August 27, 2014

7:00 PM | Does Junk Food Make You Crave Junk Food?
Rats who eat junk food not only get fat, but also lose their appetite for novel foods, new research shows. Continue reading →
5:05 PM | DNews: Are Real Autopsies Like the Ones on TV?
With multiple autopsies ordered in the Michael Brown case, the examination has been in the news of late. Tara takes a look at what really goes on during an autopsy.
12:55 PM | Short Men Divorce Less
New research shows that while tall men get married younger, short men stay married longer. Continue reading →
7:00 AM | The Bizarre Case Of The Texas Cheerleader Murder Mom
Everybody has heard the saying, "Don't mess with Texas." But you shouldn't mess with Texas moms either, especially if they're crazy. Take Wanda Holloway, for example. When her daughter didn't make the local cheer squad, she devised a murderous plot to make sure her kid would become a star. The post The Bizarre Case Of The Texas Cheerleader Murder Mom appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
12:38 AM | El mapa de Vinlandia (I)
Creo que todos conocemos la historia que voy a resumir: dos horas después de la medianoche del 12 de octubre de 1492, Rodrigo de Triana gritó desde La Pinta «¡Tierra a la vista!», poniendo fin de esta manera a una larga travesía … Continue reading →

August 26, 2014

8:50 PM | Hangovers Are About Half Genetic
Some people get hangovers after a night of drinking, while others don't, and the reason may be in their genes, a new study of twins suggests.
1:30 PM | Sleep Disorder Makes People Appear 'Totally Drunk'
Sleep drunkenness, more properly called confusional arousal, involves confusion or inappropriate behavior during or after waking from sleep, often with no memory of the experience.
9:10 AM | DNews: UV Bombardment: The Sun Is Slowly Killing Us
You can run, but you can't hide: We're all getting hit with ultraviolet rays each time we go outdoors -- whether in clouds or sunshine. Trace explains what these killer rays do to our skin.
7:28 AM | How Agriculture Nearly Destroyed Human Civilization
It's long been thought that when mankind switched from a nomadic lifestyle to the stability of agriculture, we also experienced something of a blossoming society. Contrary to that belief, though, researchers have found that after an initial upswing in population numbers and community size, the farming lifestyle then brought with it a massive death toll, similar to the numbers of dead seen in some of Europe's great plagues. Now, it's thought that man's inability to farm sustainably originally […]

August 25, 2014

6:55 PM | Was There An Alien Thigh Bone Found on Mars?
No. Definitely no. It’s just a combination of sand and wind that has caused a rock to have a similarity to a femur. But its not a femur. Its a […]
5:45 PM | DNews: How to Survive a Day Without Sleep
We've all been there: No sleep and still a full work day to survive, hopefully with some sense you're functioning above zombie level. Sourcefed's Reina Scully drops by with some tips for the sleepless.
4:31 PM | How You Play With Dolls Predicts Your Parenting
Researchers analyzed couples in the third trimester of pregnancy while they played with dolls and found links with real-life parenting. Continue reading →
3:30 PM | Decades-Old Fetus Caused Woman's Side Pain
Doctors have removed the skeletal remains of an unborn child from its mother 36 years after the baby's conception.
1:00 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 16)
It's the first day of classes here at UWF, which means a fresh crop of undergraduates in my Human Osteology class.  And with perfect timing, here's the case of the 38-year-old ectopic pregnancy that has been making the rounds on the various social media I frequent.  It's a pretty interesting case, and the MRI seems to show a fetal skeleton (inasmuch as I have no professional training in reading an MRI).  The Daily Mail carried a photo, though, of the doctors' attempt at […]
11:22 AM | Symposium: Antropoloog zoekt maatschappelijke partner
Closer Blog: Symposium antropoloog zoekt partner 3 september 2014 in het Amsterdam Museum. Read more: Symposium: Antropoloog zoekt maatschappelijke partner
9:21 AM | DNews: How Does Loud Music Damage Our Hearing?
The cat's pretty much out of the bag, in this day and age, that prolonged exposure to loud sounds can wreak havoc with our ability to hear, but what's going on in our heads to make it happen? New research thinks it's nailed down the problem.
7:00 AM | Yellowstone National Park Is Not Bringing The Apocalypse
Many mainstream publications recently posited that Yellowstone National Park, which is effectively situated on top of a supervolcano, might soon erupt in a manner which would destroy America and civilization as we know it. The story was widely covered (because fear is easy to sell), but the real story hasn't received the same coverage. Analysis of the seismic activity around the area indicates that there will not be any supervolcanic eruptions for hundreds of millennia. The post Yellowstone […]

