September 30, 2014

10:31 PM | Geosonnet 12
The oxidation of the atmosphere, And buffered ocean water do record Life’s radiation into a frontier. When proxies tell this tale, they are adored. While sulfur oxidation can detect Stagnation deep in Neptune’s dusky realm, A noisy delta S makes us suspect Metabolism signals overwhelm. Portentous albatross foresaw the brine, Which makes the sea the beverage of the dead, Has sulfate

September 23, 2014

6:28 PM | Geosonnet 11
For fifty million years, ‘tis understood A vanished forest froze in permafrost. The isotopes of carbon in the wood Tell secrets of the climate we have lost. Then brackish duckpond, now a frozen sea, Ex-crocodiles where Franklin did maroon. Those Rains of Castamere, we can’t agree: Cold drizzle or a tropical monsoon? Extinct sequoia yearns for rain no more Yet in its fossil rings it has
1:30 PM | Geopoetry disclaimers
 A few notes on the Geosonnet series I will try to keep them going on Wednesdays as long as I can manage, but I have some travel coming up, so they might be a few misses if my queue runs down. Selection of a paper for poetry does not constitute an endorsement of the methodology, or agreement of the conclusions; basically, it means that the paper caught my eye and I read it (Reading and

September 16, 2014

11:02 PM | Geosonnet 10
The Ediacaran saw creatures grow Diversify as animals evolved. But Cambrian descendants do not show A lineage, preserved or else dissolved. A missing fossil yearns to be dug up. The flinders ranges burn to tell their tale Trace fossils, both a spicule and a cup Mean evolutionary theories can prevail. Coronacollina was once a sponge With opaline supports to hold it flat Choia’s ancestor

September 13, 2014

11:48 PM | Perfect Little Killing Machines: The Jaws of Death
There’s a bit of a pardox of public opinion regarding the effectiveness of spiny dogfish as predators.  Depend on who you ask, they’re either forming a swimming wall of teeth annihilating everything in their path or they’re weak scavengers, poor excuses for sharks.  This much-maligned species gets the double-whammy of both being a pest and […]

September 10, 2014

1:46 PM | Geosonnet 9
The vast caldera of the Yellowstone Erupts siliceous ash from time to time. It’s far from the Cascade subduction zone Therefore, a mantle plume’s the suspect prime. But magma conducts electricity Conductors in the mantle lie out west The tomographic maps are very pretty But show no melt where theory would suggest A plume, with mantle source below the crust Should yield a seismic and

September 09, 2014

3:25 AM | Perfect Little Killing Machines: an Introduction to the Series
Spiny dogfish have had a long history of interactions with humans.  These sharks, once reviled as pests, became valued food fish (particularly in Europe), were declared overfished, rebounded much more quickly than expected, and are now targeted by a certified sustainable fishery on the U.S. east coast.  All of this has not happened without controversy, […]

September 06, 2014

8:45 PM | Spring!
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September 05, 2014

1:12 PM | Effect of impact energy on SIMS U–Pb zircon geochronology
I have a paper out in pre-publication online availability. The basic gist of it is that we are investigating exactly why SHRIMP is so good at geochronology.  It is a short format conference proceedings paper, so there isn't that much to it.  Basically, we investigated the oxide formation used to calibrate relative U/Pb ionization yields by bombarding natural zircon with a primary ion beam made of

September 03, 2014

1:18 PM | Geosonnet 8
The sunset lion, as Britannia aged Survived, with every man, the frigid waste. Industrial hostility upstaged The sanctity of souls, their wreck encased In icy seas and grinding floes made cold By deep Antarctic circumpolar flow. Dark isolation froze this land, how old Are continental glaciers, ceaseless snow? Six desperate heroes sailed the Scotia Sea Dead arc, live backarc ridge
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