December 12, 2014

4:30 PM | Forecasting the Sun’s Fury: How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Solar Flares
A couple of months ago, the sun sported the largest sunspot we’ve seen in the last 24 years. This monstrous spot, visible to the naked eye (that is, without magnification, but with protective eyewear... -- Read more on
2:55 PM | How Networks Are Revolutionizing Scientific (and Maybe Human) Thought
Science and common sense are alike grounded in human experience. Yet these ways of thinking about things are often in conflict. Sometimes the simplicity of most commonsense explanations can make it... -- Read more on

December 10, 2014

6:57 PM | Let’s Expand Terrestrial Parks into the Ocean
“A land ethic,” the great naturalist writer Aldo Leopold observed toward the end of his famous Sand County Almanac, “reflects the existence of an ecological conscience, and this in turn reflects a... -- Read more on

December 03, 2014

4:15 PM | Facing Up to Online Murder and Other Cybercrimes
A recent report from Europol’s European Cybercrime Center includes a forecast that the world’s first “online murder” will likely occur before the end of 2014. Obviously this is a frightening concept... -- Read more on

November 26, 2014

4:30 PM | Artificial Sweeteners May Have Despicable Impacts on Gut Microbes
I find it ironic that Thanksgiving coincides with American Diabetes Month. In honor of that irony, two recently published studies have suggested a possible link between what you eat, how it impacts... -- Read more on

November 25, 2014

4:05 PM | U.S. Particle Physics Program Aims for the Future
In the last few years, stories have abounded in the press of the successes of the Large Hadron Collider, most notably the discovery of the Higgs boson. This has led some to speculate that European... -- Read more on

November 21, 2014

2:27 PM | Battle of the ‘Staches Raises Money for Men’s Health
People who donate money or fundraise for a cause are often silent heroes. However, unlike many fundraising efforts, it’s readily apparent who’s participating in one that’s currently taking the nation... -- Read more on
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