January 22, 2015

12:45 PM | Geosonnet 25
The Earth once had a frozen shell of ice encasing oceans, land, from pole to pole. The mystery: what process could suffice To kiss Snow White, rouse cryogenic soul. One theory says volcanic CO2 Would slowly warm the Earth until the thaw As ice breaks up, the air and water brew: Carbonic acid forms: paleo-spa. The isotopes of boron measure bases. Post-glacial carbonates record the change As acid

January 09, 2015

2:33 PM | Geosonnet 24
The linear progressions we assume sphericalize our precious holey cows the certainty simplicities presume breed dreamt-up facts we dutifully espouse Repeated careful data overthrow and phosphorus impurities reveal Olivine is white-hot Devil's snow A closet skeleton time can't anneal. This phoenix from volcano is reborn Forgotten stories texture can unearth abondon simple models, do not mourn

January 08, 2015

11:29 PM | It’s a New Year
For a number of reasons, I decided (both intentionally and unintentionally) to wait until over a week into 2015 to do a “year in review” post.  Part of this is because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything up to New Year’s Eve.  Part of this has to do with the holidays and […]

December 31, 2014

7:04 AM | Blog hiatus
So, I broke my ankle back in October, and after surgery and as a result, work and parenting has sucked up pretty much all of my time. And the geosonnet backlog has finally run its course. Also, although the "moon boot" is marketed as bing for walking, it doesn't seem to be particularly good for walking on lava. I'm guessing it was designed by a non-geologist.
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