April 23, 2014

9:00 AM | Genomics in microbiomic clothing: The next 'hula hoop'?
So we've just been through 20 years of genomics, GWAS based on genetic markers tested in samples such as ever-growing huge numbers of cases compared to hordes of controls.  We know that mapping even in simple organisms including flies, yeast, and bacteria, show genomic causal complexity.  We know that whole population genome sequencing is the next way the marketeers will promise immortality.  We know this teaches us lessons for biology that we don't want to listen to.We know that […]
8:11 AM | Memory tokens
So… despite your very best intentions, you have found yourself in a situation where your brain is coming up with wonderful ideas that you absolutely need to act on, but which you are temporarily prevented from jotting down. Maybe you’re in the car. Perhaps you forgot your notebook, or the battery on your phone just died. It won’t be long before you can get to a pen, but how do you remember in the meantime? Memory and recollection is a very personal thing. I find it easy to […]
7:00 AM | Ernest Hemingway Was A Totally Inept KGB Spy
Ernest Hemingway was a man of many talents. When he wasn't writing classic novels, the world-renowned author spent his time boxing, hunting and . . . spying for the Soviet government? According to recent revelations, Papa Hemingway actually spent a few years working for the KGB, although he wasn't very good at it. The post Ernest Hemingway Was A Totally Inept KGB Spy appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
6:11 AM | El pingüino que se perdió en la Antártida
En su segunda expedición a la Antártida, el recién nombrado almirante de la armada estadounidense Richard Byrd pasó cinco meses solo en una estación meteorológica realizando diferentes estudios científicos. Este hecho por sí solo —el aislamiento en esos crudos meses … Continue reading →

April 22, 2014

10:40 PM | Eye-Opener: Naps Linked with Higher Risk of Death
Taking daytime naps is linked with an increased risk of death, a new study from England suggests.
7:22 PM | Trip to the Harry Potter Studios
So today I went to the Warner Bros. studio tour of Making Harry Potter. I’m not going to lie I was very excited and went a little snap happy. I’ve put a couple on this post but if you want to see a few more visit my tumblr post. It was an awesome day and […]
5:41 PM | The Paper Trail
Writers are often advised to keep a pen and paper within arm’s reach Advice for writers often includes having a notebook (or other means of note taking/ recording) on your person at all times, the idea being that you never know when you’re going to have a great idea. Insomniacs need to remember to have some kind of note-taking device on the night stand. People who tend to get their best ideas in the shower should consider investing in some waterproof paper and a pencil. In fact, […]
4:58 PM | DNews: Are Students Abusing Adderall?
Drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are used by students to treat ADHD. They're intended to help these individuals concentrate, but Laci explains why some students might be taking them too much.
3:50 PM | Loch Ness Monster on Apple Maps? Why Satellite Images Fool Us
A satellite photograph has many people wondering whether the elusive Loch Ness monster might have been photographed from space.
3:30 PM | DNews: Why Do Some People Become Alcoholics?
Often misunderstood, alcoholism is a very serious issue all across the globe. Trace explains what it means to be an addict, and why the issue has a strong root in the brain.
11:56 AM | Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference
This week is the annual Society for American Archaeology conference in Austin, TX. At the meeting, I’m lucky enough to be involved in a number of great talks and forums this […]
9:00 AM | Microbiomes and complexity
Obesity -- the more we know, the less we seem to know -- or, at least, the more complicated it gets.  But, have heart!  Because this is turning out to be true of much of biology.  The more we learn about cellular mechanisms, how genes work, gene networks, the effects of medications, the relationship between diet and disease, the effects of environmental exposures on risk, and so much else, the better we understand that reductionist science is not necessarily the best way to […]
7:00 AM | There Is A Spider That Is Almost Completely Vegetarian
We think of spiders as viciously predatory, injecting venom into their prey and sucking out the liquefied innards. However, there is one species of spider, called the Bagheera kiplingi, that subsists almost entirely on nutrient-rich leaf tips. Scientists are somewhat baffled as to how this spider developed a vegetarian diet or even how it manages to digest plant matter in the first place. The post There Is A Spider That Is Almost Completely Vegetarian appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
3:36 AM | Bones - Season 9, Episode 22 (Review)
The Nail in the CoffinEpisode SummaryA family out camping has a corpse fall on them. Saroyan calls Booth but asks Brennan to stay home, since she thinks there may be a Ghost Killer link.  Brennan disobeys and comes to the scene anyway. Edison, who is on the scene first, notes the lack of a prominent glabella, suggesting the victim was female.  Based on predation, blowflies, and road beetles, Hodgins estimates she's been dead 8 to 10 days. Brennan immediately looks for an avulsion […]

