November 19, 2014

11:45 AM | Why a Young Boy is Claimed To Be Reincarnated Marine
A young boy is claimed to have lived a past life as a Marine killed in combat, though psychology can likely explain this mystery.

November 18, 2014

5:30 PM | How Farming Almost Destroyed Ancient Human Civilization
Roughly 9,000 years ago, humans had mastered farming to the point where food was plentiful. Then, abruptly, these proto-cities were abandoned for millennia.
5:25 PM | Early Humans Brought to Life in Exhibit: Photos
Early humans dating back 17,000 years are seemingly made alive in startlingly life-like recreations.
4:45 PM | Explainer: Forced Sterilization Programs
In ordinary circumstances, tubal ligation is considered a safe form of birth control. But in countries with sterilization programs the procedure can turn deadly when too many are performed too fast, in too unsanitary an environment. Trace explains.
4:35 PM | 'Forgotten' Brain Region Rediscovered a Century Later
A major pathway of the human brain involved in visual perception, attention and movement is finally getting its moment in the sun.
3:01 PM | DNews: Cramped Conference Room CO2 Can Fog Your Brain
If you attend a meeting in a conference room at work and wonder later why you zoned out, it might be that the air was too poorly ventilated, thanks to CO2 buildup from a room full of living, and especially breathing co-workers.

November 17, 2014

8:00 PM | Antimicrobial in Soaps Causes Liver Cancer in Mice
Liver cancer is only the latest possible ill side effects found to be caused by the antibacterial agent, triclosan. Continue reading →
7:10 PM | A Quick Kiss Could Trade 80 Million Bacteria
A 10-second kiss means the exchange of millions of bacteria -- and that could be a good thing. Continue reading →
4:55 PM | DNews: Alcohol and Energy Drinks: A Match Made in Hell
Energy-drink-prompted trips to the emergency room nearly doubled between 2007 and 2011, and while the FDA has since banned most pre-mixed alcholic energy drinks, bars can still serve them up. Tara explains what's so bad about them, for mind and body.
11:24 AM | Lack of Sleep Linked to Firefighter Deaths
Sleep issues might be at the root of many firefighter accidents.
10:00 AM | DNews: Is Marijuana Smoke Healthier Than Tobacco Smoke?
While it might seem logical to assume marijuana smoke isn't as harmful for you as cigarette smoke, the truth is a bit murkier, and it turns out that smoke is smoke -- exposure to either can raise your risk of heart disease.

November 14, 2014

11:00 AM | Did 'Mother's Intuition' Prevent a Kidnapping?
News reports claim that a 'mother's intuition' helped rescue a Utah girl from an abductor, but a closer look raises questions. Continue reading →

November 13, 2014

5:10 PM | DNews: Designer Creates a Typeface for Dyslexics
Dyslexia is by far the most common learning disability. But help may be on the way, in the form of an entirely new typeface dreamed up by a Dutch designer who suffers from the disease himself.
3:30 PM | Bilingual People Are Like Brain 'Bodybuilders'
People who speak two languages may have brains that are more efficient at language processing and other tasks, new research suggests.
1:36 PM | DNews: New Drug Presents an Alternative to Antibiotics
About 50,000 people a year die due to drug-resistant bacteria. Fortunately, help may be on the way in the form of a new drug being developed in Sweden that could both treat severe infections and also eliminate new strains of infectious bacteria.

November 12, 2014

9:00 PM | Mother Kills Autistic Son to End Fictional Abuse
A Manhattan mother was found guilty in the death of her autistic son, who she killed because of a discredited communication technique. Continue reading →
7:00 PM | World's Oldest People Are Genetically Superior
Reaching a ripe old age seems to have little to do with lifestyle and a lot to do with genes, concludes a new study on 17 of the oldest people on the planet. Continue reading →
12:00 AM | How a Virus Spreads From Bats to Humans in 10 Steps
Deadly contagious viruses can infect multiple animals, including humans.

November 11, 2014

7:35 PM | Early, Heavy Pot Use Kills Parts of Brain: Study
If you smoke a LOT of pot, and you're a teen, your brain might take a beating later on.
4:52 PM | DNews: Virus Found That Makes You More Stupider
While poking around peoples' throats studying microbes, scientists stumbled upon a microorganism present in half their subjects -- one previously seen only in green algae in freshwater lakes and one with the unfortunate effect of making you dumb.
1:38 PM | DNews: Why Do We Scratch When It Makes an Itch Worse?
Ever scratch something so hard you make it bleed? Why on Earth would we persist with that type of behavior? Tara explains why the brain lets us get away with it.
12:00 PM | Chances Are You'll Live Longer Than You Think
Most Americans guessed wrong, when asked in 1992, how likely it was they'd live to be 75. Continue reading →

November 10, 2014

5:10 PM | DNews: Math Model Desconstructs Hipsters
Hipsters are hard to define precisely, but we think we know them when we see them. Now mathematics has found a way to explain why hipsters end up being, well, just one more group conforming with norms.

November 07, 2014

4:40 PM | European-Neanderthal Sex Detailed in Ancient DNA
There is a surprising genetic unity between the earliest known Europeans and contemporary Europeans, ancient DNA reveals.
12:00 PM | Why the Rural-Urban Political Divide?
Does having lots of space around you make you more conservative?

November 06, 2014

7:46 PM | Could Sideline Robots Diagnose Concussions?
VGo is a four-feet-tall robot with a screen and camera for a head, and can be controlled by brain specialists from miles away. Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Do Ghosts Live in Our Brains?
The sensation some people get of a foreign presence in a room can be recreated in a lab. The research could help patients with schizophrenia. Continue reading →
12:00 PM | Ebola Researchers Can't Get Samples
Demand for Ebola samples is high among scientists developing treatments, but fear of exposure is holding up transportation of samples. Continue reading →
9:30 AM | DNews: Milk Does a Body Good ... Or Does It?
Got milk? A new study takes a look at our beloved moo-moo beverage and finds something startling: the more you drink, the faster you might die.

November 05, 2014

6:44 PM | Why People Decide to Disappear
Every month people choose to suddenly disappear and walk away from their lives. Here's a look at some reasons why. Continue reading →
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