August 26, 2014

3:46 PM | Climate change from an investor’s perspective
Useful angle to think about climate change from an investor’s perspective. Investors are always balancing risk and maybe this is a great way to think about climate change. As this article demonstrates, when you look at global temperature means … Continue reading →

August 07, 2014

7:28 PM | Energy planning needs to include the “human component”
Nice post on the importance of the social aspect of energy use – hopefully not behind a paywall? Reminds me of my very first post on this site, just over 3 years ago!

August 04, 2014

5:46 PM | Does an interdisciplinary focus distort a journal’s IF?
An interesting read about the trajectory of the impact factor (IF) of PLoS ONE: There has been a lot of criticism towards the over-reliance on IF as a quantitative metric for researcher evaluation purposes.  This article touches on a … Continue reading →

July 29, 2014

4:09 PM | Fracking regulations go political
  If they weren’t already, fracking and fracking regulations are becoming more and more political.  Colorado is at the forefront of this debate due to the proximity of extraction operations and affluent communities such as Boulder, CO.  Several of these communities … Continue reading →
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