December 17, 2014

8:54 PM | How 3-D Printing Made The Perfect Prosthetic Legs For Derby The Dog
You should see this dog run. Derby was born with deformed front legs, but recently received a pair of 3-D printed prosthetics, which he is quite good at maneuvering…
7:17 PM | Microscope Uses Holograms Instead Of Lenses To Diagnose Disease
This new prototype microscope doesn't use lenses to magnify objects. Instead, it makes holograms that a computer digitally records and magnifies.
4:34 PM | Satellite Images Show How Much More Light Americans Use During The Winter Holidays
U.S. cities use so much more light at night during December that the difference can be detected by satellite.
1:00 AM | See The Most Sophisticated Mind-Controlled Robot Arm Yet
This mind-controlled robot arm now moves in more ways than ever.

December 16, 2014

12:00 PM | We Know What You've Been Googling
We asked the mega search engine for its top science and tech terms of 2014…

December 15, 2014

6:45 PM | The Innovative Chemistry Of Tinsel
We would have never guessed the stuff was once such a focus of chemical innovation.

December 10, 2014

6:13 PM | Found: A Weird New Pluripotent Cell Type
This newly discovered type of pluripotent cell reveals there's much more to learn about these powerful little cells.

December 05, 2014

7:15 PM | How To Grow Weird Lifeforms From The Bottom Of the Sea
Reysenbach seeks to understand some of Earth's most otherworldly microbes. Her lab has been the first to grow dozens of species of extremophiles.

December 04, 2014

8:02 PM | In A Face-To-Face GMO Debate, The "For" Side Wins
Last night, more than 400 people packed into New York City's Kaufman Center to hear researchers and Monsanto's chief technology officer debate GMOs.

December 03, 2014

8:30 PM | Watch Laser Light Moving At 100 Billion Frames A Second
There's a new, ultra-fast camera that lets engineers take videos of phenomena including the movement of laser light and even faster-than-light phenomena. Watching the…
5:30 PM | Pufferfish Don't Hold Their Breaths To Stay Puffed, Scientists Find
How does the pufferfish stay inflated? Not by holding its breath, a pair of Australian marine scientists discovered.
2:30 PM | How Head Hits In Football Hurt Brains
Over the past few years, Popular Science has covered a lot of the emerging science about brain injuries and sports such as football and hockey.

December 02, 2014

3:30 PM | Startup Selling $2,550 Scent-Emitting Televisions
It's been difficult to make a smell-o-vision that's effective and cheap enough that people and companies would bother to buy it, but the dream lives on.

December 01, 2014

7:29 PM | Found: An Insect-Eating Plant Sealed In Amber
Thirty-five million to 47 million years ago, a carnivorous plant lived in what's now Russia. The dinosaurs were long gone, but various groups of mammals were still just…
6:39 PM | Do E-Cigarettes Really Create 10 Times More Carcinogens Than Regular Cigarettes?
"Study: E-cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogens than cigarettes" "E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times cancer-causing agents" "E-cigarettes contain 10 times the…

November 27, 2014

3:00 PM | Benjamin Franklin Once Electrocuted Some Turkeys For Science
Benjamin Franklin's famous kite-flying experiment, conducted in 1752, was not his first study with electricity. Before that, he tested electric shocks on some farmyard…

November 26, 2014

10:00 PM | Deep-Sea Dwellers Make A Natural Antibiotic
On hot vents deep underneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, there lives something unusual: a gene that fights bacteria. The gene belongs to a microscopic organism,…
9:00 PM | How To Keep Your Giraffe Warm
It's getting cold out there. Are you keeping your giraffes warm?
4:01 PM | The Science And Engineering Of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Balloons
They're cute and fat and take real engineering to get up into the air. I'm talking about the iconic balloons in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

November 25, 2014

5:13 PM | How To Make Extra-Efficient Solar Panels Using Old Blu-Ray Discs
You probably don't think of them that way, but Blu-ray discs have a gorgeous color. In fact, the same physics that gives butterfly wings and housefly eyes their iridescent…
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