December 04, 2014

6:15 PM | Google Cardboard Is Virtual Reality On A Budget
Instead of building a headset from scratch, Google created Cardboard, a complete virtual reality (VR) experience made from $25 worth of parts (a corrugated box, plastic…

December 03, 2014

3:48 PM | Duct Tape You (Almost) Can't See
For all its strength and utility, duct tape is ugly stuff. Gorilla Clear Repair looks like packing tape, but has extra adhesive and does not yellow with exposure to…

December 02, 2014

8:05 PM | Porsche 918 Spyder
For supercars, bigger usually means better. Bigger engine, bigger horses, bigger torque. The 918 Spyder goes in a different direction. With a V8 engine paired with two…

November 30, 2014

5:14 PM | Space Shots: A Gallery Of The Universe's Best Images
Photos, visualizations, and other pictures of outer space, updated almost daily by the editors of Popular Science…

November 28, 2014

10:08 PM | Office Furniture That Keeps You Moving
Standing for part of the day can prolong a person’s life. Yet more than half of sit-to-stand office desks never leave the sitting position. The Kinetic Desk prompts users…
9:09 PM | Edit Photos In Augmented Reality
Common photo-editing software allows users to move objects—a flower from the left side of a photo to the right, for example—along a plane, but that’s about all they can do.
8:15 PM | An 18-Rotor Aircraft (Really)
If you took a toy hexacopter, scaled it up to carry humans, and tripled the number of rotors, you’d have something like the Volocopter. Eighteen 1.8-meter-long carbon-fiber…
6:43 PM | A Phone That Protects Against Phony Cell Towers
Over the past year, we’ve learned the hard way that our cellular networks aren’t all that secure. The hypersecure Blackphone ensures that all communications remain private…

November 27, 2014

8:18 PM | A Genetic Fog Machine That Tags Criminals
For years, “security smoke” has foiled robberies by flooding the scene with a dense vapor, provoking thieves to run. The strategy saves valuables but doesn’t catch bad…
DARPA FLASH allows for realtime communication for firefighters, crucial for battling fires and search-and-rescue missions. Current methods require plugging in GPS…
4:08 PM | The First Intuitive Address Book
A person’s memory isn’t alphabetical, yet that’s how every phone organizes contacts. Humin adds context to entries, so you can search the app for a person the same way you…

November 26, 2014

2:00 PM | A Basketball That Trains You
Embedded sensors measure spin and acceleration, data that’s beamed to a phone in just 100 milliseconds. The ball’s internal battery lasts eight hours and can be recharged…

November 25, 2014

10:50 PM | The World's Biggest Aircraft
The Airlander's unique shape provides 40 percent of the vessel’s aerodynamic lift (the rest comes from helium)—enough to keep 10 tons of cargo and a full crew aloft for…
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