September 09, 2014

10:30 AM | This Is What Science Looks Like At NC State: Miguel A. Acosta
Miguel Acosta discusses his research concerning the development and characterization of microfluidic devices to study cancer.

September 08, 2014

11:27 PM | ant-advancednerdtheories: ucresearch: Seeing a supernovae...
ant-advancednerdtheories: ucresearch: Seeing a supernovae within hours of the explosion For the first time ever, scientists have gathered direct evidence of a rare Wolf-Rayet star being linked to a specific type of stellar explosion known as a Type IIb supernova. Peter Nugent of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says they caught this star – a whopping 360 million light years away – just a few hours after it exploded. Hear more about this discovery → How is […]
9:09 PM | Sometimes It Takes a Death to Teach Me About the Depths of Others...
I just received some sad news, so here is a short post to express how I feel about it.  As the poem by Delmore Schwartz, "Calmly We Walk through This April's Day,"  goes:"Time is the fire in which we burn..."But it goes on to add:"Time is the school in which we learn...."While I was in graduate school, one of the professors I saw around the building was Dr. Robert Schimke. He liked to tease and carry on, and I admit I didn't know him all that well. I kept my head low much of the time, […]
6:17 PM | College-Rating Proposal Shines Spotlight on Powerful Lobby
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The annual meeting of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities this year had the tone of a revival meeting. “We have been under steady, unrelenting pressure,” declared the organization’s president, David Warren, who spoke of “an overreaching executive branch” he said sought to use unreliable statistics to measure the effectiveness of higher-education institutions that are vastly different from each other. Warren was […]
6:10 PM | ASCB President-Elect Walter Wins Lasker
The UPR has unfolded into the 2014 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award for ASCB President-Elect Peter Walter. A Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Walter was named co-winner winner today along with Kazutoshi Mori of Kyoto University for their independent but closely related work on untangling the unfolded protein response or UPR, a signaling pathway that protects cells by […]
5:19 PM | Seeing a supernovae within hours of the explosion For the first...
Seeing a supernovae within hours of the explosion For the first time ever, scientists have gathered direct evidence of a rare Wolf-Rayet star being linked to a specific type of stellar explosion known as a Type IIb supernova. Peter Nugent of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says they caught this star – a whopping 360 million light years away – just a few hours after it exploded. Hear more about this discovery →
1:22 PM | Ecology Letters now allows preprints; and why this is a big deal for ecology
As announced by Noam Ross on Twitter (and confirmed by the Editor in Chief of Ecology Letters), Ecology Letters will now allow the submission of manuscripts that have been posted as preprints. Details will be published in an editorial in Ecology Letters. I want to say a heartfelt thanks to Marcel Holyoak and the entire […]
1:02 PM | Dr. Botstein Buys a Book
It was the one of the very few moments in his life when he was truly speechless, says Malcolm Campbell. He was at the 2013 ASCB spring Council meeting in Washington, DC, seated next to fellow ASCB councilor David Botstein who had just won one of the new $3 million Breakthrough Awards in Life Sciences. Waiting for the meeting to come to order, Campbell, a professor at Davidson College in North Carolina and a leading proponent of research-driven reform in undergraduate biology education, […]
12:17 PM | Externalizing Responsibility.
In my work as a systems engineer in a hospital, I have a regular challenge that I face. Once I am called in to examine and model a system, I am almost invariably told that the true problem lies outside that system’s boundaries. The OR can’t fix its own turn-around time, because the real problem […]
12:00 PM | This device can improve your quality of life
It’s easier to get work done if we use time efficiently and work to stay healthy. If I had to give a recommendation for something that can help out with those two things, near the top of the list would be: use a pressure cooker. Don’t have time to cook a real dinner? With a pressure cooker, you do. If…
11:09 AM | Content Curation Tools 2: Alternatives to!
Back in May, we explored one of today’s most popular content curation tools:! Today I would like to broaden that discussion and look at a number of other alternatives to!. There are different aspects of content curation that … Continue reading → The post Content Curation Tools 2: Alternatives to! appeared first on Personal Knowledge Management for Academia & Librarians.
11:00 AM | Where do you look for academic jobs in ecology?
It’s job season! If you’re on the market for an academic position, where do you look?* Here are the resources I know of. Suggest others in the comments! Ecology and Evolution-specific resources: Ecology jobs wiki, 2014-2015 edition Ecolog evoldir More … Continue reading →
10:34 AM | New on F1000Research – 8 September 2014
A selection of new and featured content on F1000Research from the past week. To receive notification of all new articles, sign up for our table of contents alerts.   Featured article collection The Elasmobranch Biology & Conservation Collection acts as a scholarly hub for original research, ecologically important observations, data sets, computational tools and commentaries relating to [...]
8:27 AM | Tristan Adventure 2: why am I here?
Why, one might ask, would a Canadian scientist working in the UK travel via South Africa to the most remote inhabited island in the world? The answer involves 19th-century British garrisons, fishing boats in Brazil and Namibia, Napoleon, a helicopter, and my mad Photoshop skillz. Tristan da Cunha comprises 4 main and 2 smaller islands.  […]
5:47 AM | Your Brain On Coffee
In this video the effects of caffeine on the brain are explained. Want to know the half life of caffeine? Watch the video.   Related posts:Brain-healthy lifestyle Video Games Affect The Brain, Good or Bad? Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression
2:08 AM | Teaching Sorting
For many years now, while teaching the introductory Algorithms and Data Structures, I have told students that we won't be starting with (or really covering) sorting and searching, because it's boring.  While that description is an exaggeration (the students see mergesort [an example of divide and conquer] and heapsort [heaps are important as an implementation of priority queues for Dijkstra's algorithm]), I've never thought that staring this class with a long unit on sorting/searching […]

