February 05, 2015

10:17 AM | El cazador que enseñaba geología
Tal y como recoge el diccionario de la Real Academia Española, una glaciación—edad de hielo o periodo glacial— es cada una de las grandes invasiones de hielo que en épocas remotas acontecieron en zonas muy extensas de distintos continentes. Se … Sigue leyendo →
10:00 AM | Populations, individuals and imprecise disease prediction
As Michael Gerson writes in the Washington Post, "Preventable infectious disease is making its return to the developed world, this time by invitation." When anti-vaxxers were few, and they chose not to expose their kids to what they consider toxins, their kids benefited from the herd immunity that resulted from most parents choosing to have their kids vaccinated (or, as Gerson puts it, anti-vaxxers chose to be free-riders).  They could claim there were no costs to their […]
9:28 AM | Over de grens? – Een gesprek over politiek, islam en activisme
Over de grens? – Een gesprek over politiek, islam en activisme | ACT? Georganiseerd door: de afdeling culturele antropologie van de Universiteit van Amsterdam & ACMES Lokatie: Universiteit van Amsterdam   Datum en Tijd:...
8:30 AM | DNews: How We Speak the Universal Language of Touch
Humans are born communicators -- if we have something to say, we usually say it. Just visit the Internet! But another tool in our language box flies a bit under the radar: the language of touch. Julia explains how we use it and why it works.
8:00 AM | The ‘Secret Code’ Of The Underground Railroad
According to the popular story, slaves running north on the Underground Railroad were often sent secret messages through quilts. Conveniently and casually hung on a clothesline or over a railing, the pattern on the quilt would tell them valuable information, like whether or not it was safe to stop. Thing is, it hasn't really been found to be true, and the earliest reference we have to the idea come from a 1999 book with a single source---a woman who, conveniently, sold quilts. The post The […]

February 04, 2015

7:00 PM | Vaping May Make Lungs More Vulnerable to Infection
Mice exposed to e-cigarette vapors are shown to be much more vulnerable to disease in their lungs.
4:38 PM | Slut or Saint: Finger Length Tells Sexual Style
Scientists say people fall into two broad categories -- promiscuity or faithfulness -- when it comes to sex.
10:00 AM | Exploring genomic causal 'precision'
Regardless of whether or not some geneticists object to the cost or scientific cogency of the currently proposed Million Genomes project, it is going to happen.  Genomic data clearly have a role in health and medical practice. The project is receiving kudos from the genetics community, but it's easy to forget that many questions related to understanding the actual nature of genomic causation and the degree to which that understanding can in practice lead to seriously 'precise' and […]
8:30 AM | DNews: Why Body Detox Schemes Are Complete Bunk
Everywhere you look, someone wants to sell you on the idea of body "cleanses" -- the need to clear yourself of harmful toxins that build up and make your insides icky. Guess what: It's a bunch of hooey. Your body, without any help, is up to the job.
8:00 AM | How Today’s Soldiers Might Solve The Mystery Of Shell Shock
Through autopsies, researchers discovered that improvised explosive devices (IEDs) may leave a lasting, distinctive pattern on the brains of combat veterans who survived attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan only to die later of other causes. In World War I, soldiers with similar injuries were described as suffering from "shell shock," an antiquated term for their inexplicable difficulties with memory, reasoning, decision-making, and other executive brain functions. The honeycomb patterns of swollen […]

February 03, 2015

5:50 PM | UK Allows Three-Parent Babies
A baby created with DNA from three people could be born as soon as this year.
4:00 PM | Running Too Hard? Light Jogging Linked to Living Longer
Good news for those who adhere to the slow and steady wins the race adage.
2:25 PM | DNews: You Can Sell Your Poop to Help Others and Pocket 13K
Taking care of some important business and selling the, er, proceeds can fatten your wallet and help people who suffer from a gut bacteria known as C. Diff. That's IF you meet some pretty stringent criteria. Otherwise, you get bupkus for your waste.
12:25 PM | Microfossil of the Month: Sponge Spicule
Something a little bit different - this month I have an image of a siliceous sponge spicule! This show up occasionally in my phytolith slides, and are very distinctive. Sponges, or poriferans to give them their scientific name, are characterised by an unusual feeding system that involves drawing water in through little pores in the outer walls, and filtering food from the water as it moves around their bodies, before being pumped back out again. This flow of water occurs in one direction and is […]
8:00 AM | You Have To Turn On Your Memory To Make It Work
Many of us believe we'll remember details of our experiences just because we pay attention to what we're seeing and doing. However, according to psychologists from Penn State University, we have to make a conscious effort to turn on our memories, as though hitting the "record" button on a camcorder. Otherwise, we'll suffer from "attribute amnesia," the inability to remember a bit of information needed to complete a task, even if we just finished it a second earlier. The post You Have To Turn […]
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