March 27, 2015

9:37 PM | Behold, The Cyber Ant [Video]
In a lab in Germany lives a strange breed of ant. These ants have ceramic limbs and 3D-printed bodies. They gain sustenance by charging their batteries through metal…
8:15 PM | Four Visions Of The Future From DARPA’s Latest Report Card
Yesterday, DARPA released their latest vision for the future. As the far-seeing technological eye of the Defense Department, DARPA’s had its hand in everything from the…
1:00 PM | Japan Proposes Giant Sea Wall To Fight Tsunamis
The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami wiped out whole neighborhoods along Japan’s north eastern coast. Now, Japan is considering an extraordinary measure to protect…

March 26, 2015

10:15 PM | Folding Wings Help Drones Bounce Back After A Crash
Airplane wings are rigid structures. They're great for wide open skies, but one bad collision with a wall or a tree branch and suddenly the flying machine has trouble…
7:01 PM | Run, Leia, It’s The Star Destroyer Drone
French drone hobbyist Olivier C is building a drone navy. It started with a Millenium Falcon drone, then followed by a TIE Interceptor drone. Now, Olivier C has moved…

March 25, 2015

8:48 PM | Amazon, Eager To Get Drones In The Air, Hates FAA's Regulations
Last week, the FAA did something strange: it granted Amazon a certificate to test drones, provided Amazon test those drones under a set of incredibly tight restrictions…
7:15 PM | Drones Will Look For Stray Dogs In Houston
Drones, as low-cost flying machines, make great rescue tools. They can look and go places people can’t--or at least can’t go safely--and with infrared cameras, they can…
6:30 PM | Alien Spaceships Traveling At Near Light Speeds Will Still Be Visible
Aliens traveling at near the speed of light won’t go undetected, according to two researchers at Raytheon. Posted on the arXiv, their paper argues that fast-traveling…

March 24, 2015

6:32 PM | Fight The Ukraine War In Your Browser
Without planning it, the first thing I did was break a ceasefire. My newly hired infantryman marched across the rubble-strewn battlefield, soon accompanied by medics and…
2:30 PM | Small BeeRotor Drone Learns To Fly By Sight Alone
Secretly, a lot of drones are cell phone parts disguised as flying machines. Advances in cellular technology, like miniaturized powerful batteries, cheaper smaller cameras,…

March 23, 2015

8:30 PM | Personal Flamethrower Might Get Crowdfunding Approval
The XM42, a personal flamethrower now soliciting funding on IndieGoGo, is a very specific answer to a very foolish question: Could more of the world be on fire--and should…
6:15 PM | Boeing Just Patented A Force Field Made Of Lasers
So, Boeing just patented a force field. Technically, the patent is for a “method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc,” but that’s just a long way…

March 20, 2015

9:00 PM | Look At This Ridiculous Russian Supersonic Cargo Plane Concept
Never mind the fact that Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine are struggling to win a civil war--the Kremlin wants to wow the Future with a gigantic supersonic cargo…
5:45 PM | FAA Approves Delivery Drones, As Long As Amazon Changes Everything
In December 2013, Amazon announced with great fanfare a radical concept for delivery: drones, on autopilot, carrying small packages right to customer’s doorsteps. While the…
4:45 PM | Drones Could Use Lasers To Find Unexploded Bombs
Long after the rifles of war are silent, danger still lurks in old battlefields. Some unexploded bombs are left behind deliberately, in minefields that once had tactical…

March 19, 2015

10:15 PM | NASA Is Testing This 18-Engine Airplane Wing
What happens if you put 18 engines on an airplane? Well, if you or I did it, the answer is likely “a disaster." But when NASA does it, we get the Leading Edge Asynchronous…
7:39 PM | F-35 Fighter Jets To Get Mysterious New 'Cyberpod' Cyberweapon
Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is, for better or worse, the future of American military airplanes. With Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps versions costing over…
5:30 PM | Watch TV Station Helicopter Pilots Track Down A Drone [video]
Drones and helicopters are already sharing the same sky. Last Monday, while covering a fire at a salvage yard, a news helicopter from Seattle’s KIRO-TV spotted a drone…

March 18, 2015

9:15 PM | ISIS And America Both Lost Drones This Week
Yesterday, the United States lost a Predator drone that was operating over Syria. Today, the American military's Central Command noted that the U.S. destroyed several ISIS…
7:30 PM | Watch This Creepy Drone Climb A Wall [Video]
There’s a reason it’s Spider-Man and not Superman who climbs up the walls of buildings: Superman can fly instead. But the KAIST Urban Robotics Lab in South Korea wants to…

March 17, 2015

10:30 PM | Watch These Drones Race Through An Old Soap Factory [Video]
Drone races have all the excitement of science fiction hoverbike chase scenes. Exciting first-person camera views and strange 3D paths are inevitable. This latest race,…
9:08 PM | Ireland’s James Joyce Ship Will Control Flying Robots
Saint Patrick may not have driven the snakes from Ireland, but a pair of warships named for Irish novelists are keeping them out. Prefaced with “Long Éireannach,” meaning…

March 16, 2015

7:00 PM | Remote-Control Cyborg Beetles Now Flying With Greater Precision
There are few better ways to answer a question than by building a cyborg to solve it. Researchers at UC Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore wanted to…
4:01 PM | Eagle Films Flight From World’s Tallest Building, Sets Record [Video]
For a brief moment, there was an eagle on top of the world. With a camera strapped to its back and a gentle release, the eagle swooped down from the tallest point on the…

March 13, 2015

9:54 PM | New Barbie Sends Kids' Private Thoughts To The Cloud
Unveiled last month, Hello Barbie is a clever toy with a little bit of an oversharing problem. With a microphone, Hello Barbie can listen to what children tell it. With a…
9:15 PM | Star Wars Toy Converted Into Working Speeder Bike Drone
Ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of a Scout Trooper chasing Luke Skywalker through the forest of Endor? Thanks to hobbyist Adam Woodsworth, you can now do so…
7:30 PM | Pakistan's Armed Drone Successfully Test Fires A Laser-Guided Missile
Drone war is almost synonymous with Pakistan, where for years American drones fought back Taliban and al Qaeda operations across the border from Afghanistan. It’s a…
4:30 PM | Could Drones Pose A Threat To Airplanes?
We already know what happens when a bird hits a drone, and we know what can happen when birds hit airliners, but what about a drone colliding with a commercial jet?

March 12, 2015

10:15 PM | The Airwaves At SXSW Are Too Full For Drones
Is it possible that we’re living in too much future? Days before South by Southwest (SXSW) opened, participants were told that they can’t bring drones to the conference.
9:15 PM | Sonar Helps Drones Dodge Obstacles
Much like marathon runners, everything goes fine for a drone until it hits a wall. Only, unlike marathoners, in the case of drones the wall is usually a literal wall. A new…
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