November 12, 2014

8:33 PM | United States and China reach landmark carbon emissions deal
Originally posted on co2balance:Barack Obama and Xi Jinping have agreed a deal on cutting emissions into the 2020s The big news this morning is that the US and China have unveiled a “secretly negotiated deal” to reduce their greenhouse gas output, with China agreeing to cap emissions for the first time and the…

November 09, 2014

5:43 PM | Will anyone follow this route to low emission, low cost farming?
Can we stop cheap, climate-friendly fertiliser via the STEP process being like transport by jetpack – a promise destined to remain unkept?

Licht, S., Cui, B., Wang, B., Li, F., Lau, J. & Liu, S. (2014). Ammonia synthesis by N2 and steam electrolysis in molten hydroxide suspensions of nanoscale Fe2O3, Science, 345 (6197) 637-640. DOI: 10.1126/science.1254234

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