April 21, 2014

10:05 PM | What did the Egyptians eat?
There’s something mystical and wonderful about Ancient Egypt. It is one of the first historical eras that really captured my imagination as a child. In many ways, I think this […]
9:30 PM | Humans May Have Left Africa Earlier Than Thought
Modern humans may have dispersed in more than one wave of migration out of Africa, and they may have done so earlier than scientists had long thought.
6:07 PM | Neanderthals Had Shallow Gene Pool, Study Says
The first detailed picture of genetic variation among Neanderthals indicates they may have lived in small, isolated groups that had little contact with each other.
3:45 PM | DNews: The Science of Internet Comments
Is YouTube filled with rude commenters, and does science back that up? Tara examines a new study that compared the comments on YouTube with the comments on other video streaming websites.
2:55 PM | How Did Maui Stowaway Survive in Jet's Wheel Well?
A 16-year-old boy hitches a ride in the wheel well of a 767 from San Jose, Calif., to Maui. Continue reading →
2:20 PM | Boston Marathon Defies Terror Attacks One Year On
The Boston Marathon returned Monday, April 21, amid a major security presence prompted by last year's deadly bombings.
9:00 AM | Earths galore: we're getting closer...but to what?
Well, NASA's done it again.  They've found another exciting planet lurking in the depths of near space.  This time, the BBC proclaims, we have Kepler find 186f (illustrated, even!), the best one yet and (maybe) it (could) be watery!  It seems that the news cycle isn't just 24/7, but longer: every time NASA can release the story about some newly found somewhat-earthlike rock, the news outlet pick it up as if it were the first time and nobody can remember that we've seen […]
8:47 AM | DNews: Can Men Suffer From Postpartum Depression?
When new moms experience postpartum depression, it can last for months or even years. Can fathers go through the same thing? Laci discusses why young men might want to wait to have children.
8:30 AM | DNews: Is Sex REALLY Exercise?
It's commonly believed that sexual intercourse is a great alternative to exercise. Is there any truth to this? Join Trace for a thorough debunking of this myth.
7:00 AM | The Clove Tree That Defied An Empire
In the 1600s, the Netherlands United East India Company controlled the Indonesian spice trade. All clove trees that didn't belong to them were destroyed, with only 800--1,000 tons of cloves allowed out each year, giving them a monopoly on clove prices. However, one free tree remained. A Frenchman stole some seeds from it and took them to other countries, taking away the company's monopoly on the trade. The post The Clove Tree That Defied An Empire appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.
6:14 AM | Siete días … 14 a 20 de abril
En esta nueva sección pretendo destacar los avances científicos que se han producido en la semana que termina, con enlaces directos a las noticias más relevantes e incluyendo los artículos originales para que el lector pueda acudir directamente a la fuente … Continue reading →

April 20, 2014

6:00 PM | Improbable Resurrections: 5 Real Cases
In celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Christ, here are some stories of people being revived against all odds, including from rabies, coma, catatonic states and brain-eating amoebas.
7:00 AM | The Terrifying Hannibal Lecter Was Based On A Real Criminal
One of the all-time scariest fictional villains, Hannibal Lecter has terrified moviegoers and book lovers for over 30 years. However, what's even scarier is the fact that the liver-eating cannibal was based on a real killer. Alfredo Balli Trevino was a Mexican doctor who met Thomas Harris in the 1960s and left a very strong impression on the young writer. The post The Terrifying Hannibal Lecter Was Based On A Real Criminal appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

April 19, 2014

6:05 PM | DNews: Why You Get Angry When You're Hungry
Are you easily made angry whenever you're very hungry, and then as soon as you eat, you're fine? Why does this happen? Laci explains the science of being "Hangry."
7:00 AM | When Al Capone Was Literally Stabbed In The Back
Al Capone might be the most notorious mobster in American history, but he wasn't a match for James "Tex" Lucas. This 22-year-old bank robber wasn't afraid of anybody. And when the Texas crook met the Chicago gangster in Alcatraz, they didn't exactly get along. The post When Al Capone Was Literally Stabbed In The Back appeared first on KnowledgeNuts.

April 18, 2014

10:38 PM | What do you do on a Friday Evening?! Apparently I Learn About Duck Sexual Organs!
So I just finished watching a film and was just looking through my tumblr when I cam across the cartoon above. I had guessed that it was referring to a ducks penis but curiosity and wanting to check the facts got the better of me. A quick Google search brought up an article from sciencedaily.com […]
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