August 24, 2014

6:44 PM | Day Trip to the City of Bath
Today I went on a day trip to the city of Bath with my Mum and sister. I’ve been to Bath quite a few times as I am lucky enough to live not too far away. The first thing that we did was to visit the Roman Baths. It is a well preserved site of […]
7:55 AM | An edible archway
An archway into a pergola at the Cotswold Wildlife Park Ryan and I went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens last weekend, which is a nice day out if you’re in the area. (If you book online you save a little bit of money, and some time at the ticket kiosk – tickets are valid for one month from purchase.) The animals are great; there’s always a crowd around the meerkat enclosures, and there’s plenty of cute things on show. There was a man doing a falconry display […]
7:48 AM | The Monster Leech That Will Crawl Right Up Your Nose
Deep in the Amazon rainforest lives a creature that only grows as long as your pinkie . . . yet it’s one of the most monstrous creatures on the planet. Known as the Tyrannobdella rex, this sharp-toothed beast is a leech with disturbingly large fangs (well, for a leech, anyway). And unfortunately, this Peruvian parasite has a really bad habit of climbing up people’s noses. The post The Monster Leech That Will Crawl Right Up Your Nose appeared first on […]
7:24 AM | Una visita al zoo
Una anotación de lo más veraniega. Hace unos días pasamos un rato estupendo en un zoológico donde las peques disfrutaron mucho viendo una gran variedad de animales en un entorno bien cuidado y de fácil acceso. Les dejo una selección de … Continue reading →
2:49 AM | Fall Courses - Bioarchaeology and Osteology
Starting Monday, I get to teach my dream-lineup of semester courses: Human Osteology (with lab) and Bioarchaeology.  In the spring, I went through the process of getting Bioarch on the books as a new course, and this will be the first time I've taught it since 2006.  And, believe me, the practice of bioarchaeology has changed a lot since then.Since starting at UWF, when I noticed a program on my university-issued computer I'd never used before (Microsoft Publisher), I've been spiffing […]

August 23, 2014

8:51 AM | Independent nurseries
Victoriana Nursery Gardens, in Kent I ordered some plants yesterday, from Thompson & Morgan. I’d seen their new ‘patio’ raspberry, ‘Ruby Beauty’, and took advantage of their Bank Holiday free P&P offer. It was ideal for me because I fancied buying some plants, but since I don’t currently have a garden I am struggling to keep plants alive. My new raspberries should arrive after we’ve moved in to the new house, and give me something to play […]
7:00 AM | The Sinister Reason Cereal Mascots Stare Down At Your Kids
The next time you take your kids shopping, beware. All those mascots on the front of cereal boxes are staring straight at your children. What do those anthropomorphized animals and irritating leprechauns want? Well, they want your kids’ attention, and if they make eye contact, you might just leave the store with a box of cereal you weren't planning on buying. The post The Sinister Reason Cereal Mascots Stare Down At Your Kids appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

August 22, 2014

4:34 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 15)
The Huffington Post recently posted this picture and asked, "Is that a thigh bone on Mars?"Answer: No.  Just... what?  No.  Which part of that looks like a femur?Previous installments of Who needs an osteologist?Abbot House Museum needs an osteologist.The Zanjan Museum needs an osteologist.National Geographic Channel's "Nazi War Diggers" needs an osteologist.BBC/NOVA needs an osteologist.The Penn Museum needs an osteologist.National Geographic needs an osteologist.Acura needs an […]
3:23 PM | DNews: Theories Abound for Why We Experience Deja Vu
Have we already done this video? Hmmm. Nope! Deja Vu -- that feeling of already having experienced something -- can be a bit spooky. Just as unnerving is that no one knows for sure why we experience it.
11:21 AM | A Middle Eastern garden
Al-Andalus display at the Eden Project, 2010 I was talking recently about having Palestinian plants in my new garden (and there’s still no news on when we will be moving in!), and yesterday morning it occurred to me that it might be nice to go a lot further than that, and design a garden with Middle Eastern influences. The main part of the garden is almost square, with fences on two sides and a wall on the third, so it could pass as a courtyard garden. I’m thinking tiles and […]
7:00 AM | The Totally Insane Japanese Truman Show
His name was Nasubi, and he was hungry, naked, and slowly losing his mind. He was also being watched by 16 million people. You see, Nasubi was the star of Japanese TV show, and he was living inside a empty apartment, completely alone and surviving only on sweepstakes prizes, all for a shot at fame. The post The Totally Insane Japanese Truman Show appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

August 21, 2014

10:30 PM | Man Behind Ice Bucket Challenge Dies in Diving Accident
One of the people behind the viral effort to support Lou Gehrig's disease research drowned at a popular diving spot in Nantucket Island, Mass.
6:53 PM | An infantile hypothesis for Mandrillus sphinx coloration
Tomorrow, Friday August 22, is the deadline for submitting your bad ad hoc (bah) hypotheses for consideration to be presented at BahFest 2014. I've been chewing a bit on an idea about mandrill coloration and it's just not at all ready, so I'm not going to submit it despite my desperate desire to participate. And I'll just hope that by next year's submission deadline I'll have a much better idea, one that I've had time to actually and properly research and to build strong with data, one […]
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