April 07, 2014

12:40 PM | Hollywood Icon Mickey Rooney Dead at 93
Rooney rose to fame as the plucky diminutive lad in the successful Andy Hardy film series of the late 1930s and early 1940s.
11:30 AM | How to Contain an Epidemic
Panic won't stop an epidemic, but a combination of these measures might.
9:00 AM | Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Feminisme, Islamofobie en een Eredoctoraat
Closer Blog: Ayaan Hirsi Ali krijgt een eredoctoraat van Brandeis University. Helaas. Read more: Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Feminisme, Islamofobie en een Eredoctoraat
9:00 AM | STEMing the tide, part II
Our country is hurting when it comes to domestically trained first-rate science talent.  Our educational system is dropping the ball in many very well-documented ways.  K-12 is processing students who are poorly trained in basic reading and writing skills, as well as in numeracy and synthetic or analytic thinking, but who then go on to college or university.When we get them, too many are not ready for serious level college work.  But we, too, at least big universities, have a […]
7:02 AM | Sequoyah, The Illiterate Man Who Created A Language
Sequoyah was a of the Cherokee Native American. An illiterate silversmith, he needed a way to track his clients and do other paperwork. So over several years, this man who couldn't read or write any language developed an entire new writing system for the spoken language of the Cherokee people. The post Sequoyah, The Illiterate Man Who Created A Language appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
7:01 AM | The Strange Funeral Rites Of The Tana Toraja
The Toraja people of Indonesia practice bizarre funeral rituals. The dead spend several months in temporary coffins until the family can afford a funeral. During this time, wooden dolls (pictured) of the deceased are carved and are left looking out over the land. When enough money is saved up, lavish parties are held and the coffins are stored in cliff caves or hung by ropes from the face of the cliffs. Every few years, they visit the mummified corpses of their family members. The bodies are […]
7:00 AM | The Myth Of The Ravens Of The Tower Of London
No trip to London is complete without stopping by the Tower of London to see, among other things, the iconic ravens. It's long been said that should the ravens ever leave the Tower, the monarchy would fall, but now it's been found that that saying hasn't been around as long as people have thought. It's likely a Victorian-era invention, started to keep pet ravens from being kicked out of the Tower. The post The Myth Of The Ravens Of The Tower Of London appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

April 06, 2014

7:10 PM | Jeugdjournaal – The Voice of Anasheed
Closer Blog: Een wedstrijd met islamitische a-capella muziek, anasheed: anasheedstars, georganiseerd door de Voice of Anasheed. In het jeugdjournaal. Read more: Jeugdjournaal – The Voice of Anasheed
2:41 PM | Saving Face – Acid Violence against Women in Pakistan
Closer Blog: A documentary about the fight against acid violence against (mainly) women in Pakistan. Read more: Saving Face – Acid Violence against Women in Pakistan
1:28 PM | DNews: Why You Should Donate Your Brain to Science!
Scientists are working to find the cause of certain brain and developmental disorders but are running into a serious problem: They don't have any brains! Anthony explains how and why you should donate your brain to science.
7:02 AM | The Computer That’s Infected With Schizophrenia
In an attempt to link schizophrenia with the excessive production of dopamine, researchers built a computerized neural network that would mimic the reaction of a brain overloaded with the substance. The network, called DISCERN, became quickly unstable, communicating with delusional stories and disjointed, nonsensical statements. It even answered one question by claiming credit for a terrorist bombing. The post The Computer That’s Infected With Schizophrenia appeared first on […]

April 05, 2014

2:23 PM | The man with 1000 children: the limit of male fertility
By Greg Downey; (long read: 5500 words) Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif succeeded to the sultanate of Morocco after his brother fell from a horse and died in 1672. Twenty-six when he became the Sharifian Emperor, Moulay Ismael “the Bloodthirsty” — …The post The man with 1000 children: the limit of male fertility appeared first on Neuroanthropology.

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1:20 PM | De kracht van de aangifte tegen Wilders
Closer Blog: De golf aan aangiften tegen Wilders; een korte beschouwing. Read more: De kracht van de aangifte tegen Wilders
1:00 PM | Bud Light or Merlot? Twitter Maps Show Alcohol Choice by State
California and the Northeast love wine, Colorado and the Midwest quaff beer, according to new maps of American alcohol preferences as filtered through Twitter.
1:00 PM | Voter Suppression: Old Strategy, Modern Tactics
Voter suppression is an age-old strategy of manipulating eligibility requirements and limiting access to polls in an effort to shape the electorate.

