March 17, 2015

7:25 PM | Ask Us Anything: How Common Is Scientific Fraud?
The troubling truth is that scientists who lie to their peers are rarely exposed. A February investigation revealed that most scientific fraud uncovered by inspectors for…
7:21 PM | Ask Us Anything: Why Don’t Electric Eels Electrocute Themselves?
The electric eel is a variety of freshwater fish with specialized organs that discharge electricity. Many species use these jolts to sense their surroundings or communicate…

March 11, 2015

1:59 PM | What’s The Worst Possible Password?
Last fall, hackers leaked 10 million email passwords on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Bogdan Calin, the chief technology officer for Web security firm Acunetix, sifted through…

March 06, 2015

10:45 PM | Ask Us Anything: Are Aphrodisiacs For Real? [Video]
If you’re in the market for a natural aphrodisiac--and steering clear of herbal supplements the FDA has learned are laced with Viagra--you’ve got options. A research review from 2011 listed 34 plant species that have produced amorous effects in lab animals. “But the vast majority of products marketed as natural aphrodisiacs have not been scientifically proven according to Western standards,” says Rany Shamloul, a doctor at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute who […]
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