April 12, 2014

10:51 AM | Debt of Gratitude—
I owe a large debt of gratitude to the BALDSCIENTIST, professor Oné R. Pagán. He kindly acknowledged me in his new book, The First Brain  The Neuroscience of Planarians. It is published by Oxford University Press, 2014. All too often, it is hard to understand the meaning of gratitude. Thank you very much, Oné.  
1:19 AM | NASA Releases Over 1000 of Their Computer Software Codes Hoping to Spark Innovation
Originally posted on Higher Learning:Yesterday (4/10/14), NASA officially launched their Tech Tansfer program, making the computer codes for over 1000 different NASA programs available to the public. NASA published the codes in an open-access software catalog, in the hopes that independent coders or software designers will provide innovations to the NSA. Front cover of…

April 08, 2014

When one enters the technical field (also known as STEM), there are certain guiding principles that are significant for one’s success. The biggest factor is having appropriate and good role models or mentors. Truth being, it is very hard to lift oneself with one’s bootstraps. The worst is the ‘dumbing down’ that mainstream media portrays […]

April 01, 2014

10:47 PM | Wave of the Future
Presently I am being published at decodedscience.com  & I am inviting anyone who would be interested in subscribing to the site to stop by and first take a look. Things being as they are with the publishing world—paper subscriptions are certainly not dead–but many of us spend time and our personal resources to find, write […]
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