December 16, 2014

4:51 PM | DNews: New Picture Emerging of Young Brains on Sugar
Scientists are discovering that neurological changes that create addictive brains can begin at a very young age, while the brain is still developing. What does that mean for children and sweets? Could some of them be addicted to sugar?
4:18 PM | “Een eiland in een zee van ongeloof”: het activistische verzet van moslims in Nederland, België en Duitsland
In het rapport Eilanden in een zee van ongeloof – Het verzet van de activistische daʿwa in België, Nederland en Duitsland, laten de onderzoekers zien hoe netwerken zich verzetten tegen wat zij zien als de onderdrukking, onderwerping en vernedering door de ongelovigen.
10:00 AM | Are we still doing 'beanbag' eu(genetics)? Part II. History's unlearned lessons?
Yesterday we discussed some of the ways in which particularized views of genomic control and evolution were controversial and that, despite much more knowledge now than when the issues first surfaced nearly a century ago, they are still with us in largely unchanged form--even if with massive amounts of data and lots of chest-thumping about how modern our current view is.One consequence of a genomic causation as highly deterministic and specific is that one comes to believe that once a person is […]
9:00 AM | DNews: Beyond Looks and Personality: How We Pick Our Mates
It turns out that there's more to attraction and partner-choosing than just sticking with the one-two punch of looks and personality. You might be employing the "framing effect" in your mate search, without even realizing it.
8:00 AM | How A Moldy Burrito Saved A Man From A Wrongful Conviction
On a September night in 1988, there was a gun battle in a central Los Angeles alley. When it was over, one man was dead, another wounded. Despite his claims that he was just a bystander, the wounded man was arrested for murder. For two years, the defendant asserted his innocence. Few believed him, especially after he signed a confession to the murder. And, during the trial, the jurors found it hard to swallow his story. But at the last minute, even as the jurors were about to decide his […]

December 15, 2014

5:01 PM | DNews: Could Laughing Gas Be a Way to Treat Depression?
Depression is serious business, but could a gas that makes us giggle be an effective treatment for the clinically depressed? Crystal Dilworth reports on a study that put nitrous oxide to the test.
4:15 PM | Sydney Siege Over as Armed Police Storm Cafe
Armed police stormed a cafe in central Sydney, ending a siege where a gunman had been holding hostages since Monday morning.
10:00 AM | Are we still doing 'beanbag' eu(genetics)? Part I. Some history
Way back in 1964, a famous paper was published in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine (vol 7: 343-359, and reprinted in the International Journal of Epidemiology in 2008; 'A defense of beanbag genetics').  The author was one John Burdon Sanderson Haldane, better known as JBS Haldane.  Along with RA Fisher and Sewall Wright (and, later Motoo Kimura, James Crow and an expanding array of others) Haldane helped found and then develop the field of population genetics.JBS Haldane […]
8:00 AM | The Scientific Reason Everyone Smells Things Differently
How many times have you had an argument over whether or not a scent is divine or disgusting? There's a scientific reason for it, and it all has to do with your DNA. Every person's olfactory system is coded with a specific set of genes, and everyone's includes different amino acids. These each react to different smells in different ways, meaning that we all are actually smelling the same scents in different ways. The post The Scientific Reason Everyone Smells Things Differently appeared first […]

December 14, 2014

4:43 PM | The Top Secret Spoilers On National Reconnaissance Office Patches
For decades, the members of missions at the National Reconnaissance Office have been creating mission patches for each launch, much like NASA mission crews design their patches. While some are epic in their geekiness, others have created quite a bit of controversy by seeming to give away exactly what the mission is, how many satellites it's carrying, and exactly where it's going. Other patches have been accused of flaunting a level of privacy invasion that's exactly what people are campaigning […]
7:59 AM | Gardening offers 14/12
Wintry ivy Whether you’ve got some Christmas shopping to do, or are getting ahead on stocking next year’s garden, there are some good bargains around at the moment. You can get free P&P on everything at Thompson & Morgan (including their range of Christmas gifts) if you order before midnight tonight, using the discount code TWBP36YZ. Place an order worth £25 or more with Harrod Horticultural, and you can add a free watering can to your order by entering the code […]

December 13, 2014

2:26 PM | Jamila Lyiscott: What Does It Mean To Be ‘Articulate’?
Jamila Lyiscott unpacks what it means to be articulate in relation to her friends, family, and colleagues.
11:04 AM | DNews Exclusive: The People Behind 'Gold Rush '
The producer of "Gold Rush" talks through the different personalities involved.
9:00 AM | ¿Qué es la fiebre mediterránea familiar?
sta anotación es una ampliación de otra que publiqué hace unos meses con ocasión del día mundial de las enfermedades raras (titulada Yo también soy raro) con la finalidad de explicar qué es la fiebre mediterránea familiar (apoyándome en mi experiencia personal) así como … Sigue leyendo →
8:00 AM | The South African Detective Who Fought Satan
If there’s a demon in your neighborhood, who ya’ gonna’ call? Kobus Jonker! Between 1991 and 2001, this South African detective led a special police unit dedicated to fighting the forces of evil. As you might expect, things sometimes got a little weird . . . according to Jonker anyway. The post The South African Detective Who Fought Satan appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
3:35 AM | Bones - Season 10, Episode 10 (Review)
The 200th in the 10th So this isn't a typical episode of Bones, of course.  It's some weird fake-40s movie-within-a-movie-within-a-TV-show, starring every single semi-regular character.  Brennan is trying to be a detective and trying to impress her father, the chief of LAPD.  Booth is a jewel thief whom she tracks to Eva Braga's house.  He breaks into Braga's safe but finds only her smoking, dead body.  Brennan doesn't think Booth did it; she partners with him to […]

