January 30, 2015

2:30 PM | The Month In Plague: Measles In Disneyland, Guinea Worm Eradication, And More
Your monthly roundup of infestations, contagions, and controls from around the web: In outbreak news A measles outbreak at Disneyland has now infected a reported 100 people in several US states—mostly California—as well as in Mexico. Some experts say the spread is directly related to the anti-vaccine movement, although others point out that it’s a little more complicated. And Vox has a great piece explaining the nuances of recent measles outbreaks across the […]

January 09, 2015

7:03 PM | Can Bed Bug Traps Clear An Infestation?
Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a flurry of headlines about a revolutionary new bed bug trap, which its inventors claim will put a big dent in bed bug…

January 07, 2015

1:48 AM | Got A Bacterial Infection? Maybe Don’t Blame The Spiders
We humans give spiders a hard time. Many of us unreasonably fear them, which may manifest in squishing, attempted burning, and making really weird horror films (Ice spiders?
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