November 21, 2014

5:29 PM | Who needs an osteologist? (Installment 21)
One of my undergraduates pointed out today a Twitter post by Kathy Reichs, the author, of course, of the Temperance Brennan book series on which the TV show Bones is based.*  Reichs' post is a throwback Thursday picture of her working in the lab at the LSJML in Montreal:My student noticed that the scapulae, humeri, and tibiae were mis-sided and not laid out in anatomical position.  Surely, she thought, Reichs would not post a picture of herself with bones in weird positions. […]
5:05 PM | A kitchen garden for aliens
Himalayan balsam, an ‘alien invader’, growing in the wildlife garden at Birdland Following the news that homeowners who fail to control Japanese knotweed in their garden could face fines or ASBOs (anti-social behaviour orders), I thought it might be a good time to think about non-native plants. Now, I am definitely not suggesting that anyone should choose to grow Japanese knotweed, or allow it to spread further than it already has – it’s a problematic plant in the UK. […]
4:07 PM | For those poor archaeologists that work in the Alps: T.E.A., Taiwanese landscape painting and a bit of facebook
Perhaps October and November are the most difficult months for archaeologists working in the Alps. The summer is over, the first snow already covers the landscape above 1500/1800 masl, so fieldwork is done for the year. To fill this emptiness … Continue reading →
3:00 PM | Exercise Plus Fasting May Boost Brain's Neurons
Intermittent fasting and exercise may have some surprising brain benefits, research shows.
1:50 PM | 1 in 3 Adults Drink Excessively, but Aren't Alcoholics
About a third of U.S. adults drink excessively, but most of these people are not alcoholics, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
10:00 AM | Serial science
Are you hooked on Serial yet?  The current season of this radio series from the makers of This American Life explores whether Adnan Syed, in jail for the last 15 years and sentenced to life for killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee when they were both 18, really did it.  He says he didn't.  His friend Jay says he did.  The question comes down to, what happened in those crucial 21 minutes when his whereabouts are unknown and undocumented, and Hae was strangled?Sarah Koenig, […]
8:00 AM | The Strange Teaching Career Of Nikolai Gogol
Nikolai Gogol, the famed author of Dead Souls, and arguably the most influential writer in Russian history, once tried to teach a class he was not remotely qualified for. He missed most of the lectures, often mumbled incoherently, and showed up at the exam wearing a handkerchief around his head and complaining of a toothache. He had another professor actually administer the testing. The post The Strange Teaching Career Of Nikolai Gogol appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
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