March 24, 2015

1:26 PM | Can We Interpret Smoking Habits in Historic Skeletal Remains?
This semester I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach an introductory archaeology course that I designed from scratch. This week of teaching is definitely my favorite […]

Walker, D. & Henderson, M. (2010). Smoking and health in London's East End in the first half of the 19th century, Post-Medieval Archaeology, 44 (1) 209-222. DOI: 10.1179/174581310X12662382629373

1:14 PM | Seeker Daily: The 13-Year-Old Who Got Australia to Change Its Money
Meet Connor Macleod, a boy who is changing paper money to be more inclusive to those who are visually impaired.
1:00 PM | Angelina Jolie Has Ovaries Removed Over Cancer Fears
Although tests showed she was not in the early stages of cancer, Jolie said she chose to go ahead with the surgery because of her family history.
11:31 AM | DNews: Throwing the Book at Speed-Reading Claims
Speed readers look pretty cool -- zipping along at warp speed, turning pages and swiping screens before most of us have even read a couple of paragraphs. Are these speed demons in need of a traffic stop and a ticket for poor comprehension?
9:00 AM | Bordello U's
It is no secret that universities are now operating on the 'business' model.  This self-flattering term applies to all of their operations, not just their research component which has by now long been in bed with private interests and empire-building in regard to public funding sources.  It also applies to athletics, which is nothing new, though seemingly more out of control than ever.  Finally, it's swept like a pandemic across the academic sides of things as well.A good […]
7:00 AM | Argentina’s Completely Bogus Attempt At Nuclear Power
Following World War II, prosperous Argentina wanted a top nuclear physics program that would rival the superpowers and provide cheap, unlimited energy for the nation. Having hired Dr. Ronald Richter, an unknown Austrian/German national and nuclear physicist, they instead achieved international embarrassment, mounting debt, and a military junta replacing Juan Peron, whom Richter (a total fraud) had misled. Only in recent decades has Argentina salvaged its reputation in nuclear physics. The […]

March 23, 2015

4:40 PM | Marijuana Science: Why Today's Pot Packs a Punch
Today's marijuana may be much more potent than pot in the past, according to the results of new tests.
4:00 PM | Can You Really Freshen Up Women's 'Aging' Eggs?
Can you teach an old egg new tricks?
1:28 PM | DNews: What to Feed Your Brain to Keep It Sharp
What does the brain prefer when it's hungry? That depends on you, and what you hope to GET out of your gray matter.
9:00 AM | Germline gene therapy: Frankenstein or Frankincense?
Science, like any other human enterprise, is largely reactionary.  People in established positions of influence like to have their own way but perhaps even more, like their ways to stay basically the same: change is threatening.  For that general reason, new ideas that promise to be transformative are often faced with reactionary opposition. A few decades ago we had the recombinant DNA revolution.  Changing DNA in bacteria for experimental reasons was seen as a potential global […]
8:05 AM | Tough love: hardening off
My new plastic cold frame You can tell it’s March, because the windowsills are full. We moved offices at work, and I had to bring some of my plants home, and now the tender, over-wintered perennials are fighting young seedlings for space. It’s time for some of the hardier specimens to brave the great outdoors, but after a winter indoors they’re a little soft. They need hardening off before they can make it on their own, and there’s still a distinct nip in the air (and […]
7:00 AM | How To Take Your Own Funeral For A Test Drive In Japan
Various cultures approach their rituals of death differently. In the US, some Americans use prepaid funeral contracts to ease the financial burden on loved ones, although these contracts may fall short of expectations or result in outright fraud. In the Ukraine, coffin therapy may be used to prepare anxious individuals for the afterlife. But the Japanese take a more lighthearted approach with a Shukatsu festival that lets you take a test run of your death with coffins, clothes, makeup, […]

March 22, 2015

3:43 PM | Ebola Resurfaces in Sierra Leone; 3-Day Lockdown Ordered
Ebola struck the wife of a recovered Sierra Leone man as the country was poised to declare itself Ebola free. Continue reading →
7:00 AM | The ‘Great Escape’ That Happened On US Soil
In 1944, a group of POWs planned a daring prison break. They’d tunnel under the fences, hike through the wilderness, and make their way to . . . Mexico. As it turns out, these particular prisoners were Nazis in the Arizona desert, and their escape involved volleyball, a canoe, and an evening at the local bowling alley. The post The ‘Great Escape’ That Happened On US Soil appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

March 21, 2015

2:59 PM | Vijf mythen over islamofobie deel 3 – Islamofobie is geen racisme want…
Een vijfdelige serie over de mythen over islamofobie. Ditmaal deel 3: islamofobie is geen racisme want islam/moslims zijn geen ras.
8:40 AM | Edible Garden Show 2015
Months ago I booked tickets to this year’s Edible Garden Show, which is happening this weekend at Alexandra Palace in London. (I bought them when there was an offer on, and two tickets cost me about £30.) I took yesterday off to go – but as I haven’t been very well this week I wasn’t sure I would make it. Although I went to the first three shows at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, I didn’t go last year (when I was between gardens) and felt miffed that […]
7:00 AM | When The US Burned All Of Its Money In Hawaii
At the start of the Pacific War, there was the very real danger of the Japanese invading Hawaii. The possibility of the enemy getting their hands on $200 million circulating in the islands worried authorities. Their extreme solution? Burn all of it. The post When The US Burned All Of Its Money In Hawaii appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