December 12, 2014

2:20 PM | Can Cops Predict Crime?
Law enforcement officials are taking advantage of new tools of computer science, machine learning and big data to figure out where criminals may strike next.
8:21 AM | DNews Exclusive: Street Outlaws' Big Chief
Get to know the big kahuna and learn how he sees the world, and his business.
8:00 AM | The General Who Lost The Same Leg In Two Different Wars
General Antonio López de Santa Anna played a pivotal role in Mexico’s early years. But his role was to lose more than he gained for his country. He lost half of Mexico’s territory during two of his 11 short presidencies. Extolled for winning an important battle early in his career, he lost nearly every battle afterward. Worse, his right leg became one of the few casualties in a ridiculous conflict known as the Pastry War. And when he got a prosthetic replacement, he lost […]

December 11, 2014

11:30 PM | Men Take Idiotic Risks, Study Confirms
The theory that men are more likely to take stupid risks is supported by the first systematic analysis of sex differences in risk-taking behavior.
7:32 PM | The Headless Romans: Headhunting, Defeated Gladiators or Natural River Movement?
In the Walbrook Valley near the city of London, large numbers of human remains, dating to the Roman occupation of England, have been recovered over the past 175 years- and […]

Redfern, R. & Bonney, H. (2014). Headhunting and amphitheatre combat in Roman London, England: new evidence from the Walbrook Valley, Journal of Archaeological Science, 43 214-226. DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2013.12.013

5:56 PM | Week 33 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
Today was a shorter day at the College today as I was asked to come in a little later because there would be some items in the room I work. This meant I came in an hour later and to be honest it was nice having the extra time in bed! I know I don’t […]
4:55 PM | DNews: With Gift Giving, the Thought Doesn't Always Count
Are you happy with the relationship you're in? Or are you trying to enhance a new one with the perfect gift? Think hard, people! There's evidence to suggest if you choose wrong, you might just cost yourself much more than what you spent on the item.
3:42 PM | Alzheimer's Breakthrough Could Hold Key to Cure
Zeroing in on a tiny molecule in the brain could be the key to finding a way to reverse the disease.
12:18 PM | Presentatie onderzoeksrapport over militant islamitisch activisme in België, Nederland en Duitsland
Onderzoekers van de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en de Universiteit van Amsterdam hebben in 2012 en 2013 onderzoek gedaan naar de aard van het islamitische activisme in België, Nederland en Duitsland. Dit wordt gepresenteerd op dinsdag 16 december aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.
10:00 AM | Phenogenetic drift
Many people think that biological traits are due to specific genes and that variation in a trait is due to variation in that gene.  So it would follow that if a gene variant becomes more frequent, the trait variant it codes for becomes more frequent.  We get this idea from Mendel, but it explains only a small fraction of traits; most traits are due to many genes, and this fundamentally changes the specificity of the genotype phenotype connection.  To complicate this further, a […]
8:00 AM | The Factual Basis For The Story Of The Amazons
The Amazon women of Greek mythology were long thought to be just that---mythology. Now, though, archaeologists have uncovered the graves of female warriors whose bodies show the ravages of combat and a lifetime in the saddle. Buried alongside their weapons, these nomadic women rode alongside their husbands between the sixth and fourth centuries B.C., giving life to the myth of the Amazon warriors, and a likely real-life source for the stories. The post The Factual Basis For The Story Of The […]

December 10, 2014

8:00 PM | Why We torture When We Know It Doesn't Work
Authorities torture because of incompetence, revenge and a desire for control.
5:18 PM | The Botanist's Pocket
A strange thing happens to you when you become a keen gardener or a botanist – you start to wander round stuffing bits of plants into your pocket. It might be a cutting you’re hoping will take root in your own garden, or some seeds that just happen to be ripe when you’re walking past, and so prove to be irresistible. I’m sure there are some people who are organized enough to have suitable receptacles handy, but all of the ones I’ve spoken to who own up to this […]
10:18 AM | Micrograph of the Month: Krotovinas at Çatalhöyük
Did you know that there is a word for an animal burrow that becomes backfilled with soil/sediment? That word is krotovina! At Catalhoyuk, burrowing by small mammals is probably one of the most destructive forms of bioturbation on site. Ground squirrels, or suslik as they are known in Turkey, have a great time digging their way through the nice soft archaeological sediments, mixing up the deposits as they go. When marking out locations for micromorphology sampling we try and avoid these burrows, […]
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