January 12, 2015

9:50 PM | AirAsia Jet 'Exploded on Impact'
Flight data recorders reveal that a rapid change in pressure caused the plane to burst as it hit the water.
9:30 PM | Animal DNA on the Go Seen for First Time
DNA has been observed moving from one cell to another for the first time in animals.
5:15 PM | DNews: Kale Put to the Nutrient Density Test
Kale, kale, kale. It's everywhere! Fashionable though it may be, is it really all that and more, nutrients-wise? A new CDC report takes kale and other leafy greens out for a dietary spin.
2:50 PM | Did High School Digitally Slim Girls' Yearbook Photos?
A viral news story claiming that an all-girls high school digitally altered their students' yearbook photos to make them thinner isn't quite accurate.
8:00 AM | The Forgotten Story Of The Titanic Of The East
On February 26, 1822, a junk ship by the name of the Tek Sing sank beneath the treacherous waters of the South China Sea, claiming hundreds of lives together with a vast cargo of antique porcelain. It wouldn’t be until over 150 years later that it would be rediscovered and its amazing cargo brought to the surface. The post The Forgotten Story Of The Titanic Of The East appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

January 11, 2015

3:30 PM | Crowds, Leaders Gather for Historic Paris March of Defiance
Hundreds of thousands of people joined by world leaders flooded Paris on Sunday in a historic show of defiance and solidarity against terrorism following this week's Islamist attacks in the French capital.
8:00 AM | The Incredible Survival Story Of Juliane Koepcke
In 1971, a plane crashed in the Peruvian jungles on Christmas Eve. All aboard were killed, except for 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke. After free-falling more than 3 kilometers (almost 2 miles) while still strapped into her seat, she woke up in the middle of the jungle surrounded by debris from the crash. Suffering from various injuries, she searched in vain for her mother---then started walking. Ten days later, she found a boat, and waited for its owners to return. They finally did. The post […]

January 10, 2015

10:36 AM | Llega la 3ª edición de las tertulias literarias de ciencia
oy estamos todos de enhorabuena. Hoy regresan las tertulias literarias de ciencia con un libro que no va a dejar indiferente a nadie. Nos adentramos en el mundo de las pseudociencias para analizar, debatir y aprender gracias a uno de los libros … Sigue leyendo →
9:18 AM | Mix 'n Matcha
A cup of hot matcha tea One of the recent arrivals on the food scene in the last couple of years has been matcha – a bright green powder made from high quality green tea. High in antioxidants, it’s touted as being super-healthy, and it has a long history of being used in Japanese tea ceremonies, and by Buddhist monks who want to stay alert during their meditations. I suspect any effect on alertness comes from the caffeine content. I haven’t noticed one, but then I’m a […]
8:00 AM | The French Chef Who Cooked Up A Paris Zoo
During the Franco-Prussian War, the people of Paris found themselves in a rather bad spot. Totally cut off by an enemy army, the Parisians were forced to eat dogs, cats, and rodents. However, diners at Chef Alexandre Etienne Choron’s restaurant were treated to one of the wildest meals in culinary history: animals from the city zoo. The post The French Chef Who Cooked Up A Paris Zoo appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

January 09, 2015

8:30 PM | At Least 26 US Kids Die of Flu in 'Bad' Season
This year the predominant strain is h3N2, which has been shown to be more virulent than other kinds.
5:15 PM | Brothers Who Are Murderers: Why So Many?
Genes primarily affecting males, as well as family environment help explain why so many terrorists and killers are men, including brothers.
3:38 PM | Een impressie van de #SluitTa demonstratie
Afgelopen vrijdag vond in Den Haag bij de Tweede Kamer een demonstratie plaats tegen de TerroristenAfdelingen (TA) van de gevangenissen in Vught en Rotterdam (De Schie). De demonstratie was gericht tegen het, volgens demonstranten,...
8:04 AM | Afán por saber cumple cinco años
arece mentira pero ya ha pasado un año más, y con él, este blog llega a los cinco años de existencia (y aunque uno lo pasó inactivo tras el nacimiento de mis dos niñas —el peso de la parternidad— espero que la … Sigue leyendo →
8:00 AM | The Controversies Over Marco Polo
One of the world's most famous explorers, there's quite a bit of controversy over whether or not he actually did everything he claimed to do. Supporters of Polo's adventures say that he relays quite a bit of accurate information that could have only come from firsthand experiences, but others claim that he also gets quite a bit glaringly, obviously wrong. Some claim that everything's the truth, others claim he only made it to the far edge of Western Europe and collected his information from […]

