August 20, 2014

8:05 PM | How Would Immortality Affect a Vampire’s Memory?
About 30 years ago I saw my first Jim Jarmusch movie, Stranger than Paradise at the Detroit Film Theatre, a popular site for indie film screening situated in the Detroit Institute of Arts. It is... -- Read more on

August 19, 2014

6:32 PM | Food Fraud: It’s What’s for Dinner?
What’s for dinner would seem to be one of life’s more straightforward questions. However, if my 36 years of food safety experience have taught me anything, it is that the answer to that question... -- Read more on

August 18, 2014

7:27 PM | Crop Diversity Is Key to Agricultural Climate Adaptation
News out of Harvard suggests that not only will climate change affect how food is grown, but it will also lower the nutrition levels of what is grown—wheat, corn and rice in particular. While this... -- Read more on

August 14, 2014

4:07 PM | Sea Star Deaths along the West Coast Elicit Close Study
People woke early to greet the low tide at Cannon Beach, Oregon, in late July. They wandered through sand to a pillar of stone at the edge of the Pacific called Haystack Rock. Some were looking up at... -- Read more on

August 13, 2014

3:36 PM | Europe Should Reject the Call to Eliminate Its Science Adviser
More and more often, societies around the world are facing a conflict that puts us all at risk. People reject scientific evidence when it does not fit their worldviews and values, challenging... -- Read more on

August 11, 2014

12:00 PM | The Glory of Math Is to Matter
In 1842, when the famed German mathematician Carl Gustav Jacobi was invited to speak to a scientific meeting in Manchester, he had a surprise in store for his English hosts. “It is the glory of... -- Read more on

August 08, 2014

6:00 PM | Why Is the Media Biased against Us, Not Them?
Since the outset of the most recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza, criticism has been leveled against the news media’s coverage of the crisis. A number of reporters have expressed their... -- Read more on

August 05, 2014

4:08 PM | Putting Rocket Raccoon’s Hippocampus Into Hyperdrive
Rocket Racoon is a stand out character in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s rebooted comic series, which was adapted into a movie that came out August 1. Rocket Racoon’s backstory is that he—and many... -- Read more on
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