March 04, 2015

6:00 PM | Humans Emerged Much Earlier Than Thought
The very first human dates to at least 2.3 million years ago, a new study concludes, suggesting that the origins of our genus could go back 3 million years ago.
6:00 PM | Remains of First Known Human Found in Ethiopia
Newly unearthed remains push back the origin of our genus by an incredible 400,000 years.
2:20 PM | Why Conformity Is So Hard to Resist
Breaking the stranglehold of conformity only takes a few outliers.

March 03, 2015

7:00 PM | Adults Only Really Catch Flu About Twice a Decade
Think you have the flu? If you're over 30, chances are you don't.
4:01 PM | DNews: Why Do We Get Headaches?
Most of us know what it's like to suddenly go "eeeyow!!" when a headache decides to pay a visit. A common tension headache is annoying; a stabbing migraine can be debilitating. Find why and how our noggins get achy.
4:00 PM | Origins of HIV Virus Strains Traced to Gorillas
Gorillas in southern Cameroon appear to be the source for the second-most-lethal category of the HIV virus that infects humans.

March 02, 2015

10:30 PM | Albino Toddler in Africa Killed for Witchcraft
An albino toddler was abducted and butchered for his body parts in Africa for use in magic spells, possibly on behalf of politicians. Continue reading →
1:42 PM | DNews: Why Coconut Oil Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be
Coconut oil seems to be all the rage these days. Is there nothing it cannot cure or help? But, sadly, it turns out the wonder oil from this hard-shelled palm tree adornment may be more fad than fantastic.

February 27, 2015

4:53 PM | DNews: Promising Tests in Battle Against HIV
Researchers have found encouraging results in tests on monkeys of a new gene therapy strategy that leaves HIV unable to replicate. It's still early, but the treatment at least offers hope in science's duel with the virus.
2:20 PM | The 'What Color Is This Dress?' Debate Explained
Do you see blue or gold? Find out why...
12:23 PM | DNews: A New Reason Why Soda Could Mess with Your Health
Everybody knows soda isn't exactly at the tip-top of a healthy diet, and now a new study finds a particular ingredient in the fizzy drinks has generated evidence of tumors in mice! Is it safe to have our pop?

February 26, 2015

7:45 PM | 'Big Brain' Gene Found in Humans, Not Chimps
A single gene may have paved the way for the rise of human intelligence by dramatically increasing the number of brain cells found in a key brain region.
4:59 PM | Heads Up! Human Head Transplant in the Works
A human head transplant is within our reach, claims a doctor who's looking to form a team to try it. Continue reading →
4:15 PM | DNews: How Come Humans Don't Just Keep Getting Bigger?
Some of us are tall, some of us short, some just average height. Clearly, save the occasional exception, our species seems to have hit a height, er, ceiling? What keeps us from being fee-fi-fo-fumming giants?
2:11 PM | Sinkhole Swallows South Korean Couple: Video
The sinkhole suddenly opened up at their feet on a paved sidewalk in Seoul. Fortunately they were not seriously hurt.

February 25, 2015

8:00 PM | Food Additives Linked to Weight Gain, Inflammation
Food additives that are commonly used to thicken processed foods may disrupt the bacterial makeup of the gut, causing health problems.
4:00 PM | People in Snowy, Cold States Sleep Longer
Cold and snowy weather make you sleepy? Research shows that's not uncommon.
2:12 PM | DNews: Why Do We Have Sex?
Aside from the pleasurable feelings that come with it, evolutionarily speaking why do humans have to have sex to keep the species going when it doesn't seem the most efficient way to go?
1:00 PM | Ideal Lash Length Follows One-Third Rule
Researchers have discovered the ideal lash length that protects your eyes from dust and damage.
12:00 PM | 'Witchcraft' Used to Fight Sex Trafficking in Africa
An innovative British effort to stem sex trafficking in Africa uses belief in magic and witchcraft to help victims. Continue reading →
9:20 AM | DNews: Kombucha Tea: Cure-All or Useless Brew?
Kombucha tea has been a faddish drink for the health-conscious for decades. Are its touted benefits the real deal or the stuff of rainbows and unicorns?

February 24, 2015

2:40 PM | Eating Peanuts Early Could Prevent Allergy in Infants
With peanut allergies on the rise worldwide, a study found that contrary to previous advice, feeding foods containing peanuts to babies before 11 months of age may help prevent allergies.

February 23, 2015

4:44 PM | Saunas May Help You Live Longer
Sweating it out in the sauna is good for your heart, suggests new research, which links saunas to the longer lives, at least among men.

February 21, 2015

9:00 PM | One of World's Largest Residential Towers Gutted by Fire
Hundreds of panicked residents fled one of the tallest towers in Dubai early Saturday as a huge fire engulfed the skyscraper, causing extensive damage to its luxury flats.
3:15 PM | Quotable Science: Claude Levi-Strauss
Claude Levi-Strauss, a French anthropologist and philosopher, revolutionized modern anthropology. Continue reading →

February 20, 2015

4:44 PM | Drug-Resistant Malaria Parasite Spreading
Parasites resistant to the frontline malaria drug have spread westward from southeast Asia to just short of the Indian border.
Editor's Pick
4:25 PM | DNews: Paleo Platter: What Did Ancient Humans Really Eat?
Recent dietary fads, such as going paleo, suggest we should get back to eating the way we did before agriculture came along. But, as in much else in life, there are no easy or perfect answers when it comes to the foods we choose.
1:47 PM | Explainer: What Is Scientology?
Ever since its founding in 1954 by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology has confused people about what it really is. Is it a religion? A cult? A commercial enterprise? Julia Wilde explains more about Scientology and its adherents.
12:00 PM | American Snipers Employ Tech to Get Their Targets
High-tech devices can help or hinder the shot.

February 19, 2015

9:15 PM | Alaska Is the Happiest State in the Nation
The nation's largest and most northern state scored highest in the 2014 Gallup-Healthways' annual survey of well-being.
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