February 18, 2015

5:10 PM | Simple Test May Predict If a Coma Patient Will Wake
There's currently no way to tell which patients will awake from a coma -- or when. A new marker could offer guidance for treating patients.
8:00 AM | The Reporter Who Invented The Worst Part Of Every City
Carl Magee was quite an interesting character. He exposed some of America’s most corrupt politicians, shot a man to death, and created one of the most irritating inventions of all time. Every time you have to pay for parking, you can thank this guy. The post The Reporter Who Invented The Worst Part Of Every City appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

February 17, 2015

11:01 PM | War Plan Red: United States v. Britain
Despite fighting on the same side as Britain at the end of World War I, in the 1920s and '30s the US drew up several plans for wars against other countries---even the British Empire. The plan included an invasion of Canada, use of chemical weapons, and a naval blockade of Britain herself. The scenario that would have led to war was predicted to come about due to a trade disagreement. If the plan had gone ahead, US troops would have occupied any colonies captured in the event of a peace […]
5:00 PM | DNews: Why Do We Get Nosebleeds without Even Getting Punched?
Why on Earth does the body sometimes decide to start gushing blood out of its nose -- when no one has even punched it? It's a problem for more people than you might imagine, and Julia explains what things can bring on a dreaded nosebleed.
4:27 PM | Pot Smokers 5 Times More Likely To Develop Psychosis
Regular pot smokers are at five times more risk for developing severe mental health issues, says a new study. Continue reading →
4:04 PM | DNews: Are We Any Closer to Being Able to Live Forever?
When will aging itself be considered old and busted? What's the latest thinking on longevity? Is diet the answer? Julia looks into it for us.
2:03 PM | Bones Abroad: Chichén Itzá in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
Over the last couple weeks, I had the privilege to travel to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The Yucatan is primarily known for its white beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, and Cancun, […]

February 16, 2015

2:43 PM | Sowing cool chillies
My early sowings of pansies and cardamom (old seeds) have come to nothing, so today I turfed the plugs out into the garlic tub and sowed some chillies instead. Although the trend in recent years has been to go as hot as possible, I’ve gone the other way – I’d like the flavour without the heat. And so I’ve chosen two fire-free chillies from Victoriana Nursery Gardens – Jalapeño Fooled You and Cayenne Sweet Chilli. I’ve also sown some Padron […]
1:39 PM | Lezing sv Al-Furqan: De erfenis van de eerste generatie
Nadat ik al eerder te gast was bij moskee Essalam in Rotterdam en Imam Malik Centrum in Leiden was ik afgelopen vrijdag 13 februari, samen met voorman Okay Pala van Hizb ut-Tahrir, bij islamitische...
10:00 AM | Occasionality (vs Probability)?
In genetics and epidemiology, we want to explain the causes of diseases, and we want to be able to predict who will get them. We generally do this statistically, by working out the probability that we are right in our guesses about alleles or environmental causal factors.  But this is problematic for a number of reasons. The concept of probability and the term itself have always been elusive or variable in meaning.  But they refer to collections of objects and the relative proportions […]
9:21 AM | Faecal lipids and fungal spores as proxies for ancient pastoralism
I was recently alerted to this interesting new paper (open access!) through Google Scholar citation alerts, which is a very useful service for finding out when your papers are cited by other authors (in this case my 2011 paper on faecal lipid residues at Catalhoyuk). The authors studied a sequence of lake sediments from Lake Igaliku in SW Greenland, looking at changes in the quantity of DOC and fungal spores. DOC is a bile acid (deoxycholic acid), and is found in both human and ruminant faeces, […]
8:00 AM | You Can Be Shocked Into Having A Sinister Shadow
When electrically stimulating the left hemisphere of an epileptic's brain, doctors discovered that they could create a sinister shadow person for the patient much like the type of illusion a schizophrenic may experience. It's that creepy feeling you get when you think someone is watching you or has abducted you. Neurologists believe they can build on this knowledge to reveal how the brains of schizophrenics and paranoiacs conjure up these sensations. The post You Can Be Shocked Into Having A […]

February 15, 2015

5:30 PM | Copenhagen Police Kill Suspect in Fatal Attacks
Copenhagen police said a man shot dead by officers was responsible for two fatal attacks that shocked the normally peaceful Danish capital.
3:00 PM | Toronto Star Backs Off Anti-Vaccination Story
One of Canada's most prestigious newspapers published a story warning of the dangers of HPV vaccines, and doctors weren't happy. Continue reading →
8:00 AM | The Mummified Monk Who’s Been ‘Meditating’ For 200 Years
Buddhist academics claim that the recent discovery in Mongolia of an approximately 200-year-old mummified monk, frozen in the lotus or vajra position, isn't dead. Instead, they believe the monk is in a deep meditative trance called "tukdam," one step away from becoming a Buddha. The monk's body was recovered after it was stolen by a man who had hoped to sell it on the black market. The post The Mummified Monk Who’s Been ‘Meditating’ For 200 Years appeared first on […]

