tegelsopp, Leccinum versepelle Velvet bolete, Sandsopp, Suillus variegatus Chanterelle, Kantarell, Cantharellus cibarius Gypsy mushroom, Rynkad…

August 28, 2014

6:05 PM | Week 20 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
This week was totally focused on the bones in the lower half of the body, minus the patelllas. This included a few articulated pelvic girdles, all the lower leg bones and some articulated feet. All of these bones were very easy to record as they were in good condition. There weren’t even that any pathologies […]
4:56 PM | Unique 2000-Year-Old Wooden Toilet Seat Found
The artifact had been well used by Roman soldiers and looks as though it was quite comfortable. Continue reading →
1:49 PM | Stockholm Archaeology Library Opens Up Further
The library of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters is (one of?) Scandinavia’s biggest research library (ies) for archaeology, the history of art and allied disciplines. Since it’s co-located with the archives of the National Heritage Board in the East Stable next to the Swedish History Museum, it’s an amazing place to do research. And…

August 27, 2014

7:00 PM | World's Oldest Wine Cellar Fueled Palatial Parties
Forty wine jars were found within the remains of a mud-brick-walled room in Israel.
5:19 PM | 2,700-Year-Old Phoenician Shipwreck Discovered
A Phoenician trading ship dating to 700 B.C. is discovered off the island of Malta. The wreck is one of the oldest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading →

August 26, 2014

8:02 PM | Tomb Raiders Likely Plundered Ancient Greek Site
A suspicious door leads archaeologists to believe Greece's mystery tomb was robbed. Continue reading →
8:00 PM | Greek Tomb Shows Signs of Looting: Photos
Greek archaeologists excavate the massive burial mound in Amphipolis and find evidence that tomb raiders plundered the site.

August 25, 2014

6:55 PM | Was There An Alien Thigh Bone Found on Mars?
No. Definitely no. It’s just a combination of sand and wind that has caused a rock to have a similarity to a femur. But its not a femur. Its a […]
1:00 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 16)
It's the first day of classes here at UWF, which means a fresh crop of undergraduates in my Human Osteology class.  And with perfect timing, here's the case of the 38-year-old ectopic pregnancy that has been making the rounds on the various social media I frequent.  It's a pretty interesting case, and the MRI seems to show a fetal skeleton (inasmuch as I have no professional training in reading an MRI).  The Daily Mail carried a photo, though, of the doctors' attempt at […]

August 24, 2014

6:44 PM | Day Trip to the City of Bath
Today I went on a day trip to the city of Bath with my Mum and sister. I’ve been to Bath quite a few times as I am lucky enough to live not too far away. The first thing that we did was to visit the Roman Baths. It is a well preserved site of […]
2:49 AM | Fall Courses - Bioarchaeology and Osteology
Starting Monday, I get to teach my dream-lineup of semester courses: Human Osteology (with lab) and Bioarchaeology.  In the spring, I went through the process of getting Bioarch on the books as a new course, and this will be the first time I've taught it since 2006.  And, believe me, the practice of bioarchaeology has changed a lot since then.Since starting at UWF, when I noticed a program on my university-issued computer I'd never used before (Microsoft Publisher), I've been spiffing […]

August 23, 2014

10:02 AM | Crayfish Gastroliths
It’s the time of the year when it used to become legal to catch and sell Swedish crayfish, and so the grocery stores sell Turkish and Chinese crayfish for a few weeks. The traditional way to eat them is to boil them with dill, salt and a little sugar, and serve them with toast, strong…

August 22, 2014

5:02 PM | Friday Mushrooms
Has it really been almost four years since I blogged about mushrooms? This afternoon me and my wife repeated our September 8, 2010 expedition to the hills between Lakes Lundsjön and Trehörningen and picked almost a kilo of mushrooms in a bit more than an hour. We got: King bolete, Stensopp/Karl Johan, Boletus edulis Bay…
4:34 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 15)
The Huffington Post recently posted this picture and asked, "Is that a thigh bone on Mars?"Answer: No.  Just... what?  No.  Which part of that looks like a femur?Previous installments of Who needs an osteologist?Abbot House Museum needs an osteologist.The Zanjan Museum needs an osteologist.National Geographic Channel's "Nazi War Diggers" needs an osteologist.BBC/NOVA needs an osteologist.The Penn Museum needs an osteologist.National Geographic needs an osteologist.Acura needs an […]
4:10 PM | Oldest Metal Object in Middle East Discovered in Grave
A copper awl is the oldest metal object unearthed to date in the Middle East.

August 21, 2014

6:03 PM | Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb
The seated, wingless sphinxes were likely placed there to guard the large burial site. Continue reading →
5:37 PM | Week 19 Volunteering at The Royal College of Surgeons
So after two weeks away I’m back volunteering. I’ve been looking forward to today as I’ve really missed working with the bones. It took me a few minutes to settle back into the swing of things but once I had become reacquainted with the process I was on a roll! This week I had patelllas, […]
1:15 PM | 2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb
Several pottery vessels found beside the sarcophagus and 13 more inside a niche in the tomb.

August 20, 2014

5:22 PM | Agriculture, Inequality and Cremation in Iron Age Spain
One of the major debates in archaeology is when do we begin to see inequality among human groups, and what caused this this to happen. Social inequality has been defined […]


2:09 PM | Shattered Lives and Broken Childhoods: A Case Study of Child Abuse in the Archaeological Record.
Recently I have wanted to focus more on human pathologies in archaeology when I came across this article ‘Shattered lives and broken childhoods: Evidence of physical child abuse in ancient Egypt.’ I have never come across an example of this before and therefore gave it a read. Child abuse is clinically classified as the maltreatment of a […]

August 18, 2014

4:12 PM | King Richard III Feasted on Wine and Swans
Analysis of the chemistry in the bones of the late king reveal his elitist diet. Continue reading →

August 15, 2014

4:01 PM | Ancient Maya Cities Found in Jungle
No other site has so far been located in this area, which extends over some 1800 square miles in the Mexican jungle.
3:30 PM | Ancient Cities Found in Mexican Jungle: Photos
One of the cities featured an extraordinary facade with an entrance representing the open jaws of an earth monster.
12:20 PM | August Pieces Of My Mind #1
Another good Swedish word: försoffad, literally “becouched”, of people who have grown lazy and passive. Do the Syndics of Cambridge syn with their dics? I’ve started writing an essay collection based on the routines I’ve developed for party conversations about archaeology with laypeople. It sometimes makes me nervous to see all the things we design…

August 13, 2014

3:00 PM | Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans
A 22,000-year-old mastodon skull and tool dredged from the seafloor in the Chesapeake Bay hints of early settlers in North America.

August 12, 2014

12:59 PM | Why are the elderly invisible in archaeological contexts?
For the past two months, I have been busy preparing my dissertation data for analysis. This means that I am taking the paper versions of my data from books, monographs, […]

August 11, 2014

7:20 PM | Chianti Wine's Origins Found Down a Well: Photos
The ancestor of Chianti wine may have been found in this ancient 105-foot-deep well in the Chiantishire region of Tuscany.
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