December 17, 2014

6:30 PM | What’s So Scary About A Nuclear-Armed Drone?
It's a plane designed for the war no one wants to fight. The Long Range Strike Bomber is the Air Force’s secretive and long-running project to develop the next generation of nuclear-armed bombers, designed to unload hell in hostile skies. And there's a chance that it'll be optionally manned, allowing it to fly some missions as a drone. Sounds pretty terrifying, right? Well, despite years of advancement in unmanned technology, military brass isn’t comfortable trusting a drone […]

December 15, 2014

6:00 PM | Russian Armored Car Concept Looks Like It Drove Out Of A Video Game
It’s hard out there for an armored car. Overshadowed by tanks, but less friendly than a minivan, armored cars have the unenviable duty of carrying troops to the front lines…

December 12, 2014

7:00 PM | Army Builds Airport Just For Drones
In the far Western corner of Texas, where the state almost spills over into New Mexico, the U.S. Army is building an airport for drones. Located within Fort Bliss, the new…

December 11, 2014

4:10 PM | Watch Jetman Fly In Formation Over Dubai In 4K Video
Dubai is an unreal city, where the buildings are gigantic, the police drive lamborghinis, and drones rescue window washers. And, very rarely, home to aerial acrobatics from…

December 10, 2014

4:00 PM | Watch The Navy Destroy A Drone With Lasers
With a flick of a videogame-like controller, the sailor locks the laser onto the drone in mid-air. Within seconds, there’s a flash of light and sparks, and the drone nosedives straight into the ocean, the latest victim of the U.S. Navy’s new Laser Weapon System (or LaWS). The laser, mounted on the USS Ponce, has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for months, and today the Office of Naval Research released video of the first successful, live-fire tests there. Watch […]

December 05, 2014

9:30 PM | NASA Uses Drone To Find Orion Capsule In The Pacific
The Predator drone is an iconic symbol of America’s current wars, and it’s younger -- but bigger -- Predator-B sibling often goes by the ominous name Reaper. In NASA’s…
6:15 PM | Can Birds Be Trained To Bring Down Drones?
As costs go down and ease of use goes up, more and more drones are going to enter American skies. Last month, the Federal Aviation Authority reported an increase in drones spotted near other aircraft, raising fears that an errant drone may imperil a manned airplane. But drones don’t just pose a risk to human-made aircraft. They can also threaten birds. In May, the National Park Service banned drones from Yosemite National Park, specifically noting that “drones can have […]

December 03, 2014

6:29 PM | Bio-Electric-Solar Hybrid Triplane Seeks Backers
If completed, the crowdfunded BEHA plane will pair two battery-powered electric turbines with solar panels, wind turbines, and a separate biodiesel engine, to fly through…

December 02, 2014

8:00 PM | Navy Dronifies Ship For Target Practice
Testing modern naval weapons in a realistic way is tricky. In order to operate properly, ships need a crew, but there are times, like determining whether a new anti-missile…
2:45 PM | ZANO Drone Wants To Take Your Selfie From The Sky
A Kickstarter project wants to take the art of the selfie to a higher level -- literally. ZANO, by the Wales-based Torquing Group Ltd, is a palm-sized drone that will fly…

December 01, 2014

9:30 PM | View The Ruins Of Chernobyl By Drone
With all the symbolism of man’s hubris turned to dust, in 1986, the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl melted down. The scale of the devastation was vast. A whole town,…

November 28, 2014

5:00 PM | Paperthin Sheet Gives Light, Needs Purpose
Lightpaper looks like a tear in reality, or a handheld computer glitch. Rohinni, a technology company with roots in both Idaho and Austin, Texas, created a paper-thin…

November 26, 2014

5:30 PM | Iconic Cold War Spyplane May Get A Drone Makeover
Based at times in Area 51, the U-2 spyplane tested the very limits of human endurance and Cold War technology when it first flew in 1955. Pilots would fly the high-altitude…

November 25, 2014

7:50 PM | America’s Laser Gun Goes To War
Right now, the U.S. Navy has a warship with a laser gun patrolling the Persian Gulf. The USS Ponce is an old ship that first saw service as an amphibious transport in the…
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