January 08, 2015

6:57 PM | Week 35 Volunteering at the Royal College of Suregons
So have a nice chilled out Christmas break I’m back at the college looking at more interesting specimens. As this is my forst week back, including my job at Reading University, I am still getting adjusted with actually having to work as having two weeks off at Christmas was great but as I did very […]
5:27 PM | DNews: E-Readers and Bedtime: A Bad Combination?
You've no doubt been hearing a lot in the news of late about your e-reader, and how it's going to give you insomnia and maybe even cancer. But before you toss your favorite reader out with the next trash night, get the real scoop from Julian.
10:00 AM | Genomewide mapping and a correlation fallacy
When there isn't an adequate formal theory for determining cause and effect, we often must rely on searches for statistical associations between variables that we, for whatever reason, think might cause an outcome and the occurrence of the outcome itself.  One criterion is that the putative cause must arise before its effect, that is, the outcome of interest.  That time-order is sometimes not clear in the kinds of data we collect, but we would normally say we're lucky in genetics […]
9:00 AM | DNews: Food Label Calorie Counts Are Totally Fried
The calorie counting system nutritionists use today is more than 100 years old and doesn't take into account cooked vs. uncooked foods. So the calorie counts we see on labels don't really tell the whole story.
8:00 AM | Colonel Sanders Started With A Gas Station And A Shoot-Out
With his famous facial hair and trademark white suit, Colonel Sanders is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. But before the Colonel came up with his world-famous recipe of 11 herbs and spices, the man was running a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. However, the Colonel almost never opened a single restaurant thanks to a trigger-happy business rival who wanted to send Sanders to the local cemetery. The post Colonel Sanders Started With A Gas Station And A Shoot-Out appeared […]

January 07, 2015

8:00 PM | Revolutionary New Antibiotic Kills Drug-Resistant Germs
Scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics that can kill a wide range of dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria.
5:00 PM | DNews: Fake a Smile for a Happier You
It may be harder to smile, muscle-wise, than it is to frown, but smiling (even fake-smiling!) can help you to find things funnier and make you happier. Trace turns his frown upside down to recount some studies that have reached this sunny conclusion.
4:56 PM | Man in "Minimally Conscious' State Suddenly Speaks
A man in Italy who was in what doctors call a minimally conscious state for nearly two years unexpectedly regained full consciousness and the ability to talk.
1:30 PM | Shooting at Paris Office of Satirical Weekly Leaves 12 Dead
The targeted satirical newspaper gained notoriety in February 2006 when it reprinted cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
10:16 AM | DNews: Want to Be More Creative? Try Boredom
If you're careful about not being so bored that you lead yourself down dangerous paths, boredom can actually have fantastic mental benefits, spurring ideas and creativity as you're pushed by the dullness to do something.
10:00 AM | The complex evolution of personality
So, apparently even sea anemones have personalities.  The idea that non-human animals can be measurably, say, bolder or shyer than others of their species may or may not be a surprising idea to you, perhaps depending on how many cats, dogs, horses, laboratory mice you have known.  But, scientists who study animal behavior are currently focusing on animal personality in a big way.  The BBC Radio 4 program Discovery discussed this the other day, and to us, the discussion […]
8:00 AM | You Don’t Just Smell Through Your Nose
We tend to think that we smell with our nose, but we've recently found that nearly every single organ in our bodies is capable of smell. More precisely, our organs have been found to contain olfactory receptors that are keyed to react in certain ways to certain scents. When receptors in the skin are exposed to the smell of sandalwood, healing and regeneration increases. When prostate cells smell rose scents, the formation of cancer cells stops. The potential is pretty staggering, considering […]

January 06, 2015

7:59 PM | App Records Dreams, 'Tests' ESP
A new phone app is designed to help record dreams and interpret their significance -- some say it might reveal ESP.
5:15 PM | DNews: Hug More to Strengthen Your Immune System
Wait, what? Hugs can help fend off bugs? New research suggests hugging could be a key front-line defense for our cold-, flu-, and winter-battered immune systems. Trace embraces the findings.
3:22 PM | Interesting TedTalks
I was scrolling through some social media sites and came across a TedTalk called ‘Puppies! Now I’ve got your attention, complexity theory’.  In a past post or two I discussed particular TedTalks and how good they are, and today is no different. The ‘Puppies!’ talk was given by Nicolas Perony who models the movement of animal […]
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