August 04, 2014

9:09 AM | The Disastrous Dinner Date Of Groucho Marx And T.S. Eliot
It’s hard to think of two people more unsuited to each other than T.S. Eliot and Groucho Marx. One was an intellectual expat poet, the other a wisecracking Jew from New York. Yet in the 1960s, the two started a correspondence that would eventually lead to one of the most disastrous dinner dates in history. The post The Disastrous Dinner Date Of Groucho Marx And T.S. Eliot appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
9:00 AM | The meandering of the Amazonian water lily from there to here
BBC Radio 4 is in the midst of a fascinating 25-part series, Plants: From Roots to Riches, on the history of botany from the perspective of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.  Kew is of course Britain's botanical pride and joy, the world's largest collection of living plants.  The original gardens were established in the early 1700's, an unparalleled beneficiary of the expanding British empire as plants were collected around the world and sent to the Kew repository even before it was […]

August 03, 2014

9:00 AM | DNews: The Clean Plate Club is Full -- of Adults
The "clean-plate" club, which is supposed to be a kids-only crowd, actually has lots of adults in its membership, as Tara Long explains.
7:00 AM | The Obedient Wives Club
Born in Malaysia in 2011, the Obedient Wives Club is a very small sub-sect of the Islamic faith which believes that a good wife gives total sexual submission to her husband, and as such will ensure his faithfulness and loyalty throughout the marriage. To date, the group has over 3,000 members in just under a dozen primarily Islamic countries worldwide. It has published two sex manuals (both banned by the Malaysian government), and even has its own Facebook page. Its stated mission is to promote […]

August 02, 2014

5:10 PM | Experimental Ebola Serum Likely Treating Sick Americans
A survivor's blood would be needed to create a treatment for the deadly virus, reports say.
3:55 PM | Week 18 Volunteering at the Royal College of Surgeons
So this is my last week for two weeks. Next Thursday I have my cousins wedding and the week after I’m off to Spain for a week for a bit of a break! This week I wanted to get through quite a bit to make up for the lost time over the next couple of […]
2:00 PM | DNews: Why Eating Organic Is Better for You
Is the oganics food section in your grocery store occupying more and more space? That's because we have a bona fide trend in place, as people go organic. It really does do a body good to go the organic route. Laci Green explains why.
8:00 AM | Growing plants in lunar soil
Astronaut James B. Irwin scoops up lunar soil during Apollo 15, 2nd August 1971. Image: NASA When Neil Armstrong made his giant leap for humankind in 45 years ago, he got covered in Moon dust. Throughout the Apollo missions, dust was an issue. Fine but rough, it caused problems with the space suits, and created mini dust storms in the cabin once the landers launched back into space. On Earth, mineral soils are formed from the underlying rock by weathering, which is a collection of natural […]
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