March 24, 2014

8:54 PM | Are we removing the wisdom along with the teeth?
When I was a kid, I learned that my uncle had a sweet tooth right about the time I discovered that he had a gold tooth. Therefore the gold tooth was the sweet tooth and, man-o-man, did I want a gold tooth... or a whole grill of gold teeth. The better to taste the sweets!I've grown wiser with age, knowing, of course that our teeth don't taste sweets (or at least that it's unconventional to think so). And knowing, of course, that "wisdom teeth" don't bestow wisdom, but are nicknamed so because […]
6:23 PM | An evolutionary account of how basketball players grow old
The last time I played basketball was around my friend Peter’s house. We were maybe 15 years old and became distracted by pigeons having sex on the garage roof. I am the kind of human who associates dunking with Rich Tea biscuits and dribbling with sleep. With these caveats, I will talk to you now […]
6:20 PM | Mice Without 'Fat' Gene Get Lean, Live Longer
By deleting a single gene, researchers at Yale University were able to reduce obesity in mice while expanding their lifespan by 20 percent. Continue reading →
6:06 PM | The Scoop on Ice Cream Cleanse'
Looking for a cleanse? Does nothing but ice cream for four days count? Continue reading →
3:51 PM | Bone Benefits of 3D Printing
Originally posted on These Bones Of Mine:Recently there has been some extraordinarily interesting articles in the press recently on the value of 3D printing in surgical procedures.  In particular the UK seems to be leading the way in producing 3D printed implants for use in reconstructive surgeries, as recent articles in the BBC, the…
3:07 PM | What Is Ebola?
Ebola is one of the deadliest known viruses and there is no known cure. Continue reading →
2:20 PM | Missing MH370 Came Down in Indian Ocean: Malaysian PM
The prime minister of Malaysia announces that there is no longer any doubt that the missing jetliner crashed in the Indian Ocean.
1:32 PM | NASA Study and Civilization Collapse
I was invited to speak on The Morning News late last week to discuss a recent NASA-funded study which suggested our civilization was doomed to collapse within 15 years due to economic inequality and ecological instability.  You have probably heard about this study by now as it has received a considerable amount of press and […]NASA Study and Civilization Collapse was first posted on March 24, 2014 at 1:32 pm.©2013 "The Advanced Apes". Use of this feed is for personal […]
12:50 PM | Ebola Said to Be Source of Mysterious, Deadly Epidemic
The disease is spread by direct contact with blood, feces or sweat, or by sexual contact or unprotected handling of contaminated corpses.
9:54 AM | DNews: Has NASA Predicted The End of Civilization?
A recent NASA-backed study predicted that civilization is on the verge of collapse. Should we take this seriously? Laci and Dr. Ian O'Neill, Discovery News' resident solar physicist and doomsday specialist, discuss why this prediction is any differen
9:25 AM | DNews: Vaccines Do NOT Cause Autism: What Does?
Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. But sometimes it can lead to some harmful misinformation. Join Trace as he talks about conspiracy theories in the medical world and why they can be harmful for adults and children.

March 23, 2014

8:14 PM | What is evolution?
Originally posted on paleophile:Evolution is a phenomenon. A phenomenon is an occurrence, a circumstance, or a fact that is perceptible by the senses (Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/phenomenon, accessed Sept. 17, 2012). What humans perceive is that populations of living organisms have changed and are changing over time. “The theory of evolution” is shorthand for the set…
1:04 PM | DNews: Why The 5 Second Rule MIGHT Be True
The five-second rule is the common belief that if you drop a piece of food on the floor and pick it up within five seconds, the food is still safe to eat. Laci and Trace take a look at the interaction of harmful bacteria and food.
10:39 AM | The Eyeborg: Hearing Colors and Our Cyborg Future
Over on the Neuroanthropology Facebook Interest Group, a member posted this fascinating video about Neil Harbisson and the Cyborg Foundation. Harbisson was born seeing in black-and-white. Working with inventor Adam Montadon, he implanted the “eyeborg” into his …The post The Eyeborg: Hearing Colors and Our Cyborg Future appeared first on Neuroanthropology.
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