September 07, 2014

2:05 PM | Increase in Student Transfers Worrying Alumni Offices
Maya Gunaseharan spent her first year in college at American University, then transferred to Cornell. And that was after 12 years at a private school in New Jersey. Now all three ask her to contribute money. “I do feel a pull, because I had a really great first year at American,” said Gunaseharan, who is 24. “But I’ve seen a very clear return as a result of my degree from Cornell. So I absolutely feel the tension about who to give to.” Universities and colleges are […]
12:14 PM | We strapped this baby into a chair. You won’t believe what happened next!
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September 06, 2014

1:30 PM | Back to school inspiration
The beginning of September marks the traditional start of a new school year, even if in reality, many start sooner or later. A few pieces of back-to-school inspiration: The first is a blog post, How to lean anything better by tweaking your mindset. The post describes a study in which two groups were taught the […]
11:21 AM | Crystal histories and mysteries revealed
A new film tells the intricate tale of a 100 year old science that completely changed our view of the world A new and multifaceted gem of a film produced by one of Britains flashiest scientific facilities, the Diamond Light Source, explores the histories and mysteries of X-ray crystallography. The technique emerged from early 20th century physics but its power to reveal the inner atomic and molecular structures of matter has revolutionised mineralogy, chemistry and biology and remains a driving […]
10:26 AM | “Cyranoids”: Stanley Milgram’s Creepiest Experiment
Imagine that someone else was controlling your actions. You would still look like you, and sound like you, but you wouldn’t be the one deciding what you did and what you said. Now consider: would anyone notice the difference? In this nightmarish scenario, you would be a “cyranoid” – in the terminology introduced by psychologist […]The post “Cyranoids”: Stanley Milgram’s Creepiest Experiment appeared first on Neuroskeptic.

Corti K & Gillespie A (2014). Revisiting Milgram's Cyranoid Method: Experimenting With Hybrid Human Agents., The Journal of Social Psychology, PMID:


September 05, 2014

5:10 PM | The Chocolate Diet? Eating chocolate may not be as unhealthy as...
The Chocolate Diet? Eating chocolate may not be as unhealthy as you think, as long as you don’t over do it. A new study at the University of California, San Diego, has found that subjects who ate single servings of chocolate, more frequently, were five to seven pounds lighter than those who ate none at all. The researchers could not explain precisely why something usually loaded with sugar, fat and calories would have a beneficial effect on weight. But they suspect that antioxidants and […]
4:32 PM | In Illinois, Preschool Access is Worst for Latinos
How to break the vicious cycle of poverty and academic failure is one of the most troublesome questions of our time, but this much we know: High-quality preschool helps children from poor families prepare for kindergarten and beyond. Yet as the child poverty rate is climbing, those are the kids least likely to attend such programs. A new report by the research and advocacy group Voices for Illinois Children provides insight into the extent of the disparities in that state, along racial and […]
4:06 PM | Open Science News – 5 September 2014
Some quick links  from this week’s news in Open Science: A Creative Commons guide to sharing your science. By Puneet Kishor of Creative Commons. How being online changes how we think about the traditional research paper. By Shauna Gordon-McKeon on US agency updates rules on sharing genomic data. By Richard van [...]
4:01 PM | Jerry Brown: Fighting Back on Vergara
Back in June Rolf M. Treu of the Los Angeles Superior Court, the judge in an education lawsuit, Vergara v. California, determined that the state’s policies on teacher tenure constituted a civil rights violation against students. The legal, and factual, validity of this thinking was a little questionable. Many argued that this was really an attempt to undermine labor protections, though even many pundits sympathetic to labor rights admitted that the state’s policy of granting […]
2:52 PM | Memory and the Lack Thereof.
This past week, back in St. Louis, I attended two of my old meetings, my Sunday mixed and my Wednesday men’s. It was an interesting experience. I had a good time in St. Louis. I was able to see many old friends and show BB around my old haunts, and the home I still own […]
12:13 PM | Meet the 2014 Arthropod Ecology Lab!
Welcome back to the new Academic term!  We had our first lab meeting yesterday, and made sure to run outside to get a “Start of year” lab photo: From left to right we are: Yifu Wang, Anne-Sophie Caron, Sarah Loboda, Shaun Turney, Chris Buddle, Elyssa Cameron, Jessica Turgeon, Crystal Ernst, Etienne Normandin, and Chris Cloutier. […]
11:27 AM | Friday links: is ecology’s explanatory power really declining that much, John Harte vs. Tony Ives, and more
Also this week: the wisdom of Randall Munroe, banning students from emailing you, the benefits of active learning, and more. Oh, and buried in one of the entries is the story of how “functional groups” are a statistical artifact. From … Continue reading →
10:58 AM | Miscellaneous research musings
In these valuable weeks before the new semester begins, I’ve been dividing my time between preparing new lectures and research, or at least research planning. In this post I’ll discuss my research plans for the coming year. I normally hope to get ideas for new research topics from conferences I’ve attended, and Eurodim 2014 certainly […]
10:11 AM | F1000Research on the road
Did you know that F1000Research staff regularly attend conferences and visit universities? Our September schedule includes visits to institutes and meetings in Hong Kong/China, the UK, US, France, and Germany. Come say hello if you’re nearby! September 7-10: European Conference on Computational Biology, Strasbourg – Michaela Torkar (Editorial Director) September 8: Chinese University of [...]
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