October 09, 2014

8:00 PM | 10 Ways The Car Is Becoming More Than A Vehicle
Nissan BladeGlider Courtesy of Nissan Your grandfather’s 165-horsepower Buick just doesn’t cut it anymore. New automobile prototypes feature dashboards that look like fighter jet cockpits and augmented reality windows that respond to your gestures. Some will drive themselves, and others will keep your life organized so you can stay calm behind the wheel. Learn how the car is becoming much more than a vehicle with an all-new, immersive reading experience from […]

October 06, 2014

1:32 PM | Watch The SXSW Eco 2014 Conference Live
Each year, South by Southwest—organizers of the popular film, interactive, and music festivals—goes green with SXSW Eco. The environmental conference focuses on "design innovation, policy tipping points, technological breakthroughs, conservation practice, entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of creativity" in hopes of changing the world for the better. Popular Science editor-in-chief Cliff Ransom is on the ground in Austin, Texas, to help judge the Eco […]
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