August 28, 2014

4:56 PM | Unique 2000-Year-Old Wooden Toilet Seat Found
The artifact had been well used by Roman soldiers and looks as though it was quite comfortable. Continue reading →

August 27, 2014

7:00 PM | World's Oldest Wine Cellar Fueled Palatial Parties
Forty wine jars were found within the remains of a mud-brick-walled room in Israel.
5:19 PM | 2,700-Year-Old Phoenician Shipwreck Discovered
A Phoenician trading ship dating to 700 B.C. is discovered off the island of Malta. The wreck is one of the oldest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading →

August 26, 2014

8:02 PM | Tomb Raiders Likely Plundered Ancient Greek Site
A suspicious door leads archaeologists to believe Greece's mystery tomb was robbed. Continue reading →
8:00 PM | Greek Tomb Shows Signs of Looting: Photos
Greek archaeologists excavate the massive burial mound in Amphipolis and find evidence that tomb raiders plundered the site.

August 22, 2014

4:10 PM | Oldest Metal Object in Middle East Discovered in Grave
A copper awl is the oldest metal object unearthed to date in the Middle East.

August 21, 2014

6:03 PM | Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb
The seated, wingless sphinxes were likely placed there to guard the large burial site. Continue reading →
1:15 PM | 2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb
Several pottery vessels found beside the sarcophagus and 13 more inside a niche in the tomb.

August 18, 2014

4:12 PM | King Richard III Feasted on Wine and Swans
Analysis of the chemistry in the bones of the late king reveal his elitist diet. Continue reading →

August 15, 2014

4:01 PM | Ancient Maya Cities Found in Jungle
No other site has so far been located in this area, which extends over some 1800 square miles in the Mexican jungle.
3:30 PM | Ancient Cities Found in Mexican Jungle: Photos
One of the cities featured an extraordinary facade with an entrance representing the open jaws of an earth monster.

August 13, 2014

3:00 PM | Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans
A 22,000-year-old mastodon skull and tool dredged from the seafloor in the Chesapeake Bay hints of early settlers in North America.

August 11, 2014

7:20 PM | Chianti Wine's Origins Found Down a Well: Photos
The ancestor of Chianti wine may have been found in this ancient 105-foot-deep well in the Chiantishire region of Tuscany.
6:40 PM | Chianti Wine Ancestor Found
The ancestor seeds of Chianti wine were found in an ancient well in Tuscany.

August 07, 2014

9:15 PM | New Nazca Lines Found in Peruvian Desert
A sandstorm exposes undiscovered geoglyphs near the mysterious Nazca rock lines.
12:55 PM | Stone Age Skull May Contain Bits of Brain Matter
The skeletal fragment is about 8,000 years old and may have once belonged to an infant or a small child.

August 06, 2014

3:41 PM | 6,500-Year-Old 'Noah' Skeleton Found in Museum Closet
Some have nicknamed the ancient skeleton Noah, since the man had survived a great flood that may have later inspired the Biblical story. Continue reading →
3:20 PM | Ancient Skeleton Found in Closet: Photos
A 6,500-year-old skeleton was found in the basement of the Penn Museum. See photos.

August 05, 2014

4:45 PM | Roman Road Reveals Oldest Potholes
Some ancient road hazards are unearthed at Romano-British settlementm outside of Exeter, U.K. Continue reading →

August 04, 2014

6:10 PM | 2,100-Year-Old Royal Mausoleum Found in China
Although the mausoleum had been plundered, archaeologists found that it still contained more than 10,000 artifacts.
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