September 19, 2014

1:00 PM | Slippery Banana Study Wins Top Ig Noble Prize
This year's winners of the dubious prize include those who learned why banana peels are slipper and why we see Jesus in toast.

September 18, 2014

3:52 PM | DNA Places Third Group in European Descendent Mix
Mainstream theory was that Europeans descended from two groups: early farmers who moved into Europe and local hunter-gatherers they interbred with.
11:00 AM | How Ebola and Other Viruses Mutate
Viruses can disguise themselves in order to fool host cells and survive. Continue reading →
9:37 AM | DNews: How the Brain Adapts When a Chunk of It Is Missing
A woman in China recently saw a doctor because she was suffering from dizziness and nausea. It turns out she was missing a little something: her cerebellum! Trace explains how the brain can figure out workarounds when stuff it needs isn't there.

September 17, 2014

8:00 PM | Artificial Sweeteners May Boost Blood Sugar
Zero-calorie sweeteners may alter metabolism and increase blood-sugar levels, at least in mice and some people.
7:00 PM | Facts About the Ebola Virus
You’ve heard about the killer virus in the news, but here are some things about it you may not know.
3:15 PM | And the Winner of World's Happiest Country Is ...
The Global Well-Being Index gauges people's perceptions of their well-being by looking at financial status and other factors.
1:37 PM | Explainer: Student Loans and What Happens If You Don't Pay Up
With today's graduates facing a cratered job market, and student debt now in excess of $1 Trillion, what are the consequences for people who default on their student loans?
12:05 PM | Bring Back Our Girls? Boko Haram and the Forgotten Captives
Five months after the abduction of nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria, the prospects for their safe return seem more remote than ever. Here's why. Continue reading →
11:00 AM | Why the Military May Be Best at Containing Ebola
Moving people and equipment and coordinating efforts is key to battling crisis.

September 16, 2014

5:01 PM | DNews: How Common is Domestic Violence?
With domestic violence cases much in the news of late, Tara takes a look at some statistics to help define the scope of the problem and wonders if perpetrators of abuse can be identified before they strike.
4:23 PM | Vegetative Man's Brain Responds to Hitchcock Movie
Brain scans of a man who has been in a vegetative state for 16 years match brain scans of healthy viewers. Continue reading →
3:55 PM | Could Ebola Become Airborne?
Although one expert has voiced concern that the Ebola virus could gain the ability to spread through the air, others say this scenario is extremely unlikely.
3:00 PM | Schizophrenia Is Actually Eight Genetic Disorders
A novel approach to analyzing genetic influences has allowed researchers to identify distinct gene clusters that contribute to eight different classes of schizophrenia.
1:00 PM | U.S. Sends 3,000 Troops to W.Africa to 'Turn Tide' on Ebola
U.S. Africa Command will set up a headquarters in the Sierra Leone capital Monrovia to act as a command and control center for U.S. military and international relief programs.

September 15, 2014

9:35 PM | 'Um' vs. 'Uh' May Reveal Where You Live
Twitter data reveals a geographic basis for what 'filler' words people tend to use. Continue reading →
4:49 PM | DNews: Inside the Mind of a Fanboy
What makes some people take the simple notion of enjoying a product into the realm of passionate, borderline-irrational fanboy adulation? Ross Everett schools us on fanboy psychology.
3:11 PM | Explainer: The Pros and Cons for States Legalizing Marijuana
Trace examines the benefits and drawbacks of legalizing weed, looking at states that already have laws on the books permitting its use.
11:25 AM | DNews: Why Do We Get Hiccups?
They come without warning, overstay their welcome, and drive us to distraction. Surprise house guests? Nope -- hiccups! We've all been tormented by them, but what causes them? Tara and Nick Uhas have some answers.

September 14, 2014

4:00 PM | Why Do We Love Football, at Any Cost?
The league is plagued with problems from domestic abuse among its players, drug use, fear of brain injuries and more. So why do fans keep coming back?

September 12, 2014

7:48 PM | Men Say Women 'Not As Hot' After Age 21
A new book finds that women in their 20s look the best to men, even as men age. Continue reading →
3:00 PM | 7 Ways Your Body Betrays You
Perhaps we trust our bodies too much. Our brains and senses fool us on almost a daily basis. Here’s how.
11:30 AM | Photos Show Another Troubling Contact with Isolated Tribe
An apparent missionary and other outsiders are shown giving clothes and other gifts to children from an isolated indigenous tribe.
8:55 AM | DNews: On Happiness Scale, Experiences Trump Cool Stuff
A new study takes a serious look at happiness and finds that material possessions take a back seat to memorable life experiences.

September 11, 2014

6:10 PM | Activating Gene Could Delay Aging Through Body
A gene studied in fruit flies, and shared by humans, is activated leading to an increased lifespan.
4:55 PM | DNews: Male Birth Control Drug Waiting in the Wings
A new gel injection currently being tested has shown success as a form of male birth control -- at least it has in bunnies and baboons! If all goes according to plan, human trials could begin as soon as 2015.
12:11 PM | DNews: Can Bras Cause Cancer?
Thanks to assertions made in a popular book nine years ago, many people wonder to this day if there are any links between bras and cancer. Tara busts this myth with science.

September 10, 2014

8:30 PM | What If ISIS Manages to Get Its Own State?
An ISIS nation could be worse than Taliban rule in Afghanistan.
3:55 PM | Are You More Ethical in the Morning?
New research shows you're more likely to make better ethical decisions when you're most alert. Continue reading →
8:45 AM | DNews: Is Marijuana Addictive?
Laci Green reports on a new addiction study of more than 100 adolescents, with results that might surprise the "weed isn't addictive" crowd.
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