April 04, 2014

7:04 PM | DNews: Are We Close to Repairing Spinal Cord Injuries?
Certain injuries we are able to fix, and some we simply don't have the technology to fix. One of the more common unfixable injuries involves spinal cords, but Trace explains how science might be close to finding a way to repair nerves in the spine!
3:20 PM | The Science of 'Game of Thrones'
Amid palace intrigue, gruesome assassinations, dark religious rituals, bloody battle scenes, fire-breathing dragons and lusty sexual escapades, there's some science.
10:00 AM | Why Are Artists and Musicians More Prone to Suicide?
Was Kurt Cobain’s profession as a musician a risk factor?
10:00 AM | Did Shooter's PTSD Cause Violence at Fort Hood?
Gunman complained about symptoms relating to post traumatic stress disorder, but experts say combat not always to blame.
9:40 AM | DNews: Are Vegetarians Better for the Environment?
There are many reasons to become a vegan or a vegetarian. One of the popular reasons is because it's better for the environment... but is it really? Our resident vegetarian Anthony did some digging to find the answer.
9:00 AM | Teaching High School Science
Anne and I have been helping judge Pennsylvania high school student science projects for a number of years, including this week.  Students submit papers and give 12-minute presentations to a panel of judges and an audience, followed by questions, as in the format of many scientific society meetings.  The winners go on to national competitions.There are many very fine projects, some just fine on their own--that is, as a reflection of a well-trained student picking a good topic, and […]

April 03, 2014

7:51 PM | Syria War – British Muslims on the front line
Closer Blog: Bilal Abdul Kareem lives in Syria and documents the lives of fighters and aid workers in Syria. In this episode Tauqir and his wife Racquell Hayden-Best. Read more: Syria War – British Muslims on the front line
7:06 PM | Re-Analysis and Death in Iron Age Britain
Re-analysis is an interesting phenomenon in archaeology. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the collection and type of materials. Re-analysis is exactly what […]

Armit, I., Neale, N., Shapland, F., Bosworth, H., Hamilton, D. & Mckenzie, J. (2013). The Ins and Outs of Death in the Iron Age: Complex Funerary Treatments at Broxmouth Hillfort, East Lothian, Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 32 (1) 73-100. DOI:

11:53 AM | Creativity in Osteology Labs
As I mentioned in my "Hyoidkus" post, I've taken the opportunity afforded by teaching Human Osteology at a new institution to overhaul old labs and create spiffy new ones that attempt to engage students' abilities to think both rationally and creatively.  Here are some of the creative activities from the last three labs, with the best among student responses to each...In your lab write-up, include a paragraph describing – using as precise anatomical terminology as possible – […]
11:00 AM | Soldier Kills Three, Self in Shooting at Fort Hood
A soldier with mental health issues killed three people and wounded 16 before turning the gun on himself.
9:00 AM | STEMing the educational tide? Aldo Leopold on professoring
Aldo Leopold was a naturalist and conservationist who wrote many things for pubic consumption as well as being a leader in academic conservation research. His writings, especially perhaps in A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There (orig. 1949, repub. 1987, Oxford), are widely admired for their poetic depiction of wilderness and living nature, and his lament about what we are doing to it. We often write about the role of science in current society. One issue is the way science […]
8:37 AM | Los números de la biología (y II)
Como vimos al final de la primera parte de esta anotación, la maquinaria metabólica de los animales muestra una importante variación alométrica en relación a su tamaño: aunque la tasa metabólica aumenta de manera uniforme con la masa del organismo, … Continue reading →

April 02, 2014

9:30 PM | Aye, Cap'n: Cereal Boxes That Stare Increase Sales
Shoppers are more likely to purchase a cereal that makes eye contact, find researchers at Cornell's Food and Brand Lab.
9:19 PM | Bones - Season 9, Episode 19 (Review)
The Turn in the UrnEpisode SummaryBooth and Brennan attend a funeral for Todd Mirga, a billionaire Romani hedgefund manager who funded Brennan's research in the past and was found in his safe room, having OD'ed on heroin. During the funeral, however, Todd shows up and claims that he was out of the country in rehab for his heroin problem. The team scans images of the dead body and notes that, when the body was found three weeks after death, the face was swollen and unrecognizable, and the body […]
6:29 PM | Couple in Qatar Found Guilty in Organ Theft Death
An American couple say they have been wrongly convicted of causing the death of their adopted daughter. Continue reading →
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