September 02, 2014

11:41 AM | What should editors do when referees disagree?
Journal referees often disagree. Referee disagreements can be challenging for editors to handle. How should editors deal with them? One common approach, especially among editors at selective journals, is to just reject the paper. That is, anything other than unanimous … Continue reading →
11:02 AM | Finding Better Ways of Mining Scientific Publications
Mendeley is supporting the 3rd edition of the International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, which will take place on the 12th September 2014 in London. The event will bring together researchers and practitioners from across industry, government, digital libraries and academia to address the latest challenges in the field of mining data from scientific publications. […]
11:00 AM | Dogs, Math and Computers: How One Researcher Gets His Ideas
Where does inspiration come from? One researcher talks about artificial intelligence, computer science, and working with dogs.
9:37 AM | Tristan adventure 1: journey & arrival
Tristan Adventure 1: Journey and arrival Hello outside world! I’m safely ensconced in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the capital (and only settlement) of Tristan da Cunha. For those just joining us, this trip to the most remote inhabited island in the world (some 2100 km south of St. Helena (which is, itself, not close […]
1:53 AM | Interview with Alain Prochiantz
How can you tell the difference between two proteins if the antibodies are not specific? This was a problem that researchers studying the cortex came across when determining the function of Otx2. In a recent F1000Research article, researchers from France and Italy found a solution. In this interview, one of the study’s authors, Alain [...]
12:37 AM | Catching Up, Part I: Meeting with Former Research Students at ASM in Boston in May.
You know, I keep meaning to post more often.  Then, as John Lennon famously observed, "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans."  So I am trying to post in a more regular fashion. Lots and lots to do, as is true for most of us; life is a juggling act. I have two courses this Fall semester:  one is my normal and much beloved Microbiology course (which I continue to want to call "Microbial Diversity," since I only get the one chance to promote Microbial […]

September 01, 2014

3:32 PM | New on F1000Research – 1 September 2014
A selection of new content on F1000Research from the past week. To receive notification of all new articles, sign up for our table of contents alerts. First of all, we hope you’ve all had time to check our our brand new homepage design. This new design includes not just the weekly featured article, but also regularly [...]
12:00 PM | Links Roundup #23
Note that this is an extra Links Roundup article. I have simply gathered too much stuff, and must publish another roundup in order to get “caught up”. Enjoy! Design Hackdesign is a web site that offers 44 lessons in design.  … Continue reading → The post Links Roundup #23 appeared first on Personal Knowledge Management for Academia & Librarians.
11:44 AM | Improving Long-term Healthcare with Crowdfunded Community Partnership
  Collaboration and community are at the heart of bringing research to life in ways that make a real difference to people’s lives, specially when it comes to advances in healthcare. So this time we give a shout out to an interesting crowdfunding project that was launched yesterday to try and do just that: By […]
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