March 20, 2015

3:29 PM | Herbal Supplement Safety Crackdown Underway
Attorneys General from several states have launched a crackdown on unregulated herbal supplements.
12:28 PM | Week 42 Volunteering At the Royal College of Surgeons
This week at the College I started photographing and recording the deciduous teeth in the current collection. This is an extremely delicate task as the teeth are so small and fragile. I had to carefully line the teeth up, arranged by tooth type, and take a photograph using a 1cm scale bar for reference.  It has […]
10:10 AM | Seeker Daily: One Mobile Medical Truck Saving Lives in Ecuador
For many years, indigenous tribes in remote regions of Ecuador struggled to get access to vital medical care. But a single mobile surgical unit is changing all of that.
9:00 AM | Science, causality and belief
By Anne Buchanan and Ken WeissQuestions about cause and effect in the natural world have been bandied about since long before Aristotle's time.  Aristotle, though, believed that the use of the idea of causality must be supported by theory.  Without theory, he thought, a thorough and systematic investigation of the world, answering the 'why' questions, was not possible. His theory, or categories of possible answers to why questions, consisted of these four causes (from […]
8:05 AM | Lighting up time
A brightly-lit pagoda At the beginning of the year, Ryan and I went to Longleat for the Chinese Lantern Festival. It starts at dusk, and you can spend several hours wandering the grounds, appreciating the elaborate constructions of fabric and light bulbs, with the ever-present whir of generators in the background. When you’re tired of the cold, or the mud, you can retire to the house for a while, or have a cup of coffee. There’s also a little Chinese market. It’s a […]
7:00 AM | The Moon Landing Disaster Speech We Never Heard
If Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had been stranded on the Moon during the risky Apollo 11 mission in July 1969, then-President Richard Nixon had a speech prepared to address the nation. Written by the late William Safire, a draft of the presidential speech was contained in a memo entitled "In Event of Moon Disaster." NASA scientists knew that landing on the Moon was the relatively easy part. Their main concern was that Armstrong and Aldrin would be marooned there forever. Fortunately, we never […]

March 19, 2015

4:38 PM | Hominin Iron Chef
The way I've set up this semester's upper-level Human Origins class includes an in-class lecture on Tuesdays and then an in-class lab period on Thursdays.  For most of the semester, we've been poring over hominin skull casts, but that's gotten a bit repetitive and the students and I are all fatigued by the varying sagittal crests, supraorbital ridges, and foramina magna positions.  To shake things up, this week I asked the students to create dishes to bring to a pot-luck hominin […]
2:05 PM | DNews: What Your Brain Does When You're in Love
The brain isn't an organ we typically think about when we consider love, right? It's all about the heart, isn't it? But not to researchers who trained fMRI scans on the brains of people in love.
11:46 AM | Seeker Daily: Meet the Robin Hood of Twitter
An early adopter of the Internet, shoe shiner Javier Castano obtained Twitter handles of countries that hadn't been registered and gave them to their rightful owners, at no cost.
9:00 AM | My complexity is more complex than your complexity!
Scientists often talk about how complex their field is, and of course often they are right.  But a word like 'complexity' may be used confer a sense of importance and gravitas to the subject, and often the description--even if true--seems used in an advertising sort of way.  After all, who wants to be working in an area that's 'simple'?  If it's simple, why haven't we solved its problems, unless we're simpletons!Describing our field as 'complex' usually doesn't just mean there […]
7:00 AM | How A Puff Of Wind Freed The Fremantle Six
The overwhelming poverty of Ireland in the mid-1800s led to the formation of the Irish Republic Brotherhood (known as the Fenians), whose members believed that independence for Ireland could only be achieved through force. In 1867, seven military Fenians charged with treason were shipped off to the impregnable Fremantle Prison in Western Australia for life imprisonment. One of the seven escaped to America and helped to persuade another Fenian to organize a rescue operation for the remaining six […]

March 18, 2015

6:37 PM | ¿Se aclara el origen del género Homo?
Durante décadas, los paleoantropólogos han querido encontrar fósiles que sirvieran para aclarar el origen de nuestro linaje —el género Homo— pero hasta ahora los especímenes recuperados en el intervalo de tiempo crítico entre hace 3 y 2,5 millones de años (Ma), cuando … Sigue leyendo →
1:30 PM | Breastfeeding Leads to Higher IQ, Earnings Later
The likely mechanism underlying the beneficial effects is the presence of long-chain saturated fatty acids found in breast milk, which are essential for brain development.
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