November 25, 2014

2:18 PM | Geosonnet 20
The cratered lunar face preserves the song Of bolide roller derbies eons past But while the cold dead moon remembers long The rains of Earth reshape the surface fast. Did impacts peak four billion years ago? Or taper off through geologic time? Archean rocks are analysed to know micaceous balls were hot glass in their prime. This impact melt was blasted into space By comets larger than the dino's

November 20, 2014

12:12 PM | The wrong kind of Bang
In science education and popularization, there is a delicate balance that must be struck between overcomplicating and oversimplifying. Insufficient simplification can result in overly obtuse deviation into secondary details, which confuse and distract the readers and derail the flow of the prose.  Excess simplification can be wrong.  And this is where the Medium article by Ethan Siegel of “

November 18, 2014

2:09 PM | Geosonnet 19
The Permian extinction was severe, though only callous geos call it "great." Sulfur and carbon choked the atmosphere Siberian eruption exhalate. A lava-coal explosion, it’s surmised Spread fly ash all around the sickly Earth, But if this ash is made by wildfire, The evidence for coal fly ash is dearth. A sulfate drought could set the world aflame, The brimstone vapors choking off the

November 16, 2014

12:25 PM | This is how I like to eat slugs
Slugs are full of protein, but it is dangerous to eat them raw.  So I process them by using a pack of domesticated dinosaurs to turn the slimy molluscs into slimy egg yolk.  This has the added bonus of keeping them off of the vegetables. Everybody wins.

November 11, 2014

2:52 PM | Geosonnet 18
The Vikings lived in Greenland 'till in cooled. Ten thousand years before, as glac'ers thawed, Melt water in the North Atlantic pooled, The Younger Dryas cold snap shocked and awed. In Norway, glaciers reappeared on high, Above the fjords where stoic Norse rule lapsed. Then Carolina icebergs floated by, As Greenland outlet glaciers collapsed. Why would cold make this icecap melt, not grow?

November 04, 2014

2:20 PM | Geosonnet 17
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