February 14, 2015

5:53 PM | Lezing: Over de grens – Politiek, islam en activisme in Nederland
Naar aanleiding van het rapport Eilanden in een zee van ongeloof – Het verzet van de activistische daʿwa in België, Nederland en Duitsland  spraken onderzoekers, activisten, en vertegenwoordigers van reguliere moslimorganisaties over de consequenties...
2:38 PM | The 18th-Century Teen Who Wrote Shakespeare And Fooled London
William Henry Ireland was 19 when he decided to impress his distant father with a “recently discovered” document written in Shakespeare's own hand. It went over so well that he just kept writing, eventually forging letters to Anne Hathaway and Queen Elizabeth, marginalia and notes in the books of “Shakespeare's library," the original manuscript of King Lear and part of Hamlet, and, finally, an entirely new play. The play was staged in a theater on Drury Lane, and even though […]
8:29 AM | Aphrodisiacs and botanical livelihoods in Morocco
As it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share this TEDx Marrakesh video, in which ethnobotanist Gary Martin discusses some of the plants harvested in Morocco that are used in herbal aphrodisiacs. Martin raises the theory that the main aim of the British Empire, and of plants hunters in the 19th and early 20th centuries, was to find new ingredients that could be used in love potions! He includes mandrake, pellitory (the infamous ‘vegetable Viagra’) and giant fennel. […]

February 13, 2015

6:28 PM | Quotable Science: Ray Bradbury
Author and poet Ray Bradbury was best known for his novel, 'Fahrenheit 451.'
4:38 PM | Los pilares de la ciencia
Ficha Técnica   Título: Los pilares de la ciencia  Autores: Miguel Artola y José Manuel Sánchez Ron Edita: Espasa, Madrid, 2012  Colección: Espasa Forum Encuadernación: Tapa blanda con solapas  Número de páginas: 808  ISBN: 978-8467035636  Precio: 33 €         … Sigue leyendo →
3:26 PM | The Alchemists Were Right (Sort Of)
Alchemy was, at its heart, the science of trying to find a way to turn lead or other common metals into gold. While they never quite got there, today, we have. With the help of a particle accelerator, it's completely possible to turn lead into gold---a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of gold, but it's gold nonetheless. While that's not very practical, scientists are now going in another direction. By changing the properties of ordinary metals into the properties of rarer, more expensive catalysts, they […]
2:48 PM | DNews: What Science Says About E-Cigs So Far
E-cigarettes are everywhere, it seems. But how bad -- or good -- are they for you? There are precious few studies on them, but that paucity hasn't stopped them from taking hold in the market.
12:10 PM | El podcast de Tertulias Literarias de Ciencia
i es usted un lector habitual de este blog sabrá que participo en una magnífica iniciativa llamada tertulias literarias de ciencia. Como ya informé hace poco, hemos comenzado la tercera temporada leyendo y comentando el libro de Ben Goldacre Mala … Sigue leyendo →
12:07 PM | Week 38 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
Today I went through the remaining documents for the collection I have been working on at the College. This meant recording the content of photographs and paper documents and then matching any relevant information relating to any specimens. As with last week most of the photographs were of skulls with pathologies. However there are a […]
9:40 AM | DNews: The Skinny on the Sweet Science Behind Chocolate
If you want to learn more about chocolate's health benefits before you dive into your Valentine's Day treats, check out Julia Wilde's visit with a chocolate factory pro.

February 12, 2015

11:30 PM | Online Dating Science: (Hint: Screen Names Are Key)
A person's chosen online profile name chosen is particularly important, researchers found.
6:46 PM | What's a 'healthy diet' anyway?
A nutrition advisory panel is convened by the US Department of Agriculture every five years to review recent research in the field, make sense of it, and offer recommendations about what Americans should be eating for optimal health.  Those food pyramids, MyPlate, decades of advice to limit our cholesterol, saturated fat and salt intake?  All the work of these panels of experts who scoured the data and told us what it meant.  And as a result, from the 1960's onward, good, […]
1:55 PM | Baby Born Pregnant with Her Own Siblings
A child born in Hong Kong was pregnant with her own twins at the time of her birth, according to a new report of the infant's case.
11:34 AM | Mohammed Saleh Tauiman (2001 – 2015): “We dream about drones”
Mohammed Tuaiman becomes the third member of his family to be killed by what he called ‘death machines’ in the sky months after Guardian interview.
9:35 AM | DNews: Rumors of 'Measles Parties' Greatly Exaggerated
You might have read reports about so called "measles parties," in which parents purposely send healthy children off to parties with measles-infected kids. It turns out the parties aren't a thing, according to health officials.
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