July 21, 2014

11:58 PM | Why the Malaysian Jet Crash Sparks Conspiracies
The circumstances of the downed Malaysian airplane in Ukraine made it ripe for conspiracy theories.
5:00 PM | Talking to Strangers Can Make You Happier
Public transit commutes are more enjoyable when you actually talk to the person sitting inches away from you, new research shows. Continue reading →

July 19, 2014

8:00 AM | DNews: Will Texting Be the Death of Spelling and Grammar?
Is all of the texting we do burying the language as we know it? If ur all idk, prob could b! Ross Everett pops in to DNews to tell grammar nerds far and wide if all hope is lost.

July 18, 2014

5:52 PM | What's in Store for Those Who Downed Malaysian Jet?
When a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet was shot down over Ukraine, speculation about who was behind it began immediately. While it's too soon to know who was responsible, Trace examines what the ramifications might be for the guilty.
1:00 PM | Why Were Commercial Jets Still Flying Over Ukraine?
The downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine has raised questions about why the company persisted in flying in conflict-zone airspace.

July 17, 2014

7:40 PM | How Hard Is It to Shoot Down a Plane?
Radar launching systems are easy to use, but data can be misinterpreted.
4:30 PM | Malaysian Passenger Jet Crashes in Ukraine
A Malaysian airliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in east Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels are battling government forces, Russian and Ukrainian news agencies reported, citing aviation and security sources.
1:18 PM | DNews: Risk Factors That Make You Ripe for Online Fraud
Lost your job? Feeling depressed? Such emotion-packed situations might put you in the cross hairs of an online scammer. Tara explains.
8:50 AM | DNews: Health Benefits May Be Hiding in Your Spice Rack
From cinnamon to thyme to rosemary, some of your favorite spices could offer more to your day than just a nice bit of flavor.

July 15, 2014

5:14 PM | DNews: Can Binge-Drinking in Teenagers Be Predicted?
Neurologists found a way to predict -- with 70 percent accuracy -- which 14-year-olds will become binge drinkers by age 16. Find out the details from Laci.
4:20 PM | Bad Habit? You Can Forget About It
Getting rid of some habits is as easy as forgetting that you learned them, according to a new study. Continue reading →

July 14, 2014

10:00 PM | Friends Have More DNA in Common Than Strangers
People unsuspectingly choose friends who share parts of the same DNA, a new genetic analysis finds.
8:31 PM | Stress Slows Metabolism
Eating a high-fat meal after a stressful day led to calories burning more slowly, reports a new study. Continue reading →
5:40 PM | Pope Francis Calls Celibacy a 'Problem'
Pope Francis hints at lifting the ban on priests marrying and acknowledges the presence of paedophiles in the clergy.
3:00 PM | Brain-Eating Amoeba Thrives in Warm, Fresh Water
The recent death of a young girl due to a brain-eating amoeba serves as a reminder of this deadly organism, which can infect summer swimmers, neti pot users and others.
2:48 PM | The DNews Explainer: Why Is There So Much Violence in Chicago?
With 60 people shot there in one holiday weekend alone, people inside and outside of Chicago are wondering what's behind all the bloodshed.
8:45 AM | DNews: Alcohol and Pillow Talk: Why They Don't Mix
Sex and alcohol both make us feel good, but one of them is a bit of a liar in the long run. Trace explains which is the deceiver, and what each does to couples' communication skills.
5:20 AM | Earliest War Victims Lived Brutal Lives
A collection of 13,000-year-old bones from a northern Sudan cemetery reveal the horrific deaths of the humans in the area.

July 13, 2014

3:00 PM | Ancient Graffiti to Street Art: Rome Tells Its Story
From wealthy neighborhoods in the city's north to working class suburbs in the south, Romans are not shy about scrawling on walls.
2:50 PM | Photos: Rome's Street Art Has International Flair
In a city where fine arts academies abound, graffiti is both technical and gorgeous.
2:00 PM | DNews: Between Boredom and Pain, Humans Will Take Pain
In sad-but-true, and probably not even unexpected, news, researchers observed that an alarmingly high number of people would rather shock themselves than be bored. Tara has the details.
8:00 AM | DNews: Is Cycling Harmful for Men?
There's no question that cycling has major health benefits, putting your whole body into workout mode. But the debate rages on about whether all of that pedaling can cause a number of serious maladies in men.

July 12, 2014

7:00 PM | DNews: Can Certain Foods Trigger Bad Dreams?
Does sugar give you nightmares? What about eating some pasta or pizza? Will they have you sitting up straight in fear? Laci takes a look at the relationship between food and our shut-eye.
2:00 PM | DNews: What Makes Awkward Silence So, Well, Awkward?
We've all been there. Someone says something and them whooosh! Drop. Dead. Silence. What happens to the poor speaker of the words that caused the silence, as the agonizing dearth of noise unfolds?
12:40 PM | Star Maps Used by Aboriginals for Night Routes
Oral histories reveal that Aboriginal language groups have uses specific stars to remember waypoints while traveling.
12:00 PM | Legendary Jazz Bassist Charlie Haden Dies
Three-time Grammy Awards winner dies at age 76.

July 11, 2014

7:40 PM | Berkely Seeking Free Pot for Poor
The Berkeley City Council wants to require marijuana dispensaries to give 2 percent to the poor. Continue reading →
6:20 PM | Smallpox Vials Found: Could It Strike Again?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now running tests on six forgotten vials of smallpox recently discovered in an unsecured laboratory.
3:30 PM | Human Skin's Nine Most Amazing Features
Skin does much more than most people probably suspect.
1:43 PM | DNews: How Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Work Their Magic?
Psychedelic mushrooms have been around for thousands of years, and have been used for research purposes and in religious ceremonies. Tara has the skinny on how 'shrooms can expand one's mind.
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